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In this context, It hisses affirms that, Ahead of such situation the ones that defend a cultured, padronizadora norm, to be transmitted and controlled for the social institutions for this organized only can to support itself in the ideal grammar, compendiada with bases in arbitrary data. Those that partilham as principle the defense of the Brazilian linguistic diversity as starting point for the education of the language materna in Brazil if see without an instrument scientifically prepared from which a creative and enriquecedor pedagogical work for the students and the Portuguese language in its historical diversity can be lead. (1994, p-216) Thus, leaving of the beginning of that the use of the language must constitute as much starting point how much of arrival, the activities of writing and reading must intend to the development of the pupil of the abilities of understanding, reflection and construction, and not establish barriers for the development of the same ones. A time that the social democratization presumes guarantee of access to the linguistic knowledge that are necessary the citizenship, the recognition of the pupil as citizen and the valuation of its previous knowledge is essential agent for the development of the education of Portuguese language. It competes to the school facing the linguistic preconceptions, defending the respect to the difference and extinguishing some referring myths to the language, with intention to acquire knowledge the pupils on the necessity of adaptation of the employed language to the communication context.

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Consideraes on the film ' ' The name of the Rosa' ' the content of disciplines Philosophy of Education I. The film ' ' The name of rosa' ' it presents us a panorama of as it was the life in the Average Age, specifically the life of the religious ones in the monasteries. The estria if passes in the year of 1327 in a monastery to the north of Italy and is the story of the memories of a religious called franciscano Adso von Melk (Christian Slater) that it has as master another called franciscano William de Baskerville (Sean Conery). Some scholars believe that the personage of Sean Conery is in the truth a personificao Guillermo de Ockham, a franciscano priest who lived in century XIV and that he was importantssimo in the field of the philosophy, over all in the Crisis of the Scholastic. Let us initiate our consideraes observing that of general form the film in them presents the obscure side of the Church, has for purpose to disclose the disobediences committed for the religious ones of that time, that incluam barbarous murders against that if they opposed. We can cite the scene where they appear simple people delivering ducks, hens or other foods in exchange for its salvation.

That is, the sales of the Indulgences. It arrives to seem comic actor as the scene if it uncurls: the religious one with a gravy of some plant receives ' ' pagamento' ' blesses the individual and says that it will be saved in the sky. At this moment we perceive which the bias of the narrator and the narrative of the film as a whole. Before exactly, when at the beginning of the film, the priests talk in secret, to if coming across with the arrival of the beginner and of its master to the monastery.

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Executing its work of extraordinary form. However these professionals of the Art had finished using the lessons directed for the aged ones as proper benefits itself, using to advantage this moment for the leisure, beyond absorbing new referring conceptions to the Art, therefore they capsize that this, is ample and can be boarded in diverse ways and for different professionals. Finally, thinking about the union and integration of professionals in the search of a solution for the problems pointed here, it was not possible to promote the boarding to interdisciplinar in its complete one if to take in consideration the presented conceptions above. But, the Art was inserted same of shy form, therefore it was treated only by professionals of Physical Education, being these, mere researchers and apreciadores of the Art in its fullness. Our learning in this process of course conclusion will serve as base stops our professional life and for new referring works to the area.

Being that, through this, we wait that new research is carried through with the intention of valuation of the aged one and that the Physical Education can be the precursor of this. Through the carried through interventions it was possible to observe that it had the acceptance of the aged one with the professional of Physical Education, improving its referring vision the union of the Art with the Physical Education and mainly the perception of that still great chances in the search of the new exist. For our experiences as academic () s and in the future performance of our profession, this subject sends to the importance of the Physical Education in not formal environments of education, a time that through it the individual can extend its motor potentialities, cognitivas and mainly partner-affective, necessary for the process of proper unfastening of itself and to rescue cultural, personal and social, lost the values throughout the time.