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My mother accept when it argues that it was the good student, both in private and public. That responsibility lies in me. Again my friends received me excited, something more mature, more experienced etc. As always the flag hoisted continued to be the main dish of the institution and us food a la carte. A. If they were things at school. A day passed through the classrooms asking who would participate in the event.

me with lyrics tiny to a. I said: that was only involved and which furthermore would with a poetry for women’s day. When the young girl of the grade 11 retired, many of my friends told me in jest. If you go back to doing the same cucumber shame you take it you only. And worst of all is that of eleven girls are going to mock and may not be boyfriend of none of them. And those who have studied the Bachelor know that things are so, be a girl of eleven boyfriend is something that allows you to receive thousands of glances at school or college.

Well the fact is that that day I came and suddenly they mentioned my name. Passing to the dais a teacher took the microphone in their hands and give it me. I looking to 1000 students in all courses, sigh and sat me on the dais, then people to see me to after asked students forward to sit. A. If take was, the poem that I wrote and began to read it. At the end. Listen to great excitement among girls of eleven 11 began to applaud and as if had been something contagious within two seconds the mil students applauded unanimous. They were 15 seconds of Fame unforgettable. Since then girls of all salons I sought to make write them beautiful poetry. A kind of anonymous Neruda. Well the best part of my story was when you arrive at the salon, all my friends I clapped, hugged me and said; Good we won us girls of eleven by you. Then my soul rest, because that was my purpose. Not so much that fleeting fame and if the ability to demonstrate me to myself that if it could do it. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo original author and source of the article.

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The educator who says a thing and makes another one, eticamente irresponsible, is not only inefficacious: he is prejudicial' ' (FREIRE, 2001b, p.73). Pablo Freire standes out, that the lack of coherence in practical its educative demand disrespect to the differences of educating, its cultural identity and/or its creativity. To the professor, the respect to the cultural standards of classroom, the values, the language, the knowledge competes and especially ' ' form to be being of its alunos' ' (FREIRE, 2002). It is inside of this scene that the necessary school to act, a scene that places new challenges to the educators. Pablo Freire detaches with special attention, the necessity of ethics for diversity. This because, a multicultural society, must educate the human being to be capable to hear, to give attention the different one, to awake sensations, feelings, to respect it. Freire reaffirms the necessity of the respect to our society, the respect to the public thing, the respect to the professors and the pupils.

It is in this direction that the author points, ' ' the ethical one is very on to the aesthetic one. We cannot speak to the pupils of the boniteza of the process to know if its classroom is invaded of water, if the cold wind enters determined and evil room adentro and cuts to its bodies abrigados&#039 little; ' (FREIRE, 2000, p.34). Certainly, the respect is an indispensable condition to the beddings of a school, of a democratic society. Only thus, it can be spoken in principles, values, and in the change of the naivety the criticidade. But, so that this ticket happens, it is necessary ' ' a rigorous ethical formation to the side always of the aesthetic one. Decency and boniteza of hands dadas' '. Complementing, then ' ' practical the educative one has of being, in itself, a rigorous certification of decency and pureza' ' (FREIRE, 1996, p.36).