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VIOLENCE As this world this violent one! We are surpresos with as many sad things that they happen at every moment. The televising news articles and writings surprise in them to each moment with sad and overwhelming centas. How Christian we see everything this? What one transfers in our minds and religious hearts all these things? Not in doi well there inside, meche porventura with our conscience of you do not lead religious? I believe that, also we, called ' ' cristos' ' , we have you blame in this everything. First, because we place as porincipal point our denominacional egoism. Our religious denomination is, the best most intelligent one, the perfect one, the good one, the most certain and joust; Second, because we prioritize the money and we use badly what our paraquianos consecrate through the tenths and offers.

We are more worried about new cars and great building vain people, forgetting that much people to our redor are without ceiling and passing fodme and headquarters. Third, because we close in them in we ourselves, forgetting that, beyond we ourselves, they exist hundreds of brothers and sisters who profess the same faith in Christ and we do not consider this, we separate in them of them and not even we think that they exist. The great fight for the largeness, religious vanity, separates the people and consequentemente it collaborates with the violence. The division and a brutality and collaborates with it. The great one, does not keep a side of friendship with the small one. It says: ' ' I do not need it ' '. On the other hand, the idolatria, the human superstitions and invencionices of deuses, confuses the people, becoming them fools.

How we can help in the combat the violence? 1. Becoming us of truth ' ' Humble bellwethers and of coraao' ' , breaking the barriers of the egoism, of the pride or denominacional vanity, approaching us in love of all the ones that encircle in them, looking for to serve more than what to be served: 2. Using our religious life and the religion, not as trampoloim of material and half profits of financial profits, but as Temple of God the service of the next one; 3. If to change the egoistic attitudes and our individualistic feelings, becoming us simply parts of Body of Christ, led for its educations. If to observe these principles, we will give to a great step in the combat the violence. As religious and Christian, we will be living a better world and Christ will be being glorified and exaltado in this world and, with certainty, entronizado in Skies. Let us think very about this. Amen!