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Games SpongeBob full of versatility if you’ve had the opportunity to meet both series as each one of the games of bob sponge, you’ve failed to realize that if there’s something that pleases our nice yellow friend is to play to impersonate different characters, professions and even imitate famous characters in film and television. This is one of the things that most pleases those who are fans of this series. The same applies to his friends, which also on multiple occasions accompany it in his adventures personifying a large number of roles. For the same reason it is that those games of bob could also not miss that we could play with the personality of bob sponge and sponge can we give you a resounding change our friend, to give a touch of creativity and play with different characters played by bob sponge. Let us tell you that you will find many games Bob Esponja with which you can have fun creating endless outfits and combinations for each of the characters in the series. This is why that then you will leave with some of the best games of bob sponge in them that they can spoil your imagination creating and fun with your friend bob sponge.

SpongeBob SquarePants games to disguise if anything love to Bob Esponja is the chance to dress in different ways or disguise themselves to play with his personality. In many episodes see how from one moment to another appears different and funny outfits, and is for this reason that with this class of games bob esponja will find the fun you both looking. One of the best games Bob Esponja to dress is called Spongebob Dress Up 2, which you will give the possibility to choose between fun and many options of clothing and for the occasion that you want, because you will find many formal taken or working as a chef or professional. You will also find fun costumes and outfits for more crazy, like karate, pirates, rockers and even also costumes of famous superheroes. To play this kind of game of bob sponge, the only thing you have to do It is to use your mouse and go by clicking on the different outfits that are found around the image of bob sponge. Remember that you must drag them and put them on the image of bob that appears in the center of the screen. SpongeBob games to create and have fun in others of these games of bob sponge to stimulate your creativity you will find that our friend bob in addition very versatile, is also very expressive, still its pretty funny face and always adapting different attitudes.

In this great game of Bob Esponja, called Spongebob Make Up will have the opportunity to create bob sponge from different parts of your body, to thus give different attitudes, and you can also dress it with the outfits that you want. This Bob Esponja design you can add arms, legs, different types of eyes, mouth, some of which will come with some tools or characteristic objects, as the spatula to remove the cangreburgers or the network to catch jellyfish. Not to mention the large number of accessories that you can add. Play this fun game is very simple: just click with your mouse and drag the object you’ve chosen the body of Bob.

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Immanuel Kant had a monotonous life; it was not married, neither it had children and it never left its native city: Knigsberg. In its life nothing of extraordinary is not distinguished. It is, however, the first one of the great philosophers to lecionar in a university. However, few philosophers had had a life without fabulosos elements that generally are found in the biographies of the great personalities. The philosophical workmanship of Kant is marcante in the history of the modern philosophy.

In the daily pay-critical phase we can consider Kant as a typical representative of the dogmtico rationalism. This strong is evidenced because of its influence of Leibniz and Wolff, over all in the German context of its time. The work of awaking it of the dogmatismo fit to the reading of David Hume. The humeano skepticism shook Kant who tried a defense of the rationalism against the skeptical empirismo. Of this form, Immanuel Kant noticed that the questions raised for the empiristas had taken it to elaborate its critical rationalism (or criticism) in the intention to surpass the existing rivalry between rationalism and the empirismo.

The critical idea of Kant alone appears in 1781, as already explicitado, with the Critical one of the pure reason. Its philosophy is fruit of a long process of elaboration and it lead what it to this idea was not, however, the rejections to classic metaphysics, but the fact to possess the conscience of the uncertainty of these conclusions and the weakness of the arguments which metaphysics were based. Making the reading of Hume, Kant it understood, then, that it was necessary to rethink metaphysics. The skeptical empirismo of Hume, particularly its critical to the cause and effect, left the baseless racionalistas positions. According to humeano thought, the reason is incapable to think a priori, and through concepts, any necessary relation as the nexus of cause and effect.

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It is clearly, then, that for backwards of all text it has an ideology. It does not have only the intention to transmit information, to bring to tona the knowledge of some fact, but the objective is a reaction of the reading citizen. Obviously a reaction that is favorable to that they dominate historical and socially. Coming back toward the study of news article in the support periodical, it is perceived, in it, the mention of diverse subjects and, as well as all informative text, it aims at to form opinions. As it is known, the support periodical is manipulated by the ruling class that said what it must or not to be informed.

Therefore, being one it has exactly supported literal the one that great part of the population has access, only people who have a certain degree of escolaridade or that they possess purchasing power are the receivers of its speeches and with them they interact. A fact that not if it can forget is that the action of the speech will be favorable to its producer depending on its social status and the 14 the social status of interlocutor. An example well clearly is the speech of a doctor and a common individual in the society. The position of that one will determine what it can and what cannot be taken by the patient. This many times at least questions, for lacking the discursivo domain to it, but when this has a linguistic ability and extralinguistic adult, as Kleiman says – already above-mentioned – will have to question the reasons of that ideological speech. From there, subentende, that the same speech can have different interpretations, therefore it will depend on the positioning, that is, of the social status of each interlocutor.

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With the proclamation of the independence of Ukraine and the emergence of its own armed forces there is a need to form their own military medical education. One of its components was the preparation of mid-level military medical personnel. It should be noted that during the collapse of the Soviet Union Armed Forces manned civilian paramedics, but as Experience has shown that such acquisition of the Army specialist was not effective. Was to replace the appropriate parts of the military unit lekarskogo in parts and on naval ships assistants physicians. The organization of training of military physicians assistants for the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to actively discussed in 1995-1996. Rector of the Odessa Medical University, Academician VM Zaporozhan and head of the department of naval training of the university doctor medical sciences, medical colonel VV Kononenko among the first to open the proposed military medical college assistants to prepare military doctors for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In a letter to the Chief of the Main Military Medical Management Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major-General Medical Services White VJ They based their proposal, which essentially boiled down to the fact that in Odessa until 1957 there were Naval Medical School, which was reorganized in Odessa Medical School 3. This school is located near the main academic and clinical base for the university, has sufficient training and material base and kept the territory, formerly occupied by the Naval Medical School.

However, this suggestion was ignored guidelines of the Medical Service Armed Forces of Ukraine and the General Directorate of Military Education. KABNET MNSTRV Ukraine II O S T A N O V A vd Travnia 1997 p 29. 526 About vdoskonalennya MEREZHI vischih that profesyno – tehnchnih navchalnih zakladv. Dodatok N 2 and decided Kabnetu Mnstrv Ukraine vd Travnia 1997 p 29. 526 N PERELK navchalnih zakladv, scho stvoryuyutsya on baz lkvdovanih Metro Manila Utvoriti Odeske medichne basic school at baz Odeskih medichnih schools number 1 i 3, scho lkvduyutsya.

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Caspar Melville New Humanist interview with Michail Ryklin, Russian worship philosopher. In his more recent work, Ryklin provides innovative views on the communist revolution and from an intellectual point of view today, the first Communist to be considered a form of religion and non-metaphorical way. The translation is Ismael love Valladolid, editor of the average host. Michail Ryklin Caspar Melville is famous, I would say infamous, in his native Russia. Along with his wife, artist Anna Alchuck is target of public hatred after relacionarseles with exhibicion Caution: Religion! Ryklin of which already wrote in a religion previous issue of New Humanist ‘N. Main article: History of Art of the nineteenth century
Historicism brand new architecture, which is left longing for the influence of the past, which finds its originality in the study of past origin. Concentrated all their efforts in recovering the architecture of the past. In the past century neoclassicism you neogothic continuous, associated with the Romantic nationalist ideals. yoga Eclectic architecture in the historic develops, combining variety of architectural styles in a new structure.
Arts and Crafts movement for the idea of using the industrial and technological development, watching a craftsman at the figure. With the dissolution of their ideals and the dispersion of its advocates, the movement’s ideas evolved in the French context, to the aesthetic soul of Art Nouveau style as the last century and the first of the twentieth century.
The romanticism of the nineteenth century was the antithesis of neoclassicism. Moderation, rationalism, public immorality will be replaced by the strongest excess sentimentality, bible looking to create a morality increasingly unattainable. The ideals founded by Rousseau, the ideological forerunner of Romanticism, culminating in the French Revolution, which would be the starting point for the creation of a new era. The revolution will be constantly referred to throughout the god century, with ideals such as freedom, independence and nationalism, then belonging to the political left. The pillars of bourgeois individualism, which would be reflected in the literary subjectivism, the evasion christ of reality, towards the creation of a better society and the exaltation of nature in which man was supposed to be free of drama and difficulties.
Postromanticismo is gestaria towards the idea that the beauty of art is the body art itself: art for art. Several streams are considered postromanticas: The Parnassian is characterized by its break with the subjectivism and over-sentimentality, the second defined the symbolism Jean Moreas is “enemy of education, speech, false sensibility, the description” is imbued with metaphysical intentions, mystery and mysticism, the decadent arises by the act of empowering Baudelaire, seeking beauty in the ugly, seeking to prove the false bourgeois morality.
Another alternative to the romantic realism was inspired by the social impact of the new capitalism. Typically the use of satire, denunciation, the themes of disease, filth, madness, poverty, vice and prostitution. The boost in realism is naturalism, but influenced by materialism, positivism and determinism.
Painting of the Nineteenth Century was not exempt from the historic break with its history. Nor was the multitude of current philosophy of art. I was also influenced by the French political prayer phenomenon, a break with the traditional artist shows what the monarchy and its aristocracy sought. The world is not in order, and to show that the new gear, while proposing a new order: Romanticism. Where a proposed neoclassical beauty ideal, rationalism, virtue, the line, the cult of the Old and the classical age Mediterraneo, romance opposes and promotes heart, passion, irrational, imaginary, of disorder, the exaltation, color, touch and worship of the Middle Ages and the mythology of northern Europe.
By mid-century, there is a return to some form, rationalism as a source of inspiration. The remarkable industrial development led by the Industrial Revolution, its “side effects” and frustration with the revolutionaries of 1848 prompts the artist to bring political issue and forget to focus on social issues. The manifesto includes the only realistic source of inspiration in art is the fact there is no beauty beyond the preconception that provides reality and the artist you have to do is play without embellish reality.
The English Romantic landscape painters strengthen the foundations on which later work of the impressionists. Turner books of the impressionists made his taste for the ephemeral, their fuzzy surfaces and steam, the fade and the mixture of colors, but the component desecharian sublime romance of painting itself.
Towards the end of the century and the beginning of the twentieth century could see a variety of avant-garde. The peak of individualism meant that every artist should promote their own art, which claimed a universal and true. The postimpressionism the pointillism, pictorial symbolism, expressionism, cubism, Fauvism, Surrealism, Futurism would realize a society that lives in the revolution by the revolution, the vanguard of the vanguard, the universality of universality.

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Born in Alicante (Valencia, Spain), a native of the neighborhood of Rabasa, his father Antonio I show him and introduced him DNA testing kits in this sport along with his brother Roberto.
Man of the club, remained most of his career at the Club Atletico San Vicente, Universidad de Alicante where he was player-coach since 1990. Also juice in Futbol Club Barcelona, Club Deportivo Complutense and during specific times of the season in clubs from Egypt, Germany, England and India. At the hockey modality juice always room in the San Vicente Atletico but two seasons that juice on the CD Terrassa with which he was Champion of Europe in 1996 and a bell in the Bully’92 – Murcia.
International since 1990, made his debut with the Spanish hockey team grass in a 4 Nations Tournament “played in Brussels. Completed nearly 700 calls from national party official and unofficial. And a member of the team to reap the silver medals at the Games in Atlanta in 1996 and the World of Utrecht in 1998.
On December 23, 2003, Escarra kept his official party numbers 200 Spanish and international. It was in Madrid in the first game of preparation for the pre-March 2004 before the selection of Malaysia, which was imposed by Spain three goals to nil.
For this reason the Royal Spanish Hockey Federation awarded him by an accrediting distinction in recognition of the 200 international meetings.
In the year 2000 assumed the role of captain and under his leadership, the selection got the most important victories in its history: the Champions Trophy held in Lahore in 2004 and the European Championship in Leipzig in 2005.
Injuries have marked the past two years the trend of Alicante, since a shoulder dislocation in the deprived to dispute the final of the European Leipzig before Holland and sprained his knee, occurred in January in a match with the selection, you I leave dry dock in the entire season.
And put an end to his career as DNA Tests a player due to a knee injury, leaving the concentration of the national team just the start of the World Monchengladbach, which began on September 6, 2006.
Juan Escarra in the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.
In 1998, was a mediator between the Royal Spanish Hockey Federation, the University of Alicante and other local institutions to be held in San Vicente del Raspeig stage classification of the “European Cup of Nations.” Such preliminary qualifying for the European Championship to be held in Padova in 1999 was disputed in Field Hockey of the AU.
In 2002 he received testing the DNA a tribute from the AU in a “Days of Closure of the Internal League 2001/02”, in which the Alicante discovered a monument in his honor in the sports area of the university.
Athlete has been included in the “Program ADO” of Olympians since 1993, Elite Athlete of the Generalitat Valenciana from 1989 to award the “Best Athlete of the province of Alicante” granted by the Provincial Council of Alicante, in the years 1996 and 1999. It has the “Olympic Order of the Spanish Olympic Committee.”
One of the gurus of grass hockey world, the Australian Ric Charlesworth, author of “The Coach” (The Coach), put it between his ideal eleven hockey of all time and only Spanish.
It’s Diploma in Teaching of Physical Education from the University of Alicante. And since the year 1997 holds the title of National Coach of Hockey.

The Republican
Springfield natives Kevin Collins and Allen Wright were honored Wednesday evening for inclusion in the Massachusetts Hockey Hall of Fame. Collins, 58, served as a National Hockey League linesman for 28 years.
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Bernama via Yahoo ! Malaysia News
Johor BAHARU, Nov 17 (Bernama) – The Johor Hockey Association May faced with the prospect of losing their job DNA to host the 2009 Junior Hockey World Cup if the facilities are not ready when the time is essential . Doctors and Lawyers ill request That’s the standard for lawyers who need paternity or blood type data
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MARIO LEMIEUX Team Canada 2004 World Cup NIKE Winnipeg Falcons Hockey Jersey by Nike

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From December 4 applies in Colombia Resolution 1956 of the Ministry of Social Protection Areas devoted 100 Smoke Free. Acceptance has been great with the strong support of government authorities, society and media. Following is a testimony of ASOBARES, guild which has backed the resolution, accepting the challenge of the right to health above other interests. Thanks to them: These are the articles of the resolution affirming the smoke-free. Article 2. Prohibit smoking indoors or closed workplaces and / or public places. Paragraph. Can only be set up designated smoking areas in open spaces or outdoors. Next, Article 3, a total ban on smoking in: health institutions, formal education institutions in their levels of preschool, primary and secondary and non-formal address minors in establishments where children are addressed and means of transport The public service officer and school.Even in the smoke-free eating is allowed snuff products.

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The busy space for the message is greater that the available space in the screen of the device. The reading of the message completely needs the use the bars of clod roller. To become the communication most agile, the message must only occupy the available area in the screen; the less used characters, better. The shorter texts are each time, had to the size of the screen of the devices celulares.' ' Internets' ' for the most unglued, ' ' hierglifos' ' for the defending puritanos of ' ' last flower of the Lcio' ' , the Portuguese language of the Internet it is seen with distrust for the parents of the young users of this variety. After all, not yet if it knows how much the use of the variety of virtual environments can influence in education/learning of the norm standard of the Portuguese language. The communication in the Internet is a literal event based on the writing.

Although the available resources of sound and image, the writing still is essential. The young users of the Internet costumam to deal with the linguistic variety the Internet as one ' ' he says escrita' ' , that is, a transposition of speech for the writing. However, she is necessary to consider that the one idea ' ' it says &#039 in writing; ' it must be seen with caution, therefore the writing (prevailed, in virtual environments, more for phonetic norms of what for ortogrficas norms). Of the point of view of the use of the language, the punctuation almost is abolished, has the proliferation of acronyms and abbreviations not convencionalizadas for the norm standard, the structure of the phrases is extremely simple (does not have composed period) and the writing is half-alphabetical, based in the phonetic slight knowledge and not in the ortogrficas conventions of the language. Of the point of view of the discursivos sorts it occurs the adaptation of some existing sorts already to the virtual way and the development of other really news.

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THE STIMULATION and development of COMBINATORIAL thinking: exercises in THE STIMULATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE THOUGHT COMBINATORY elementary school: Exercise in the primary school authors: MsC. Luis Manuel Leyva Leyva Prof. Dr auxiliary. Yolanda Proenza Garrido Prof. holder Lic. Raul Romero Rodriguez Lic. Roberto Cruz Batista E-mail: introduction the true realization of a scientific teaching is closely linked to training in children and girls already from the first grades of the foundations of theoretical thinking, which is at the foundation of the creative attitude of man towards reality (Davidov V. 1987 p.

143-154). The formation of a logical thinking from the earliest years of schooling is objective in all the subjects of the curriculum in different educational systems. The school, already from an early age coexist three types of thoughts, concrete; that is what remains to the level of significantly externally, which operates with the use of the object or phenomenon and the logical functional conceptual that operate with concepts starts to regulate the processes of memory and imagination, as a consequence of a higher form of cognitive activity that starts in school (rational knowledge). Appear in the scientific literature expressions such as: concrete thinking, abstract thinking, mathematical thinking, logical thinking, thinking probabilistic, variational thinking, divergent thinking, combinatorial thinking, etc. In general they are considered expressions that are generated by the way in which manifests the thinking of an individual before the solution to problems (in its more general conception) on school learning or daily life.