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Write down the computer or on a sheet of paper the tasks that need to meet and work with this list throughout the day. Assign priorities. Every morning, look at the jobs that must be done and prioritize for them. Select those urgent and those that really can wait, if you have no time for them. Do important things first – do not delay them, otherwise you will be tense and fidgety at the end of the day.

Develop Mode. If you have a set routine, you will be easier to achieve goals every day. Do the same action, same time every day, despite the circumstances. When problems arise, immediately decide they do not let them distract you throughout the rest of the days. When you decide to head back to the issue of jobs. Do not loiter – define the time frame. Day can be wasted if you let it.

If you only have an hour to view the E-mail, set the timer for one hour. It will protect you from losing time, which is reserved for other things. Ask for help – delegate. You do not need to do everything yourself – because no one is a lonely island in the ocean! Let others carry a part of your burden, but also be prepared to help them. All you need is something to decide to delegate, and then just ask. Nothing more terrible than the answer is no, do not happen after all? This is not an end. Do not waste time in expectation. Standing in line, waiting for an appointment with a doctor, or sitting in the lobby waiting for a meeting, do not waste time. Together with a list of tasks, carry with them something over which you can work – to read the report, notebook, or PDA to check your E-mail. Not hesitate to act, constantly working on the task. Do not let the moment be lost useless. Do not be disheartened by trifles. If you set realistic goals and if you follow the rest of the items described above, all will still be days when you just can not do everything. This is normal! You see, in days of 24 hours, and all you can do – is to work with them to control themselves. Time can not change – but you can change yourself, and this is really the best thing you can do. Some days will be successful, while others may not be very successful. That’s life – and tomorrow will be a new day! In the words of a famous actor Moliere, JB: “Who won the time – that won all! “PS Get E-Course Web Millionaires Group, contains a wealth of information!