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Cats are playful animals and some extroverts. Many of the breeds of cats need that your love this pending what they make and play with them. Siamese cats for example are a few mischievous, moved, tireless, jumping and other cats. This cat always wants his master this playing with him or at least paying attention. Then, there are some gifts for cats that can serve to make the pet sits in a cozy place and feel accompanied.

Gifts for cats are an indispensable for pet entertainment. There are accessories for your cat play only and others so that you share with him. To buy a gift for your cat, please note what the behavior and personality of your pet. One of the first gifts for cats that you should buy are the bowls for food and water that your cat will eat. Also if your cat has no collar other gifts for cats that you should think about is on that. But there are cats who are uncomfortable this attachment and could become some occasions dangerous. Siamese cats for this gift you It could serve, since this cat can get used to carry one. In the market there are many collars that give elegance or an informal and fresh touch to your cat.

There are different colors and styles. You can also think of other gifts for cats that belong to the home. One of those gifts can be a blanket. With this Jack will feel in his own space where can relax and rejoice and you can adapt it to your home by choosing the color, style and where you want to place it. This detail can customize it by typing the name of your cat. This is a gift for cats that the owner can enjoy by being nice to your view. The basket, is also one of these gifts for cats that serves for the rest of the cat. In this, your cat can enjoy sleep very well. But we must remember that both the blanket and basket are a few gifts for cats that they will choose if they feel good there. Cats are animals that have their own personality, in addition they have much independence and they themselves can choose the place where to rest. There are smaller gifts as the toys and food. These gifts for cats always going to enjoy, both you and the cat. Gifts like balls, fishing rods with the feather, mice, madejos of wool and houses, among others. With these gifts you can entertain your cat and you can also play with him. These are gifts for easy to make cats or very cheap in the market. The food also enjoy it much. When you arrive with some kind of food that is not accustomed to eating, like a salmon, the cat will be happy to eat it. There are also cats climbers. This gift for cats is very practical for you. The cat can play, sleep or get somewhere if you have one of these. This gift can be a little expensive, but you can build you one. The cat is going to feel comfortable with this gift, also will practice matriceria and jumps. Gifts for cats are to your liking, but reiterates that you must know your cat when buying an attachment that it can enjoy and take as his own. For example fishing with pens, poles can be recommended for cats small, because in addition to having fun you’ll be helping to your cat to develop his dexterity.

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What we think when we think about Valencia? Some will be answered in your icons such as the Cathedral, El Miguelete and the recent city of Arts and Sciences. Others evoke the joy of his people during the failures or the sunny beaches of the coast. And many think of their tasty cuisine. In fact, a recent study showed that the Valencian gastronomy is one of tourist products with more potential of the present. What are the secrets of this divine gastronomic tradition that fascinates the whole world? In this article we will try to unveil part of his art and charm. The nobility of the products of the Earth born between the mountain and the sea, Valencia is a land graced by the treasures of his garden, the goodness of the sun which makes grow delicious fruits and the generosity of its sea. Since most anonymous cooks up the purists of the Valencian gastronomy, all agree that the secret of Valencian cuisine lies in the quality of base products.

A sublime quality beef cuts, fish or olive oil freshest, kind of just rice for each dish and the freshness of the vegetables. These authentic flavors lead us to the origin of the Valencian gastronomy, whose roots date back to the Romans, Greeks and Arabs who occupied its territory. But also to the agricultural context in which prepared the first Valencian rice dishes with animals that were available, as they were land inside or on the edge of the sea. The reign of the Basta Paella write Google paellaen to become aware of their popularity: over 8 million results. There are endless recipes and methods for preparing the famous paella and airy discussions about its most authentic form.

But all paella self-respecting should lead rice, saffron, paprika, olive oil, chicken and rabbit and some treasures of the orchard as green beans, white beans and the garrafon. The list goes on ad infinitum: rosemary, tomato, prawns, clams, squid, artichokes, lemon to become real neo-paellas, adapted to the personality of each chef or to local tastes. The truth is that eating a paella with wooden spoon cooked on a campfire of wood of Valencian orange with a tasty socarrat, rice crispy that remains stuck in the pot, is an unforgettable experience. Paella is an act eminently community and for the people of Valencia, a symbol of belonging to their culture. Well kept secrets but what is the secret to a good paella? Some say the secret is in the broth (prepared the previous day), others in the temperature of the fire, the local water hardness, the correct proportions of ingredients, the reposado, the quality of the rice and the list continues. The truth is that a paella knows best among friends or family, to celebrate the joy of being together. Most of the hotels in Spain include paella on their menus, but there are also restaurants specialized in paellas, especially in Valencia. And the required question is which restaurant serves the best paella of the world? Finding the answer is a excellent reason to perform a gastronomic trip to Spain. Or you can take a look at the results of the singular concurso of paellas that are carried out in various parts of the world. So now you know, choose from the many hotels in Valencia and enjoy its gastronomy.

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Madrid, September 17, 2010 the President of the General Council of technical architecture of Spain, Jose Antonio Otero, has sponsored this morning the building engineering graduation ceremony held on campus, containing the Nebrija University in La Berzosa. In his speech Otero has invited to the first promotion of Nebrija building engineering to continue their education, devoted time to teaching and to investigate on the building systems, since the companies do with materials, now that it has recognized the work of technical architects with the new grade adapted to the Bologna process. In this first promotion a total of 435 surveyors and technical architects from different parts of Spain have made during six months of on-line mode the course of adaptation to the new degree of building engineering. The Rector of the Universidad Nebrija, Pilar Velez, together with Alberto Lopez, Vice President for academic planning, Juan Antonio Maestro, Vice-Rector for research and Carlos Gonzalez Bravo, director of the school of architecture have been accompanied in this solemn ceremony to new graduates of the Universidad Nebrija..

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According to theory of the cognitivo development, the child in accordance with passes for periods of training differentiated in the learning its maturation. The first period of training in intelligence is called sensrio-engine, going until the two years of age, in this phase, is used the directions and its movements are manifest. Gessel (1998, p.168) ' ' of the nine to the twelve years, the children are interested in the group of the school and the idea of the teacher pleases them to be part of this group, likes to correct the errors that it comes to commit during aulas.' ' During the activities they like compliments, also like that the teacher feels it table with them. ' ' The children are anxious to speak and want to answer all perguntas' '. All the children in the end of the initial years of Basic Ensino, as argued previously, need an approach with the adult. E, the professor are the basic part for the learning of the pupils, however it needs the affectivity that is one of the elements that influence this process. These internal procedures (emotions, feelings, values, thoughts) and of movement finish being observed and confused as indiscipline. These positions provoke in the pupils the unreliability and anger, hurt, sadness, fear emotions.

The child gradual goes assuming itself of the culturally established knowledge, and improving cognitivamente passing of the elementary forms of thought for more abstract forms assuming themselves and controlling the reality. Vygotsky (1994) emphasizes the importance of the interaction of the child with the other people for the construction of the knowledge, of the proper citizen and its action in the world. Oliveira (1999, P. 11) understands that ' ' the professor must have empatia, sensitivity to perceive what he is better for the pupil, the success of the boarded either harmonic favorable motivation to be with for the individual rhythm of each pupil.