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We pass for things in the day the day that leaves in them thus, is not same? It not, Mr. Aleksander demonstrates an affection with the people, a will of living to spread its history ' ' pra that it does not occur the same errors of passado' ' , as it likes to speak. I was pra house in that day in ecstasy state. It had given all certainty. It lacked plus one morning. In the following day, I was early for the school and we had that to place the hand in the mass to prepare everything. We count on the contribution of the employees and professors, those that had been truily pledged so that everything that of this certainty. In the marked hour I was to search it for the second lecture.

Arriving in the college it was very well received by the professors. Meanwhile, still we prepared everything in a race against the time. We would have one empecilho in relation to the schedule. Everything would have to finish to the 11:40 hs, after this confuses the exit of the buses, the lunch, the entrance of the groups of the other turn etc. For everything this, the lecture was shorter, but although the first impression the pupils if had held very well. In the end the objective was reached. Many had been touched and been to look it, take off many photos and breathe deep with the thought of having fulfilled.

The return pra house was marked for the 14:00 hs, a contracted driver would go to take it. We run to lunch with it. A friend teacher, my wife and children had been together. In a well relaxed tone, of same farewell, we beat papo and we rest. They had been two days pulled well. I was exausto! In those last together minutes, he was so happy for everything to give certain that nor I assayed the farewell. In it I hug end before leaving, I only obtained to say that they had been inesquecveis moments pra me. At this moment where I write, my arrepia body if, my eyes if full of tears. It gave all certainty! It gave all certainty! In the end of the accounts, I find that I was a fan of what a professor not receiving a guest. I can have wrong in some things, but my intention was the best possible one. Today, passed one week of these facts, still with the cool memory of the emotions, it wanted to only leave plus some words in special for Mr. Aleksander Laks. Debtor! Debtor for having written a so emotive book! Debtor for inspired having me! Debtor for having accepted my order! Debtor for the pleasant moments to its side! Debtor for teaching to me to live fully and to pardon! Debtor for me to make a better man! I will never forget these two days! Debtor! Debtor!

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One of the evils of our education is to have divided its normative competition in 17 independent communities. Thus, each adopts measures to more colorful which, like the Valencian, that distributes Education for the Citizenship in English. The transference of educative competitions was justified in those regions of own vernacular language that required a different learning. But the generalization of the norm has taken since then to all type of abuses. It is just like it happens to the autonomic televisions, granted initially to only emit programs in languages different from the Castilian and whose later excessive excess has taken to that we have a twenty of channels public, without justification some and absolutely deficit. The autonomic dispersion of education, instead of to look for the excellence has chosen by the abuse and the extravagance, from the pretericin of the Castilian to the other peninsular languages, to the education of any localismo to the detriment of common history, geography and the culture to set of Spain. When Hope Aguirre was already minister of Education wanted to put boundary to similar mistake, establishing a mini common program of Humanities. The minimum that said on this attempt in some academic means was that it was a facist measurement.

And thus we are. In the successive information on the state of the education in the developed countries, the position of Spain is of the last ones. And we continued descending. Not only we were delayed in sciences and mathematics, but the knowledge of the Castilian language every time is more deficient. By all that, clear that an educative pact is urgent. And until a revolution, if they worry to me. I am afraid nevertheless that, like in so many other things, it is only tried to put hot cloth to an endemic disease in our system of values and priorities instead of of realising a surgery that goes beyond the egoistic interests of the turn politicians. But I suspect that is something that will not get to see our sinful eyes.