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The Government and pakistani army, face an Islamic insurgency that aims to topple the Government and establish an Islamic Republic in accordance with the radical principles of Islam. Paradoxical considering that Pakistan was part of the India until 1947, year in which achieved independence, being born to it as Islamic Republic for the Muslims of the India, but has always maintained a secular regime and has not historically defined the practical meaning of is an Islamic State. This insurgency which is headed by Pakistani Taliban has come to control parts of the territory of the country, more than anything in the areas bordering Afghanistan. The attacks suffered by United States on September 11 of 2001, part of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, strengthened this country’s support to NATO and the American Union. This has exacerbated the hatred of Islamic radical groups driven by Al-Qaeda who consider this Alliance as an affront to Islam and nature supposedly Islamic of the pakistani State. Pakistan has since its independence one of the most unstable countries in Asia, has high historical levels of corruption and has been ruled by a succession of weak civilian Governments and military regimes. At the same time the country suffers from a series of very serious separatist conflicts in some regions and includes vast tribal areas with very precarious state control.

If to this we add the arsenal of weapons nucleres and the involvement of the terrorist group Al-Qaida in the fight, now that he has found refuge in the Afghan border, and that is possible the triumph of Islamic radicals, then the situation is more complex. A few months ago the pakistani eercito launched a full offensive against the taliban. He was carried out in areas where training camps and schools of indoctrination for terrorists were detected bombers and jihadists from several Arab and Muslim, countries in addition to the Afghan Taliban that fighting a war without quarter against the United States and NATO troops. This offensive of the pakistani army, no it has yielded the expected results, at the same time the country has been very affected by the global economic crisis, deterioration in the provision of essential public services and a huge rise in unemployment, the economy is currently at the mercy of the International Monetary Fund. No doubt Pakistan today constitutes one of the most formidable dsafios facing the foreign policy of the United States. We must not forget the visit of the Secretary of Estado Hillary Clinton, makes a few days into its territory and making known the despair of not United States see progress in the control of the taliban insurgency and the group Al-Qaeda. While the pakistani army remains a close American ally, increasingly are stronger voices of discontent by this strategic alliance with the West. What is at stake is nothing more and nothing less than the political regime and the viability of the current pakistani State, but I wonder: did that happen if after a victory for the extremists? do Islamic, the arsenal of 60 nuclear warheads falls into his power and radical Al Qaeda groups? Original author and source of the article.

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To be mother Intrinco analyzes of behavior is something, therefore I can observe the human being and its context, something innate to my look. We study on this subject I see a subject that currently calls attention, the maternity, this that to say the linking of the mother with its son. What he is same to be mother? Something described for religious as sacred, the sublime one, of love unconditional, next thus it love to God to the son! It will be? This is the doubt that I have. Analyzing certain behavior of women on the function of being mother I perceive that these definitions are errnias, therefore the love of mother to its son also it has its moments desperation, fears, distresses and conflicts. Thinking of this skill we can arrive to think of different form on this maternal love, are these ideas that in its majority make mother to errarem in the education to the son. We forget that before being mother we are women with all our internal and external processes of a human being, therefore we have pains in the soul, problems badly decided internally, feelings negatives, vanity exacerbada, cimes, frustrations and many times until a difficult infancy, I am not wanting with this to say clearly that we cannot surpass everything this, that yes! We only must first assume stops in the all these gaps. In the society contemporary we need to be human beings with autonomy, ideals of life, true, with the feelings, but as to make this? The being that feeds in them and generates in the uterus for nine months, if many times I did not allow in them? We need women having conscience of the power of a mother on its son and having the clarified truth, we will have women, mothers more not believing the meaning cited at the beginning of the text, but knowing that we are beings still in search of the perfection, then, thus passive of error as any another human being.

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The experience in society is essential for the transformation of the man of being biological in human being. It is for the learning in the relations with the others that we construct the knowledge for our intellectual development. In the colaborativa learning the construction of the knowledge if of the one in particular forms of interaction between the pupils, that is, in a classroom all are involved in the learning process. A alone pupil is not subject of learning, but all interact between itself of form to collaborate for the development of the learning. What it strengthens the use of the computer as tool of learning by means of the interaction and same contribution in pairs or bigger groups. ‘ ‘ The technology has potential to support diversified forms of social interaction, of communication and social interaction, communication and contribution in the tasks of knowledge construction where the members of the community of aprendizagem’ are compromised; ‘ I finish, (2000).

In the colaborativa perspective, the development of the child is paved in the interactions and, happens from the relations with the other that are constituent in the learning process, therefore the more it interacts with the other, more is developed mentally. In this direction, the adult assumes the role of privileged mediator in the formation of the knowledge. Of this form, the learning understanding implies necessarily in the understanding of the relation of the man with the nature and its fellow creatures. is through this relation that the man transforms itself exactly and the proper nature with its work, producing knowledge, constructing the society and making its proper history. Then, we can say that we are permanently learning, either in the street, house, the school, with our pupils, at last in all the situations of the life. In this direction, it is necessary in the pertaining to school education, to use to advantage the natural trends of the pupil and to give free course so that it if becomes an independent apprentice. Perhaps this education is not still the ideal, but at least we will not fall in the deceit to think that the most important human effort, the education, if restricts only to the knowledge transmission. She is necessary to create conditions so that the pupil if relates systematically with the way in order to develop itself with autonomy, criticidade and being subject of its proper learning.

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The common sense takes in to perceive them that the environment it is everything what it involves in them. Forming conscientious citizens on the ambient education, mainly taking them to change it habits and attitudes with regard to the environment that is a great limit, allowing a confrontation of the ideal with the Real when the pupil collates its hypotheses of solution with the conditions and limitations of the reality. When informing to the pupils on the problematic one that it occurs in school as excess of garbage in the corridors and the classrooms, leading half knowledge and demonstrating that these pupils can contribute for the reduction of the ambient impacts, beyond all alerting them on the importance of the selective collection of the garbage of the school being collected by the proper pupils in specific lixeiras. Being carried through one it searches investigativa that it searched to transmit to the pupils a series of activities concerning the ambient education examining the reality economic, social and ecological searching the accomplishment of the objectives fixed for its development. Key-words: Ambient Education, excess of garbage, ambient impacts, collect selective; INTRODUCTION practical Contributions in the ambient ones in the construction of the ecocidadania in the pertaining to school environment in the initial series of basic education, searchs solution through the information on practical ambient in the change the condition of these pupils regarding the garbage excess played for them in the classrooms and the school. Considering a type of education whose main characteristics are the problematizao of the reality of the pupil, with the purpose to understand it and to construct knowledge capable to transform it, making possible beyond the development of the critical reasoning of the pupil a planetary change. To involve basic education in the State School of Integral Time Ours Lady of the Favours in the work with the Ambient Education constructing in gradual way a new vision surrounding it, thus elaborating solution hypotheses ' ' creative, new, diferentes' ' for the ambient problems presented in the school making the difference in the reality if where if it extracts the problem.