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According to Vigotsky (1989), ' ' the capacity is not a complete function, but a different series of functions and factors that are joined in one todo' ' (P. 127). says more, is necessary to create cultural instruments (signs) special, that they obtain to take off the deficient one of the limited development of the superior functions. For this, the pedagogical procedures must be organized, so that such development if gives for indirect ways, for other ways, because the decisive condition most important and of the cultural development is necessarily the ability to use the psychological instruments. Expansion of the Special Education advanced in the two last centuries, paradigm of the institutionalization critically passes to be examined and to be denounced as being one practical one that it violates the rights of the man. The model of the integration that if alicerou in offers of services, with the purpose of normatizar the people with deficiency is established then. To be inclusive, integrated to the conviviality in society, the person with educational necessities necessary to modify itself so that if it resembles to the possible maximum the too much citizens and either accepted for the same ones. In the context of inclusion, the society is that it must guarantee the necessary supports so that all usufruct of the life in community, and not it person who must adjust itself to the social environment. If it cannot deny that the people with necessity educational special, need specialized jobs, being this the only step to remain a relation of respect, honesty and justice with this parcel and its constituent. Agreements regarding the relation between deficiency, learning and development start to gain space new, in view of that the principles for the development of the people with deficiency are the same ones applied to the too much human beings: ' ' the main process that characterizes the psychic development of the child is a specific process of appropriation of the acquisitions of the development of the generations human beings precedentes' ' (LEONTIEV, 1978.

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Word-key: Education of sciences. Situation-problem. Initial series. ABSTRACT It is well-known that the schools of Basic Teaching, especially the public ones, treat of the physics and phenomena related you the nature with little relevance in the initial series, this because in the disciplines which it should be inserted (sciences), to larger focus is given you the biological sciences. However, it is in that stage that the child can have the contact with certain scientific concepts that it may awake interest in science. Thinking about that, and in view of the popularization of science in the early years of school, we took situation-problems involving experiments will be class of fourth to year of the municipal theatre school of Gandu-BA, asking students you draw and write the strategy used you solves the situation-problem, and then, in moment of discussion, you give an explanations, with appropriate language, about the physical concepts involved in the developed activities. In this discussion, children made US carries through how to their inferences approach the concepts related you the physics, to moreover demonstrating to other typological aspects that develop abilities in the children. In spite of they uses simple and typical acts language, they got you solves the proposed problems, what we verified in to their speech, writing, and drawings.

The surprising thing was you hear the questions eats of them, which it is concerned not only you the physics, but also, you other knowledge areas, which leads US you believe that despite his acts, there is already mature enough you work with certain contents, of course in an accessible language, and that enables the understanding and integration of these children in the scientific activities. keywords: Teaching of sciences. Situation-problem. Initial series. INTRODUCTION Is well-known that the schools of Basic Education, in special to the public net, deal with the physics and phenomena related to the nature with little relevance in the initial series.

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Valtey Martins de Souza Nilene Cardoso Blacksmith Souza Antonio Flix Da Silva Odailde de Souza Oliveira the present work has as objective main, to work a different language (music) of usually used in classroom, that is that one that privileges the use of the didactic book. As well as the didactic manual if it presents as a pedagogical resource, music also can become a sufficiently valuable instrument in regards to the process education learning. In this manner, we understand that the choice of the letters of musics to be worked in classroom must contemplate a gamma of existing questions in the world and our daily one, therefore, from them must be excited debates and be raised new subjects, that more become the syntonized pedagogical process with the universe of the pupil. In this way, we understand that the use of this resource is of basic importance so that the construction of the knowledge happens. In these conditions, we elaborate our work from a theoretical revision of the subject, where Viana (2000) understands music as a didactic resource in geography, being able to be worked as element for analysis of social and geographic conjunctures. Thus being, we look for during the development of our work, to make the linking enters the letter of music and the migratory process, that in the agreement of Moreira (2004), can be perceived as the movements or displacements of a population of a place for another one. In the end of the development, we look for to point one ' ' nova' ' way to make possible the process education learning through our Plan of Lesson. In conclusive notes, we revise our writings and we argue, of brief form, the reach of the main objective. 2. Music as didactic resource in Geography: soon pedagogical analysis For Viana (2000), music as didactic resource in Geography, consists of a pedagogical boarding in which, letters of musics are worked as element for the analysis/reflection of social and geographic conjunctures.

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The Historical Archive of Porto Alegre Moyss Velhinho, constructed in century XIX in the European style in 1894 for Eugnio Malleiros Young chicken and later donated for Barreto Maria, situated in the road of the Mato Grosso, Avenue today Blessed Gonalves was abandoned for more than fifteen years, and soon the city hall adaptou a school in the period of 1946 the 1976 and later it are abandoned per twenty years, with passing of the years the community it was entered into an alliance with the city hall and it overthrew the houses external, being inventoried internally and tumbled, has as built, documentary and material patrimony. A.H. P.A have as objective to apply studies, practical methods and of Patrimonial Education, directed toward the preservation question, necessarily on the handling of I restore, therefore it congregates it preserves about a million and four hundred a thousand documents that constitute, a vast source of research on the city of Porto Alegre. The Historical Archive of Porto Alegre Moyss Velhinho (A.H.P.A), looks for to dialogue with the community alegrense port, of form that can bring to the public its historical characteristics, rescuing its roots as city, and thus making possible a fusing between last and society alegrense port. Amongst the activities, executed for (A.H.P.A), it can be detached following the lines of action and/or projects, which will be detailed after that. – Project ‘ ‘ Toque’ living creature; ‘ – The Archive promotes through this project a valuation of the patrimony of the city. Project ‘ ‘ House of the Ervas’ ‘ – This project is destined the understanding of the medicinal structures, inside of an educational line it is situated in the bilge of the Archive.

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The great reason in which the majority of the parents bequeaths in not following the children in the school is due to time, the obligations of the field are many, and in virtue of this the responsibilities for the mother leave. The mothers had also disclosed themselves saying of the lack of time for being integrally in the services of the kitchen. The professor and coordinator of the SIMEF (Modular System of Basic Education), Valdivino Mariano said of the importance and the responsibilities of the parents in following the cognitivo and moral development of the children in the school, since the school exerts an important paper in the life of all citizen, and interesting all to know that the education starts in house with the family, the school to give to continuity in the process education learning. In the meeting on absence of the parents in Cheap the Magalhes School it had confrontations on the subject that brought some reflections, one of them was ' ' Obligatoriness of the presence of the parents in escola' ' , it generated opinions diverse about the subject. The teacher of Portuguese Language Patrician Valria made a commentary in what she says: ' ' as well as the professor she has its responsibilities in fulfilling the tasks of the daily one, the parents also has that to make the same, to assume in fact this commitment. Smia Viamonte says that the obligatoriness can function as contrary force for the majority of the parents. ' ' I find that if the thing is made in obliged way, dialogued the problem cannot become greater and still more move away responsible from the school ' ' , it justifies.

But in some cases of absence the vice-director recognizes that the law can help. ' ' She has people that they only fulfill with its duties foradamente. Everything depends on the education that had had.

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Many people. If in addition we have other problems, is people no doubt very few who feel really full with their lives. Self-help groups such as compulsive eaters anonymous or fat, just to mention two of them, work well, since there will be in the newly arrived and after a while of action and competition has overcome the problem and undergoing a strong recovery. Concurrent to identify, account with guides that suffered the same problem, and also emotionally content. On another front to fight against it and not be parallel. Begin to change eating habits and physical inactivity. If you cannot run, so at least one hour a day of walk.

Anyone can walk an hour a day. Replace cravings and binge eating. Eat fresh and natural. Vegetables, fruits, grains, less meat and be austere. Greater number of fish. Skim milk. When we are hungry to drink a glass of water, that works. We replace an addiction, because that is what it is, on the other.

Work. Instead of a chocolate of a carrot or an Apple. Coma distributed on the day. Instead of two at the beast. Girls eat much and another time. Avoid any food that is not natural. Processed or refined foods, sweets, cakes. Coma wide and varied. What at first may seem unattainable, with time is it becomes a way of life. Same as the previous one. When you eat most is to eat less (explain) new YORK-what is what determines how much we eat and how much she weighs? You is the amount of fat in foods, carbohydrates, portion size, what we drink, that elusive trait called? The popular advice that can lead people to diet to leave before you start. The good news on the basis of studies argue that you can eat more, probably more of what you eat, and weigh less, if you choose the right type of food.

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Because of the internal censorship people afraid to do and instead plunges into despair, the analysis own well-being, begins to calculate a bleak future (of course, because he is such an all-seeing, already knows that there in the future everything will be worse than ever!). When this part of the personality begins to dominate, a person loses sense of reality and freedom. And then start an internal dialogue with himself, “You fool, you had to tell him at all those words!”, “Come on, you need to ‘teaching’ I saw that you’re capable of, well, think on this law, you idiot!” But there is Another part of the personality – creative. If a person is in their actions based on this his part – he is plunged into a state in which he is capable of the most consciously and at the same time effective and easy to accomplish the an assignment. This is a state of “flow.” What we do in a state of flux, in tune with our personality, our nature and not subject to strict and uniform rules and ought. That’s why the result of what we do in the ‘flow’, the majority exceeds best expectations. Of course, there may be errors (we are all humans), but then revealed interesting insights: Firstly, guided by its own internal censorship, using the method “as it should be” error is also not excluded. If we are guided by an internal censor, mistakes and miscalculations are perceived much more painful.

If a person focuses on the creative part of themselves, the errors in activity seen as a logical step to success. So how do you appeal to your creative self and make it last that long ago it was planned or wanted, but lacked the determination to implementation plans? Here are some tips: Stop analyze their doubts and fears, awareness of the presence of a problem in most cases is enough. Analysis and dive into the emotions – a step to depression. Relax, and concentrate on what you can do in a situation ‘here and now’, begin to act. Refer to my creative side. Ask yourself honestly: “What would I have done, how would behave if I did not have this fear (boredom, anger, shame, etc.)? Answered? Well, go for it! Maximum focus on your actions. Turn off the internal censor.

Just allow yourself to do watch the process as if from side: that you can take to further improve efficiency? Do it. Try this several times. At the end, relax and allow yourself to dream. Only prerequisite: no limits! Allow ourselves to at least the 10 minutes of dreaming “switch off” the inner censor. Let the dreams of pouring free flow – give yourself a treat! Dream? Why sit still? Who are you waiting for? After all, today You can make concrete actions to make the dream come true! Do not believe me?