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It's clear you do not know, paid or not. Knowing the name of this script, you can easily find the right, but not knowing, have to dig. And when at last searches successful, the script is an extra charge. You can of course buy, I do not argue, but in this case we consider the question of finding free material. And so, to achieve the desired result, I suggest you do the following: 1.

Create a host in the browser that you use often (Opera, Mozilla), it does not matter a folder on the bookmarks bar. What are you more like "search folder", or "sites to search." Cast your sites in this folder that you come across to your search from the search engines, it is desirable that these sites could leave comments or questions. Important! Be sure to check out the latest comments, I mean the number that did not get to the site which is no longer anyone's control. Collect, review and select the most lively sites or forums, at least 10, and may be more, more likely, so do not forget to subscribe to email notification of comments or responses. 2. Most authors refer to the lists you're subscribed to. At this point special attention.

Any author you need help. Even if you just can not give you the right information, it is not him, he must try to find it and with all this, your chance is increased at least two. Remember the phrase: 'We are responsible for those who tamed' here and enjoy it. And there is nothing to be ashamed of in this no. After all, teaching others, the author himself is trained in not lesser degree. And finally, what is it all necessary? And it must be all in order to find exactly what you need. By asking the same question at all sites and forums, with an additional charge of their authors' lists, which are most likely to help you, you agree to codes of practice to minimize the risk of not finding what you need on relevant issues. Using this method at your best, you can get even more information than to expect a the beginning of the search. There is one important point. Some professionals or writers can help free of charge, opening his little secret or trick. Take this!

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We look for to leave clearly that the considered resume treats to relate the corporal aspects that if they express of diverse forms, the variability of on phenomena to the body and putting into motion themselves and the pluralities of corporal manifestations human beings. In such a way the pertaining to school Physical Education is firmed in one varied cultural repertoire of knowledge and manifestations making possible the pupil to all extend, to deepen and to characterize the knowledge about the related interventions and transformations the culture of the movement. From these consideraes, a new performance of the professor of Physical Education is glimpsed thus searching an interrelation between teaching and to learn, in such a way the development of the contents passes to be worked in order to promote new knowledge and to provide to new challenges for the development of the abilities and abilities of the pupil. One expects then that the Physical education assumes in the school an important role in relation the dimension of if? to put into motion human being. Theoretical conceptions theoretical conception of the Physical Education ahead of the proposal curricular of the So Paulo project Makes School. The Physical Education comes inside suffering in elapsing of its evolution of the educational system, a gradual process of transformation. Still many contradictory points in this process exist, but what it is evident and completely easy to detect and difficult to correct and/or to apply it is the clamorous distanciamento of the theory and the practical one. Throughout history an entailing of the Physical Education to some processes between them occurs the norms of military and esportiva institution (Bracht, 1997), what it comes being a dogma. The biggest problem is in the difficulty of the professionals of the area, according to Medina, to perceive the importance of the relation enters the reflection process in communion with our actions.

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Young students high school of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley have another option to stay busy in a positive manner and move away from the temptations of the street. In September, the new school year, thousands of high school students return to school, and it appears the concern of many parents who don’t know what their children will be or what will be exposed when you have finished the day’s classes. For this reason created the program After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (handles) which is available in 21 schools (middle and high school) located in the area of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. This initiative founded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2002 offers programs that educate, guide and inspire thousands of students every day through activities that focus on health, physical activity and nutrition. Programs for later classes are varied and entertaining, specially designed to give youth positive alternatives to spend the time and away from the dangers of drugs, crime and violence, since they have with artistic activities, youth leadership and service to the community, all managed from an innovative and modern way so that it can appeal to young people.

In this way the programme contributes to decrease the risk of students become involved in illegal activities, while increasing your safety when the school day has ended. Currently handles program serves 10,000 students living in communities with high needs and few resources. Our main goal is to keep our students safe and occupied a productively when they finish their classes, that is when the situation becomes critical to many of them. We have been fighting every day to change the lives of these students and inspire them to seek a better future, said Ana Campos, President and Executive Director of the organization handles. Schools that offer the program Los Angeles: Belvedere Middle School, Bret Harte Prep Middle School, Downtown Value School, Edison Middle School, Gertz-Ressler High School, Griffith Middle School, Heritage College-Ready Academy, John Liechty Middle School, the Middle School Leadership Academy, Richard Merkin Middle School, William and Carol Ouchi High School other areas: Bell Gardens Intermediate – Bell Gardens, Charles T. Kranz Intermediate – El Monte, Huntington Park College Ready Academy High School – Huntington Park, New Millennium Secondary School-Carson, Southeast Middle School – South Gate, Suva Intermediate – Bell Gardens of San Fernando Valley: Mt.

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Beyond that, cities are poles of power demanded autonomy. The small towns develop or make reborn their previous cultural conditions and claim active presence in the conformation of the new order. Local instances of power are the order of the day. Within this trend is inserted the claim of administrative decentralization, because each region wants to manage its criminal, from hospitals to the police. It should be noted that this universal tendency is only countered in countries such as Venezuela, where a dictatorial regime considers it necessary to accumulate all the powers for the maintenance of the oppressive regime.

The formation of regional blocs alters geopolitical global security systems. Key decisions are not taken in the framework of the nation-State, not even on continents as the Latin American where all integration processes never go out of the embryonic stage. Let’s now add the new technologies of the communication. Citizens are increasingly more than another space other than the territory itself, are of cyberspace, of a universal terrain where form new networks of interests and cultural exchange that exceeds by far the old limits. The world now decline is determined and acts in global terms. There is no longer a territorial space itself as a basis for action.

The trend is towards the deterritorialization. Today there are NGOs involved in specific fields in situations that occur anywhere in the world. This marks another type of organization that is involved in global processes, since they are integrated by people who belong to various nationalities. They exercise power insofar as they affect change situations, from environmental to policies, from economic to geostrategic. Thus, a Venezuelan citizen intervenes in the crisis in Burma along to an Englishman or a South African, joining efforts and making use of modern communication technology. There is a new way of being a citizen and in the refuge are intermingled in local with an intense involvement in the destiny of the whole planet.

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One understands that the methodology of the study of the way can make possible the work in a perspective to interdisciplinar to assist the educator to understand as if composes this environment. Trajectories of the Study of the Way the Study Half it integrator, capable consists in a methodology to make possible a boarding to interdisciplinar from the comment and analysis of the reality. As practical he is old, being carried through as study of entorno, comment of the surrounding way, it social context, etc. Systematically initiated with Freinet European educator at the beginning of the century. In Brazil, the first experiences of this methodology had been developed by the anarchic immigrants in the free schools at the beginning of the century. In the decade of 1930 it appears in the University of So Paulo (USP) being spread out in the decade of 60 under inspiration of the Movement New School. Forbidden in the period of the military dictatorship, it returns more in the decade of 80 from form systemize mainly in the courses of Geography of the USP and in the municipal net of education of the So Paulo capital. Crossing different historical contexts, this methodology was enriched by thinkers of the critical theories of the education and for you arrive in port theoretical of other areas of the knowledge as Geography, the Portuguese Language, History and sciences in general.

Since 1995, it is worked in the UFSC in groups of study, in Disciplina de Prtica de inserted Ensino de Geografia and in the Movement of Curricular Reorientation of the Municipal Net of Education of Florianpolis. In 1998 it was presented as a methodology for the development of Ambient Education of the National Park of Is Joaquin and entorno. One searchs to understand the partner-ambient paper and the different contexts in which the school is inserted, as well as propitiating to the professors the chance to live deeply as the methodology if it develops, its didactic and pedagogical application and its dimensions.