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This belief in themselves and in the future and this great goal generate joy and inspiration for learning a poset and scrap in an optimum ratio as a means of achieving goals overcoming the challenges on the basis of an adequate ontology. Chum (sensual exploration of the world) generates a goal as the images of the desired outcome of action, and scrap (a logical development of the world) – methods and technologies for their implementation, these dual additional synergies are mutually reinforcing, providing a process P personality. Requirement of expression in the name of eternity – a great driving force, and everything else becomes a matter of training elementary techniques. Content to constantly filled with imperishable spirit of the vigilante personalities prgrammiruyuschim souls of generations of descendants that enhances their strength for the future. Click Euro Pacific Capital for additional related pages. Dialogue with Plato, Aristotle, Newton, Mozart, Raphael, Pushkin, Marx, Tolstoy, etc. continues with the development of their work, spiritual life is eternal. Solve the optimization problem can be experimental-design based on a reflective evaluation of P MD, in particular, education (according to agreed test) in different parts of the dual poles of approaches, regulatory and gaming. (The game, incidentally, is nothing but a desire to try and try, showing courage and responsibility for the result, typical of any innovation in the D uncertainty, developing entrepreneurial activity and competitiveness to express themselves, individually and collectively.) This scheme of analysis of dual relations can serve as a method of optimization of education in the parameter P D students.