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You can most effectively meet the challenges and investments capitalize if it ensures that the information and documents of a company as an integral part are regarded the entire information management and an organization’s security strategy. Also by introducing a central and strategic document management system, the clear accountability and Responsibility for the document workflow defined, can reduce the risk of companies that confidential data falling into the wrong hands. In addition so the cost and process potential can be controlled significantly within the whole company”, emphasizes Ian Winham, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Ricoh Europe. Download the white paper to the Ricoh document governance index and want to learn more about the results of the study, please visit research.ricoh-europe.com/de/. Ricoh document governance index of Ricoh document governance index was for Ricoh Europe by the independent market research institute Coleman Parkes research within the framework of 311 detailed interviews with senior executives (C-level or equivalent) detects medium-sized and large enterprises in the areas of finance, services, public sector, telecommunications, utilities and media in all parts of Europe.

The interviews took place in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The interviews held between July and August 2009. The survey was a leading technology company that specializes in the markets for digital office communication and production printing the Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Ricoh Company”) is performed, that representative statements for all of Europe and for each targeted vertical sector could be made to Ricoh Company in the profile. The company employs over 108.500 people in the regions of Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, China and Japan.

The Group’s headquarters are in Tokyo (Japan). The Ricoh Europe plc is a corporation and EMEA headquarters of Ricoh Company based in London in the United Kingdom and Amstelveen in the Netherlands. The EMEA network includes more than 35 subsidiaries. Ricoh is global services permanent strategy partner of Ricoh multinationals operating in all parts of the world. With the unique direct sales and service model and comprehensive standard solutions, Ricoh ensures its customers services global sustainable added value and reliability at the global level. Where on the 31 March 2009 financial year, Ricoh generated income allocate 523.4 billion yen with its companies in the European economic area. To 25.0 percent of the total turnover of the Group worldwide. Worldwide sales of the Ricoh Company for the fiscal year end March 31 to 2.091.7 amounted to billion YEN. Press contact: Ricoh Europe plc Janice Gibson Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7465 in 1153 E-Mail: Ricoh Germany in the short profile of the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. Ricoh with over 108.500 employees is a worldwide leading provider of digital office communication. In Germany, has a Ricoh approximately 2,000 employees and operates in addition to its main management nationwide with ten business & service centers. Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl, Mario di Santolo Tel.: 0511 / 6742-2517 or 0511 / 6742-294 fax: 0511 / 6742-264

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How companies can meet the challenges of the present our current patterns of thought and action lead straight into the crisis. Sustainable corporate management needs therefore the paradigm shift in the management style. A study of pioneers of sustainability is indicative of internal driving forces of change in management. Economic and financial crisis, climate crisis, crisis of global coexistence, but also personal life crisis: Thinking and the behaviors that have led us into this crisis, are certainly not likely to overcome these. We know that we do very much wrong, but it takes way too long, to profound changes to be visible. This applies to organizations such as for individuals. \”The ability to convert us lags far behind the needs\”, for organizational learning in Cambridge, United States says Dr.

Ursula Vaishnav of the society. A fundamental paradigm shift was therefore necessary. Verse tea gene has for years closely with Professor Dr. Otto Scharmer, author of the book \”Theory U – of the future lead: Presencing as social engineering\”, together. In Germany there are quite a few companies that are about to make their management and organization structures, so already better fit our time to the complex challenges.

This applies in particular to many pioneering companies in the sustainability sector. How these pioneers of sustainability make their change and innovation processes? What can the heads and managers of these companies and know? What are their personal resources, their power? Where they encounter limits? And most importantly: can the experiences of these pioneers for the bulk of the economy be harnessed? These questions are the subject of a small dialog survey, conducted by the consultant verse tea gene with ten German business leaders. The study is a project of the ARENA for sustainability, N.V. performed Bank in close cooperation and with the financial support of the European sustainability Bank Triodos. The Triodos Bank itself is a Company, which has made along the way, no longer from the past, but from the future to derive its decision-making processes.