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Otherwise they would have to choose to choose another agreed race to its possibilities. The Chow Chow is distinguished of other races, of many different ways, something that soon you will find out. Sometimes, feline in its attitudes to stay to margin, avoiding the affection, independent, real and obstinate-that not always they like to be embraced and mimados by the children and strangers by its smooth and abundant skin. If you have a family who includes small children, you would not have to choose this dog, since it does not tolerate to the children and its games. You must be careful, could be aggressive with your children and it even can bite. Finally, these are their more distinguishing characteristics: I first: Nevertheless, the Chow Chow is a very intelligent dog, and like a cat, does not concern too much again to him as to please its master, as other dogs commonly look for. He believes first in itself, his master can hope. To the being hunting dogs, a socialized Chow-chow does not take or with the cats or small dogs.

They cannot either coexist well with great dogs of the same sex. The positive reinforcement: If you think that you will be able to break its spirit by means of blows so that it obeys to you, pinsalo again because one is a race that does not tolerate the physical punishment. If you beat to him, apart from which it is cruel, it is not going to learn lesson that you are wanting to teach to him. The Chow Chow hopes to be dealt with respect and Majesty and considers that all are forced to give that him. In return it will respect to you and be loyal. For this reason, it is necessary to use the positive reinforcement to teach everything to him what needs to know more than to use the violence or the force. If you wish to be learning How To educate a Dog Chow Chow you can Free take a Course from Canine Education. Only you must registrarte with your data and you the shipment to your mail, are 7 classes altogether, I will be to you sending one every 3 days so that you have time to read them, to study them and to begin to apply them. The Registry Free is Here => By Your Success Educating to your Dog Medical Jose Coffer Veterinary original Author and source of the article

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Edson Silva One day of these in the matutino periodical of a great sender of TV, a colunista spoke on the drugs that if spread (it makes time) in our country and left to be transparent the abyss between two worlds: of the rich ones and of the poor persons, who unhappyly are reality in Brazil, although some advances. Motes of the commentary had been two types of drugs: crack and the cocaine, that in the truth is practically one only, being that the first one would be ' ' destinada' ' to the poor persons, for to be cheaper, nothing more it is that badly fine remaining portions of the cocaine, as the metal slag of a casting, for example. In determined moment, the colleague journalist, very experienced of profession for signal, he said that crack only makes badly the user, who will shorten the life, since the drug vitiates more fast in little time will be lethal, destroying character, autoestima and taking the death. The commentary is illustrated by ' ' armies of you buzz of droga' ' , formed for men, women and until extremely lean children. I found the vision simplista, after all it was not led in account that the such vitiated that they would be making alone itself same have families, net of friends and another thing, any life is valuable and crack is in all the layers of the population. Everything with this vice has stories of people of the high society losing, leaving studies and profession.

It has that to also take in account that the vice still more stimulates crime, with occurrences each time bigger of roberies and robberies, that are the forms that the slaves of this drug find for the maintenance of the vice, thus keeping the profit of this commerce, many times kept with the connivance of authorities. how much the society in general, always has excuse that the problem is not with me, beyond the question of the unreliability. This world of vice foments murders, is practised by vitiated stubborn in obtaining more drugs or in which they are victims in function of debts with chefes and intermediate. But coming back to the commentary I televise, the colunista one cites the cocaine as drug of the rich ones e, as she was eyewitness of facts, insinuates that some politicians vary of mood and influence its decisions in relation to the people when working under effect of the same one It said that he occurs in our country, but everything turns ' here; ' denuncismo' ' , almost nothing test. Without fondness to be redundant, we have that ' ' to rain in molhado' ' , exactly in these times of drought. Against the drugs you bid or illicit, is necessary same to stanch the fogueiras that foment such problem and this is only obtained eradicating misery, giving quality education and keeping our busy children the biggest possible time in activities of education, sport, leisure, everything far from the street, with the affection of the family and the security and protection of a state that makes to be valid that of its children she is gentile mother. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br

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Philip Alan Souza Santos* Simone Rock Kings ** SUMMARY the stagnation of science for Bacon was resulted of the method used until the moment that barred the progress of science. Therefore the same he did not leave of the experimentation, the test and the directions, but of the tradition, ideas and procedures that denied the practical explanations. The methodology of this work was documentary with reflections through the reading of the workmanship of the author. Hear from experts in the field like Schiff for a more varied view. The objective was to understand the science concept and domination of the nature for Bacon, Concluded in this work that was basic the workmanships of the author cited for the scientific progress contemporary and the formation of the professor. The Bacon method demonstrated that the domain of the nature would have to serve to characterize the level of life of the humanity, making possible economic, social, cultural, ethical, social an equality in its vision of progress. Word-keys: Philosophy, Progress, Science. ABSTRACT The stagnation of science in Bacon was the result of the method used to only far, which barred the progress of science. Because it did not start experimenting, testing and senses, but the tradition of ideas and procedures that denied the practical explanations.

The methodology of this study was you document with reflections by reading the author’ s work. The aim was you understand the concept of domination of nature and science you the Bacon, basic We conclude that the work was you the author cited the contemporary scientific and to teacher training. Bacon’ s method showed that the area of nature should serves you qualify the standard of living of mankind, providing an equal economic, social, cultural, ethical, social in his vision of progress. Keywords: Philosophy, Progress, Science.

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According to PIRONATTO (2008) the distraction, the difficulty to stop to give attention, desconcentrao, this inconvenience all occur with the hiperativa child not because it wants, but because she does not obtain to be different. Leaving of this estimated, we believe that it is possible yes to enable a child to decide daily activities with reasonable results, and also believe that of this exactly way is possible to alfabetizar the child well who arrives at the first years of the school already with TDA/H description. To put, this is only possible with a coherent education, that has taken in account the values of a child who perceives the world of a little different form. important to deal with the hiperativa child with the Maximum possible naturalness. A TDA/H description does not mean that a child cannot be alfabetizada, cannot learn, cannot carry through tasks with success, being also private of the compliments and of the incentive the one who all child has right when showing its progress to interact requires attention, concentration.

The educator can, with sufficiently persistence, to take the pupil with characteristics of conscientious TDA/H of the importance of the exercise of these abilities, and can instruct the child in the direction of: To learn to hear the others. To give attention. To look at for the person. Not to speak while the others will be speaking. James Canton is often quoted on this topic. To give attention on what if this speaking. To think on what if this speaking. Revezar says to it dialogues. Other basic communicative abilities exist that can be taught, as: To identify itself/to say the name/to present itself.

To ask the name with that this speaking. To say something on same itself. To invest in auto-they esteem. To observe the feelings and to nominate them. The desired behaviors must be emphasized. For this it is necessary that the educator, or the parents: They recognize the calm and adequate behaviors.

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1 INTRODUCTION In what it says respect to the ambient education, understands that the same one is on to the processes in which the individuals starts to know on values, knowledge, conservation of the environment. For this it is necessary to promote educative actions for the pertaining to school community, as well as for the society in general so that the same ones can understand true the sensible one of if working the ambient education in the schools of public net. After all it is understood that the ambient questions emerge since the end of the decades of 60 and 70, when had started to argue and to share the actions and the causes of destruction it stops with the environment, on the basis of these criteria if make necessary a study of deepened case more of as the institutions of education of public net are dealing with the questions of ambient education. Pautada in the search for solutions the school has as primordial paper to sensetize the lunos and community so that the same ones live with harmony, not poluindo, not deforesting and preserving fauna and the flora of its region thus to understand its importance for the world. The concern to argue the ideas related to the ambient education if became sufficiently important from the last decades, more good to detach can be understood the actions of the PCNs (National Curricular Parameters) that it brings a reflection of as to work the ambient education in the schools, beyond the transversal subjects that are enclosed in the basic education and that they are not restricted only to the environment, as well as the health, sexual orientation and among others. However the majority of the schools works the ambient of form isolated education with the commemorative dates, however the proposal is to promote certain interaction with the interdisciplinaridade, beyond being a good form to acquire knowledge the pertaining to school community, either it educator or educating.

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The Construction of the Thought Logical-Mathematician in the Infantile Education Prof Maringela Rieg Martins Carocci Institution Moura Lacerda of Ribeiro Preto. Get more background information with materials from Peter Schiff. Access: 01/04/2011? 11:54 hours word-key: thought-logical, mathematics, construction ANALYTICAL SUMMARY According to author Maringela Rieg Martins Carocci, the construction it thought logical-mathematician in the Infantile Education initiates itself from ' ' pensar' ' on the experiences with objects and the lived deeply and tried situations. She is in the establishment of a simple relation that is not only in counting, but in its daily one, without being very imprisoned the contents, but in a numerical order that of course goes appearing. In the Infantile Education the mathematical slight knowledge are in the tricks, in the intelligent games and recreativos, in musics (with its varied rhythms), in the construction of simple rules, at last, everything that exists in the pertaining to school context must be used to advantage for the development logical-mathematician. The proposal of the author, who the professor is a mediator for the child in the direction to use to advantage what it brings obtains and develops them in mathematical situations logical, adaptando the contents to discipline and taking to construct them day-by-day to it these numerical knowledge in its, in the rules of the tricks. Read more here: Russ Caldwell.

Objective of the Work: To show of a simple and pleasant form the mathematical content, so that the child in the Infantile Education, has contact with the numbers she disciplines and it in itself, in the trick, that at all the moment the content logical-mathematician is present taking it the knowledge of world through accurate and concrete situations. Making with that the logical-mathematical operations, spontaneously take small a if to amuse. The author and Teacher Maringela R.M. Carocci, used of theoretical studies for the elaboration of its article, mainly ' ' Gnese of the number in criana' ' of Piaget (1975), BERTONI (2002), BIANCHINI (1997), FREITAS (2003), KAMII (1995), VERGNAUD (1996), VIGOTSKY (1988).

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The Internet and the television are not more strange in the environment of the classroom, today contribute for the creation of new strategies of education, learning and 2 auto-qualification. The more promising technologies appear each time in the Education, provoking changes in the sector that does not delay in incorporating the last destined technological resources. Peter Schiff often addresses the matter in his writings. A contribution coming of web, that we cannot leave to mention here, is the calls digital repositories, an available resource in the net with the purpose to store diverse digital contents so that they can be searched, be used and reused by means of search process. This repositories are of varied types, being that in this article we must detach the educational repositories, that have as objective to store any digital pedagogical resource with the purpose of application in learning environments as, for example: animaes, simulation, texts, maps, experiments, videos and others 3. OE (Objetos Educacionais) is resources that they aim at to maximize the process of education and learning of the pupils, possessing the purpose of complementing the boarded content in classroom. The BIOE (Bank International Educionais Object), that way Internet for the site can be had access, is one of these educational repositories that has for objective to keep and to disponibilizar diverse digital pedagogical resources, understood as OE (Objetos Educacionais), that they possess pedagogical quality, in three languages, different formats and of free access for all 3 the educational community. The available OE in the BIOE objectify to take care of the Basic, Professionalizing and Superior Education, in the most diverse areas of the knowledge, with the most varied types of resources (animation, simulation, audio, video, image, practical experiment, educational software).

2. Digital EDUCATIONAL OBJECT PLANT DIGITAL OE is applications of computer science in the paid education of the Education that can gratuitously be found or. They are since softwares educational, simulator games/, until the informatizados equipment of learning and education.