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Interactive CD to the start of school with Edgar, the sheep facilitated the beginning of each school year in the elementary school of Nuremberg, August 2011. Funny sheep Edgar now adorns folders, doors and wardrobes in your elementary school. On the interactive school start CD “School start with Edgar, the sheep” teachers will find everything you need to start a new school year at primary school. School starts and all student names to be transferred to folders, boxes, wardrobe, a birthday calendar to be tinkered and a door poster with all student names would be too great. This whole tasks deal with primary school teachers now easily with the CD school start with Edgar, the sheep”. The CD contains templates to label folders, documents, boxes or the wardrobe, chalkboard, a birthday calendar, and a door poster.

All templates are cheerful and colorful designed by Edgar, the sheep. The labels are entered in a table and automatically appear on the labels, cards and the door poster. After entering print out the desired parts just the teacher. The labels are printed colorful or black and white, on plain paper (and cyberspace) or directly on the stickers, which can simply be glued on the materials. The door poster consists four DIN A4 pages, which revealed a large door poster for the classroom to print out and glue together.

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Why the correct schoolbags is so important why the correct schoolbags is so important after the school for almost 12 million students in Germany has started again, even the first back pain or other physical ailments announce many of them themselves. The material that is required for the school is often much too heavy. But the right backpack can be most helpful. Because there are many students who carry their school material in bags or simple backpacks. These are however not specially adapted to the needs of a student! So satchel is characterized above all by a stabilized backrest. This protects from that painful Press books or folders in the back.

This significantly reduces the risk of back pain. It is also possible to set the carrier on the individual size of the child at school bags. Because it is recommended that the height of the upper edge completes the satchel to shoulder height. The lower edge contrast should sit on the pelvic bone. How to find the perfect companion for school the child should match the correct school Companion. Ideally, the width of the Schulranzens should be no larger than the width of the shoulder of the child. Also, you should note that the shoulder straps are padded.

This avoids a painful cut. In addition, you can minimize the load. The closer to the bags on the body, the better the weight can spread. In this way, the spine is also conserved. In addition, you should make sure that the backrest is also padded. This provides a much higher level of comfort the schoolchild. Depending on the age of the child and depending on the type of the Schulweges, you should have also an eye on the safety of the Schulranzens. Light reflectors shall ensure that it is better seen on morning school cars. Certainly, also processing and quality are important components. In addition to these factors should be but still a very important criterion not ignore: the Views of the child. The child will go through a pretty long time with his satchel, therefore the bags should be sure he likes! There is a wide range of the different schoolbags are convincing not only by quality, but also by the beautiful designs and exciting patterns on satchel onlineshop.

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In 2 and 3 meeting, we evidence that the speech of the necessity predominates of if to have a bigger envolvement enters the families of the Frum. Alzira displayed that many parents did not appear for having shame of the children, finds loss of time and they do not believe that its children can be helped. Such exposition in suggests a conception to them of citizen limited to the physical conditions or intellectual of the individual, changedding itself into barriers for the possibilities that individuals, family and school can reach. Of 4 7 meeting of the Frum, had been told them to seem of the director of the school and representatives of the City department of Educao (SEME) and of the SEDU. You say them of these representatives perpassam the importance of the work carried through for the Frum and the rights that all the pupils have to be in the school and that, the school have the duty to provide a quality education. He fits to stand out, the concern of the families of the Frum how much to the guiding of its children for directed Average Ensino as questioning to the SEDU. They had gotten as reply that this agency was not prepared to receive the pupils, standing out the lack of state structure. He was considered by the same that if he formed a classroom of special education for these pupils.

To think this specialized attendance sends about them to the social model of deficiency that if appropriates of the model doctor-physician, therefore if it understands that the problem inhabits in the deficient person and that it will be solved or brightened up by means of intervention. Such position represented for the Frum a retrocession of that already he had been conquered. To compose a classroom of specialized attendance is to go of meeting to the proposal inclusive that to as many efforts was being constructed for the school ' ' guia' '.

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The child in preschool age needs an education directed toward the body, that is, it cannot only be a mere expectador of the learning, and it cannot only learn through mechanical acts. An education directed toward the corporal movement, related with the trick and the games, all with a scienter, allows that the child gradual acquires abilities take that it to an education that does not separate to body and mind, but that it sees in a global way. 6 – CONCLUSION Being the Infantile Education a stage extremely important for the development of the child, as already it was cited previously in the work, one gives credit that the school is possible to construct a significant way to use to advantage this stage of the life with more pleasure, ludicidade and movement. The precocious escolarizao, before the importance of if perceiving the indissociveis body and mind as something, generates factors of delay in the development of the child of century XXI. This current child, fruit of the technologies, that many times passes hours in front of the computer or a television, needs one ‘ ‘ despertar’ ‘ for the movement, the free activities, to play it as learning form.

also fits to the school, together with all society, the responsibility so that this movement really is materialize in the schools and the life in general. One understands that here one is not only about ‘ ‘ escolarizar’ ‘ what it is given in this first stage of the life, but to use to advantage this rich universe to explore the potentialities and abilities of the child, having full conscience of that this will give support to it for other stages of education. With this, one is not wanting to say that the school of Infantile Education only ‘ ‘ brinca’ ‘ , but that the same one can use to advantage all these subjects (playing, the movement and the games) as a bridge for a process of more complex education in posterior stages, reaching with this pupil a full development in all the directions, in short, to transform it into an adult that chance had to express itself while child, having a happy infancy and consequentemente, if becomes a happy and full adult.

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Boarding schools are open to all types of students. They promote inquisitive, powerful children who felt challenged in State schools. Boarding schools but also those students give a second chance, which elsewhere were considered eccentrics, or school failure or had difficulties with the public school system or have failed because a wide variety of reasons. The partly public opinion that boarding schools are just what kind of Nerd or serve as a catch basin for children from broken families is wrong. Prerequisite for a boarding school visit is that it is open for his new home. There should be a certain degree of autonomy. A child from the parents feel deported, usually the best care does not help.

Many students improve their academic performance after a change in the boarding school relatively quickly. Boarding schools offer including musical, sporting and scientific profiles, so that benefit especially students with special talents in these areas. Working groups and communities of interest are an integral part of the boarding school offering. Away from subjects and grades, the life in the community is a central concern. Students learn early to take account of others and become involved. The cost of boarding schools are very different.

There are some that are extremely expensive mainly under the private boarding schools. Since the composition of classes according to the purse of the parents. Other boarding schools are cheaper in the school fees and also advertise with scholarships for outstanding achievements in the school or in the social sphere, to get students into classes, whose Eltern does not sufficiently possess the wherewithal. This is urgently needed, because the private boarding schools increasingly have competition from the day schools. They meet much of what boarding schools promise. The all-day schools cost the parents but only about one-third compared to what requires a private boarding school at cost. In many State boarding schools, especially in Eastern Germany, an aptitude test, which students decide to the school come. And if parents can not raise the monthly school fees, the child gets a scholarship. Note: Never a child against his will at the boarding facility should be sent. And never parents should select a boarding school, anticipation of a great career for the young. Information, hints and tips for boarding schools: info/school/boarding schools bildungsdoc is an education service for parents, pupils, students, trainees and adult. Find all here is simple and quick to provide objective information to educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be.

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These include for example savings and deposit accounts, but not money market funds and deposit funds. In particular the GmbH and the GmbH & co. KG into consideration come as legal form. 2. A “cash society” benefits advantages of the “cash society” in the succession, inheritance and gift tax and should be discussed in the cohesion of the assets individually below. The significant benefits of the inheritance and gift tax arise from the benefit as business assets. This is so far only to have a chance, because this design by the freshness of the new inheritance / gift expensive right is judicial not yet fused. It is assumed, that the Financial administration will try to prevent the enormous benefit.

Very flexible arrangements are possible through the social contract. So it is possible to transfer shares and that portion of the portfolio, without losing the effect on the assets. The previous holder of the assets can be conducting business and profit reserved and so continue to keep that”strings”. 3. that appropriate majorities are needed for changes in the principles of the social compact, and requires the full society of an ongoing administrative expenses consist of the disadvantages of the “cash society” disadvantages of the “cash society” essentially.

In addition, membership in the professional association with contributions, belonging to the industrial and commerce with contributions, disclosure requirements, tax accounting obligation, and if necessary the later taxation of hidden reserves grown arises. To observe and the allocations are necessary against targets Impact. 4. succession the transfer of shares in a GmbH & co. KG is carried out in the event of death of a partner, exclusively according to the law regulations, which have been taken in the social contract. The share of the deceased does not fall within the estate and is thus subject to principle no reserved portion claims. Through the use of a GmbH & co.

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Issues with the first step to independence the main problem of the starting entrepreneur is – the words into action to implement, so the discussions on autonomy to independence itself. On the one hand, they are ready to start trading. On the other hand, they think that something is missing them for the start. How are thoughts: I have bit of seed money; I have too little entrepreneurial knowledge; Is investment value my idea at all. As long as some of these thoughts fight go the resolute independence and enjoy financial freedom.

Why shift the start under various pretexts most? Because they are afraid. Because they fear that the ship is going down. Talks about too little money, experience or bad idea cover only the fear. The longer you do about such things thoughts, it is harder to take the first step. And the dream of own business remains just a dream. Think not you act! You never know whether your Idea is good or bad, as long as you have not realized it in practice.

Even the most difficult change in a business is just the beginning. To build their own business and to do this it is necessary the accustomed standard of living, the view of life that evolved for years and ultimately change the entire life. But only independence can achieve you dreams of freedom and financial independence. Why take their lives not in the hand so the most people? Why are they whole life why be for workers – not entrepreneurs they? Do you remember what was taught you by the childhood? You should have good grades in school, and later to make a high school diploma. Then you need to study so that you can get a good, safe workplace “and right here is the hack! Already in the early years, you learn a good to look for safe jobs, instead of your own idea to realize us.

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What makes companies unbeatable – a guidebook for practitioners innovation is today an important success factor for companies. Who brings no innovative products or services on the market, is quickly falling behind. But only very few companies have a systematic innovation management. The book “Wunderwaffe innovation” is a guide for those who no longer want to be relied upon the search for innovation on lucky strike. The authors – beat Bala and Harald Brodbeck – provide practical which tools it needed to make innovation be managed. On the basis of their simple, modular model measures can be targeted there take, where there is the greatest need for action in our own company.

Numerous checklists help self diagnose and optimize the own innovation management. To illustrate concrete examples of best-practice companies. Written by practitioners for practice, in particular in small and medium-sized enterprises. Beat Bala and Harald Brodbeck formed a spin-off company of the business Institute of the ETH Zurich 1997. Since they support companies at home and abroad in the development of innovation management systems, as well as in the successful development and implementation of innovations. 2009, they sold the company to the consulting and engineering company Helbling, where they are currently active. Both authors are professors at the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich, the University of St. Gallen and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. Bibliography beat Bala / Harald Brodbeck Wunderwaffe innovation company unbeatable making – a guidebook for practitioners Orell Fussli Verlag, Zurich hardcover 2010 192 pages, ISBN 978-3-280-05379-9 CHF 39.90 / 24.90 source: press releases of orell fussli Verlag AG corduroy Tepelmann

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I looked for to analyze of that it forms if established this theory, being verified the presence of some factors that cause the marginalizao and which its effect in the society, on the basis of the proposal of ‘ ‘ superao’ ‘ , that Saviani argues in its critical theory for the education. Word-key: Education, Theories, Marginalizao, Society, Overcoming. This article is resulted of a research in disciplines of History of the Education, from the subjects argued and studied in classroom on the Brazilian education at different times. This subject also is studied by the Didactics and concurs in the construction of the education.

Showing as education interacts with the society in relation to the kept out of society individual. With this Saviani it considers a critical theory of the education to breach with the effect that the marginalizao has on the individuals, that duly are detached in the other critical ones. Thus being, the routes of the analysis announced here had its origin in my interests for the subject and are pautado in the theory of the education, according to perspective of Saviani. The theories of the education for very and much time come evidencing that the society has its paper (to be fulfilled), in the formation of the pertaining to school education. In the bias studied for Saviani, the education has as element (object), the man, with regard to the call permanent education. For the cited author: The education does not finish with the adult age, as it believes the traditional conception of education. The man is always educvel and this unfinished educabilidade of the man if he fulfills of the most different forms.

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This says: because things that they occur; overall, I do my thing and theirs isn’t my anger. The lack of desire to help, serve, support their fellow men, is a constant problem of all and each one of us, we do not think that someday, when our work to build up or we will have problems of any kind, do not we will be helped by anyone, because thats the common training among all. As well as this, there are other little details that we miss, they make continuous and at the same time become an issue of conflict between ourselves; or rather, among the minority of attitude change and most of the conformity and the delay. For example, we can mention: The lack of work on computer Unwillingness to change The apathy Not be ordained Inconstancy Irresponsibility He does not seek challenges and as well as those few details, we can mention, more and more than details that they make of us, some people that they do not achieve what they want, or that they simply comply with what they have. Not only the lack of values are involved within the problem, also the training prior to all this. The aim of this is to blame and blame, but find the root of the problem to find a prompt solution, then, if we rebobinamos us to the formation of values learned in school, remember without doubt, those kinds of values formation that we drank and teachers striving to impart us. Then, is the cause of the problem in the training? The answer would be a: perhaps if, perhaps not and I mention that perhaps Yes, because perhaps there has never been a true example within the classroom, or simply the apathy of study was much.

Perhaps the problem is not in training, perhaps is in the implementation, because we all could only sit and hear all those examples, and in putting them into practice, we just did. The cause of this wrong Mexican Axiology lies in all of us, even since before joined the productive field, perhaps to the educational field. To resolve this problem that primarily afflicts the country is necessary an intervention voluntary each one of us, learn to change, the desire to overcome, lives in everyone, but almost nobody has the desire of express it. Let’s start with a small change in these details that beset us, already mentioned above, and that without realizing it, damage to ourselves, because we are the root of the problem and those who receive all the consequences.