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After being in the XIV century English the national language, developed on the basis of the London dialect, other dialects were relegated to the background, but not completely disappeared. It has been repeatedly mentioned above, English philologist Walter Skeet has nine dialects of Scotland, 8 – and 30 in Ireland – in England and Wales. Dictionary of English dialects Wright has 6 volumes and covers 100,000 words. Between dialect vocabulary and other strata of the vocabulary of there is no impermeable boundaries, and some dialect penetrate into public language. This especially helps creative writers who use dialect. For example, many Scottish and other dialect penetrated into English by Walter Scott, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy and others. Walter Scott is widely used for speech Scotticism characteristics of his characters, to describe them, clothes and their environment Nature. Among the dialect, especially common in his novels, include the following: auxiliary verbs: hae (have), suld (should), maun (must); pronouns: sic (such), while (which), nane (none); adverbs: afore (before), astir, aye (always), mair (more), muckle (much); adjectives: auld (old), cauld (cold), gud (good), puir (poor). Among nouns are especially numerous dialectal names of animals, birds, plants and other words associated with the natural features of Scotland: bent marsh or a hillside of heather, burnie trickle, cleugh ravine, fell a rocky hill, muir heather marsh, skerry rocky island. Often found in the novels of Walter Scott, Scottish words for various items of clothing and footwear: brogue brogue, maud gray plaid worn by shepherds, pinner cap with ear-flaps, sark shirt.

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Extracurricular activities in engineering graphics. Engineering Graphics – general discipline that forms the overall technical literacy of the future specialist. The study is much more effective when training sessions alternating with extracurricular activities. Each year in December I spend on the engineering schedule after-school activities. One month prior to the component lists of participants. Together with the guys look in detail a plan of quizzes, competitions, quiz drawing, forming teams, prepare the hall.

In parallel with the discipline of engineering graphics students learn the general education science that form the technical knowledge, necessary for the design drawings, so the quiz questions made taking into account all the received technical knowledge of students. During training, students are showing great interest in the activities. They offer made to the script witty stories, entertaining job. Teams are formed by groups. Cooking logo. The whole theme of the contest, a quiz related to engineering graphics.

Great fun from the competition are the fans. They support their team, experienced in every stage of the competition, help answer difficult questions. The competition consists of several stages. Each stage represented a variety of issues, tasks, aimed at formation of a living interest in the subject, its practical orientation. Teams gladly solve substantive problems, crossword puzzles. Presentation of homework in the form of fairy tales is of special interest spectators and fans. Homework guys prepare in advance. I propose to compose a story using the terms, definitions of drawing. The guys take a well-known fairy tale and rewrite them. Sometimes, even in poetic form. At composing stories students use their knowledge, their observations, vesting them in an art form. High emotional contest for a holiday atmosphere. Every time admire manifested inexhaustible creativity of my students. Quiz attracts attention with its entertaining questions. Within two weeks, students answer questions, and then pass the answers to the teacher. Concludes. According to the results the best works of note quiz with prizes. Olympics held in the spirit of competition. Students are prepared in advance and repeat the necessary study material. There are going to truly experts in drafting. Nice to see creative embodiment of knowledge of these guys in the practical assignments. After summing up the competition, quiz contest winners of course carry on the line. After these events, an increased interest students to the subject, the desire to expand his professional horizons, increased training activity, technological literacy.