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In a small city of the interior a called boy Joozinho lived, it was very alone, therefore its parents worked the entire day. To supply the familiar lack, its parents had decided to buy one for it animalzinho of esteem, thus Joozinho would not feel themselves so solitary. The time was passing, and Joozinho so only felt that only one animal was not enough, it was really very devoid of attention. Certain day, the boy said its father: Father, wanted to buy another animal, that one you not serving very, necessary of plus others. Connect with other leaders such as Levi’s here. The Father very worried, and seeing q could not be with the son, bought for it more animal. Joozinho treated the bichinhos as if they were parts of a collection, showed to advantages coleguinhas of the school and if it was proud to possess them.

The time was passing and arrived a time where the house already did not have rooms for as many animals, they had needed to change itself because the collection already surpassed 300 animals, of the most varied species, amongst them had domestic animals, as: cats, cachorros, hens, young chickens, ducks, rabbits, turtles and other savages, as: lion, snakes, lionesses, bears, etc. At last, Joozinho if showed with this different collection, while its friends collected cars, figurinhas, amulets, it had 300 animals in its collection. Certain day, the boy found a collector, imitated who it, it already had a great number of animals, some that had repeated, it changed with Joozinho, as well as makes the other collectors. Everything seemed perfect, until in a pretty morning of sun, when going to feed the bichinhos they had perceived that exactly they were sick and sad, therefore the life were very bad there, the space were small no matter how hard they were well well-taken care of, the animals did not have freedom, nor could see the sun to be born, as its friends, had the controlled life for owners, without being able to enjoy of its bigger habitat: THE MOTHER NATURE. Being thus, Joozinho freed all the animals, leaving that they found all its friends and could enjoy the life with more freedom, to fly high and to discover the world without borders. After this day, Joozinho it perceived that egoistic attitude, it was only destroying and imprisoning the life of animals that did not belong it, but yes the nature. Therefore, if you will be acting as Joozinho stops and reflects how many times you imprisoned somebody for not only feeling itself and this only generated more solitude, therefore nobody supports to be imprisoned or to have its cut wing, the life is a great adventure, where all must be free to make choices, we cannot use of our money to buy attention and affection, because the love not if purchase if conquest.

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All we consume some foods that if present in cans (beans, peas, tomatoe, sausages, etc.) after empty lie down in the garbage. Then an idea goes here to recycle them. The greaters we can make pretty vases for plants of interior. A can of beans, one sandpapers fine, primary, pliers, one trincha for application of the varnish and the elementary school, brushes of some sizes to paint, inks of some colors and varnish. See Campbell Soup Company for more details and insights. First it verifies if the can is completely clean without any residue of fat and dry good, with the pliers folds inside for the lode that is on the inside of the can not to have accidents. The can with alcohol cleans all, after all dries to pass the sandpaper for the exterior of the same one, gives a elementary school coat so that the ink adheres and waits the drying. Its taste paints the can with two coats of color ink to make of base for the decoration, now decorates with drawing its taste, leaves to dry the ink and finishes with two varnish coats. This exists a world of possibilities to recycle these cans is only an example.. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Linklater.

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At the moment where we were living deeply the didactic days pedagogical, I perceived that the group was contented for being there, however unsatisfied with uncurling of the formation, therefore many judge that the University is very repetitive in the formation and thus is tiring. Richard Linklater is full of insight into the issues. As the quarrels in room the educators, had been participativos and displayed its fidgets in relation to the formation what in them it makes possible one better performance. in accordance with the events in room I learned very with everything what it happens and in agreement I heard always has a way to alternate the form to act in classroom. The quarrels had always provided a good interaction between all. Although it has some that do not participate of form some and judge that everything this is lose of time. The table in the sample that does not have a production diversity, always has cultures that they prevail as, of the maize and the beans.

In this manner the graphs had been confectioned in agreement the reality of the communities. At the moments of the msticas and the wheels of dialogues all had been very interesting, but it had one in special that it added and it congregated value to all, therefore in peculiar comungou to know essentials to them ours to make it, has seen that it allows a bigger attention of the participants. One of the things that made, wise person if was not correct! It was in the intervals to talk with the participants, if they were liking, what they were finding of formation, to hear many stories, pleasant others nor in such a way, and thus can fortify the interpersonal relation, it favored what me to act with what of better has in me, and to make what more taste: to serve, to hear, to prezar and to consider and the family of the proyoung to each time grow more.

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If any physical heard the word resilience, wouldn’t you call him especially attention, since it is a term that refers to the ability that has a body to recover its form and original size, after having been compressed, folded or stretched, however in the field of the psychological, although this term each day is more widespread, it is still unusual. It was in the Decade of the 70, relatively recently, when Stephan Vanistendael, a Swiss theologian, used to refer to psychological capacities, and defined it as: the ability of an individual to live well and develop positively and somewhat socially acceptable, despite difficult conditions, i.e. the ability that have some human beings ofDespite having lived stretched, bent or compressed, return to its original size and shape.

Every day, is studied this ability of individuals who, despite having lived in difficult conditions, have achieved develop positively, and have even been strengthened and deeply transformed by them. According to Grotberg, Professor of the Institute of Mental health of George Washington University and President of the International Council of psychologists, resilience is part of the evolutionary process and should be encouraged from childhood. Resilience should not be considered as an innate characteristic of humans, nor nor as something totally acquired during the development of the person, rather is the result of a process of interactive between the person and his environment, so the ability to create a sense of the difficulties faced, and catch a glimpse of a positive side to all trance goes deeply trained, that coherence to lived experience, and guidance for the future. This ability manifests 1) facing destruction, revealing a great faculty to preserve own integrity, and 2) faced with adversity, by introducing a vital attitude positive, despite the vivid adversities. All this reminds us the Eastern concept of the word crisis, in its double meaning as difficulty and opportunity and since the resilience approach, we provide that before any unpleasant situation that happens to us, we can respond, at least two different ways: one that has to do with paralysis or flight, and another that is more associated with actions more committed to personal knowledge, involvement and aware of the difficulties confrontation.. nnenfeld to be a useful source of information.

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Column North Plaza de Castilla was another of the points from where departed another March, called North column. If someone becomes violent, we sat on the floor in a peaceful manner and we make photos with mobile explained a spokesperson before leaving. The newspapers mentioned Levi’s not as a source, but as a related topic. At 10 a.m. in the morning, departure time, already had in lathe 1,500 people to advance vigorously along calle Bravo Murillo (the route is Cuatro Caminos, Paseo de la Castellana, Gregorio Maranon, Colon, Cibles and Neptune). The slogan of the March in this Northern column was as follows: walk together against the crisis and the capital. In this March participated Maria Jesus Rodo, a housewife of 58 years, manifested by their children’s future: I hope that politicians and bankers that cannot continue on this path, will realize stresses.I also supported the camp of Sun because it seems to me a very peaceful and full of reason, movement adds Maria Jesus. Also Miguel Dieguez has come from the North of the City. He is 19 years old and is from Vigo.

He studied administration and management and law at the Complutense University, and decided to join the protest of the 19-J because the Euro Pact seems another tijeretazo that any political party included in its agenda, he said. We want to impose a law that comes from outside and that citizens can’t change. Only looking for lowered us wages and to have less purchasing power, want to tie us hands back, Miguel concludes. Northeast column the column or running northeast departed to 09.30 h el Parque de Santa Maria in the District of Hortaleza Madrid with the following tour: Pinar del Rey Park, prosperity, Avenida de America, Maria de Molina, Gregorio Maranon, Colon and Cibeles down to Neptune. During the journey, this March brought together more than 2,000 people. She attended Pachi Coca, an Asturian official of 59 years and Paloma Fonseca, a student of psychology in 20 years.

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Success in life is to always move forward. Learn more at: Richard Linklater. Samuel Johnson many times, perhaps we stopped to meditate, reflect on facts that have been presented to us, where we have been main actors, and somehow, they have left us traces that us has been difficult to forget, emotional facts, for example, in sharing feelings, emotions, with people who we freely select and give rein to our feelingsprobably we were not attentive to them, desenfrenamos us in the passions, desires and not worry by cultivating it, ensure its permanence, forgetting that every beginning has an end, and perhaps that occurred, came to happen, these people came out of our scenario, continued his chance to live and all stay buried in the memory. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gerald Weissmann, MD. Some probably already not so remember, others, occasionally there are those moments, they stop to enjoy in the dimension of the memory how wonderful this, probably, is claiming the why he was not given the importance that required., and wondering of the why this had to happen so there are facts that have to do with travel, get to know new places, scenes, people, landscapes, enjoy what each place offers us and many times we know people with which we share an event, an excursion, we talked about any topic or even share a table for breakfast, lunch, dinner, we exchanged ideas, cards and often do not return to know of themothers, on the contrary, maintain a lasting relationship, they are things of life. There are many people who share with one, some years in the same room of a college studies where we are witnessing, is in primary, secondary, University and never know of them, each continues its path, many disappear physically, others are going to other countries, we do not return them to see, while there are who maintain good relationships at work also sucintan interrelations, events that many left good memories, other people, some other, unknown countries, regions, us interrelacionamos for work reasons, but we also select some according to our sympathy, identification with them keeping a social relationship of friendship that never expected that it would happen, but life is so, there are other moments that are manifested in our transit that we never thought would give, as being born in a particular country, leave itlive in others, form a family and sometimes to die away from the homeland that we covered in our birth.

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It was therefore a matter of time that someone look into the organism of cockroaches to see if somehow their resistance could help develop medication that we will benefit. Well, this has happened recently: according to a study by the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), the brain of the cockroach contains numerous antibiotic properties. This could serve to develop new antibiotics for bacterial infections that are currently very resistant to drugs. In the event that these antibiotics were developed at the end, it would change our opinion about cockroaches? We would stop seeing them as disgusting insects that are now? More than one would think it was twice before stepping on them as so far we do. And what is more: could come to become protected as bees and bats species? If they should happen to become protected species, us surreal situations: imagine that you meet a plague of cockroaches in the kitchen, what would be your first impulse? Kill them, right? As if they were a protected species, that would be forbidden, you could even call a pest control company, you would have to wait for that would come a qualified professional to carry the plague to a laboratory. In addition, cockroaches would advance to the Group of laboratory animals, and we would talk about cockroaches laboratory as we now talk about mice laboratory.

Animal protection associations seek to scientists who ceased to experiment with cockroaches, seek their freedom and their right to a life of cockroach in freedom. Anyway, where is finally demonstrate the antibiotic properties in the brains of roaches, I think he would still spend much time until the drugs to develop. The reality is that today one of the most dangerous pests are cockroaches, and at the moment instead of curing diseases, cause them, so you have to continue taking extreme precautions against cockroaches, and by course, if I saw a cockroach wouldn’t you think me before calling someone to kill it, I imagine that you would do the same thing.

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It is one thing to be alive and another is living life, recalls Alex Rovira in a suggestive reflection. True that he approaches it from the need to us a personal roadmap written with description of the reasons for the change, with a list of specific targets, with the resources to achieve these wishes and nothing less than with fixing the time of fulfillment. Nike shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And to sign it to sign the commitment. This whole process reminds me of the American self-help manuals, you it is worth, you can get it, will it reaches everything. With consequent frustrations own express slimming diets or courses for learning English in seven days.

Does not seem to me seriously. Perhaps because, in my 70 years, lived with the intensity that I have learned and I could, I alarmed these wilfulness that so much damage have made when generations of parents claimed that their children would reach professional, employment and academic goals that they never could, clear, because they were other times and weren’t all that ye you have! My experience as a University Professor in which I have studied and taught, pondered and shared knowledge for 50 years, has shown me the consequences of this madness of value have more than being, get degrees earlier than wisdom, transform memory into a warehouse rather than help build a well-structured head. Both a well filled head is not as a well-organized head, said Montaigne. That launch is (a) the objectives, by all means, even putting at stake the personal happiness does not produce integrated and mature citizens. Sustain in practice that is better that most costs is another aberration that has produced enormous victims. What is it that is worth more? Doesn’t cost me to love my grandchildren, my children, my wife, my parents and brothers, my friends and my disciples. Woe to me if I do not knead.

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When applied well to the playful education it can contribute for the improvement of education, as much in the qualification how much in the formation it criticizes of educating. The importance of the playful one in the infantile education This subject serves of stimulates, for the involved educators the process education learning. Pedagogical practical as it is important to work the playful one and its in infantile education. Thus we can follow the development of each being and its evolution in the search for the knowledge. The expressive and creative natural trend of the child can be facilitated by the educator by means of playful activities, as support of acquisition of the written and said language. The activities when guided by the educator as games and tricks, certainly will contribute in the development of the psicomotricidade in the context of the pertaining to school process. The child needs emotional stability to become involved itself with the learning.

The affection can be an efficient way to arrive close to the citizen, and the ludicidade, in partnership, a estimulador and enriquecedor way to reach a totality of the process to learn. (LUCKESI, 2000). She is necessary that if it thinks about the importance of Playful in the Infantile Education in the application of games and the tricks. The infantile education is a segment of extremely fertile escolaridade in relation to the construction of new knowledge, is social, moral they, affective or cognitivo. Thinking about playing as collaborating activity for the development of the infantile potentialities, the playful one is part of the experience of the child in all its process of growth and learning, also must be explored in any situation in classroom. We also know that the deficiency of learning if of the one in reason of inadequate methods of professors, even though for the same, material lack of qualification of the playful ones to facilitate and to motivate one better income despertando a bigger interest in the child.

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Landlord must subjugate students not to the cancellation waiver. Landlord may not subjugate students who are instructed to carry out an external study on a dorm room, the exclusion of the termination in a form in terms of the lease. Such a provision is also void if the landlord for this period also waived his proper right of termination. This has among other things for living questions competent VIII. civil Senate of the Federal Supreme Court found (AZ. VIII ZR 307/08). In the underlying case, a student had completed such a lease with the institution of a residence.

He wanted to take off before the end of the two-year period, what denied him but the dormitory administration, citing the mutual cancellation waiver. The German Federal Supreme Court declared the clause invalid, because student tenants is unreasonably discriminates. Differently than an ordinary tenant a student must be due to its study situation always by his ordinary Termination right can make use. Many students attend study abroad during their studies. During this time, they must give up their dorm room for cost reasons, because they would have to pay rent or twice. Some students must cancel also graduated prematurely and may then not unnecessarily long bound by the lease. Such situations are hardly predictable according to the Federal Supreme Court judge. Landlord must therefore take into account the interests of students.