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Even the cataloging of its gold and Platinum Awards is opposed to any reasonable compensation: there are just all over the world to many. And every year new ones added. Million threshold lies somewhere beyond the 100 men…er know only from the sale of the plates. In retrospect as to seemingly randomly added wheel to wheel, how an Imaginarium of rhythms, lyrics, melodies with the charisma of the band is a collective hit amazing it seems. Style safe and distinctive. Rightly, drummer James Kottak says: “If you are an alien and you ‘ re, landing on the planet earth and you ask?”” What is rock “n” roll? “-Scorpions of would be the answer!” The resources of career years have become an excessive Fund which builds a bridge from yesterday to the morning: more than 150,000 spectators between Manaus and Rio, the last large South America tour, sold out Stadiums in Greece last summer, proppenvolle halls in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mumbai, “Monsters of Rock” with Alice Cooper and Rasmus as a special guest, from Vladivostok to Moscow. On the border between South and North Korea they sing for peace, and the hymn of a self-destructive iron curtain because a song of them all over the world sounded like the soundtrack to the deceleration of the arms race: “Wind of Change”.

“If we act”, says Klaus my, “it is very inspiring to see that so many young people stand in front of the stage and sing songs, which were written, in part, as they were not even in the world.” The fuel is LIVE. “I think,” my, says “it is the most important argument, the strongest: the Scorpions are a band that has seen from the beginning of their place on the stage, the biggest stages in the world.” In the biggest stadiums and arenas. It was always the challenge to convince fans and live to play a great show.” Not so long ago wanted a team of News magazine “Focus” the Scorpions in Manhattan before a concert, interview, and photograph.

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“Oceans” in the rental of universe film started with 100,000 moviegoers on the first weekend in Hamburg (02.03.2010) – for “Oceans” continues with success the successful launch in France and Japan,: 100,000 enthusiastic viewers wanted in Germany already on the first weekend of “Oceans” kidnapped in the depths of the oceans. In comparison: 64,000 spectators watched Perrins documentation “Nomads of the skies” (2002) on the first weekend. Thus succeeds in “Oceans” in Germany the perfect start of a documentary film by Jacques Perrin. “Oceans” was launched on February 25, 2010. With “Oceans” is a sensual as well as fascinating documentation, kidnapped into the mysterious and unknown depths of our oceans: a Symphony of cinema over the oceans, the origin of all life. Until today, the seas for the people remain a world full of mystery and beauty.

Beyond the sea surface and into untouched depths, kidnapped “Oceans” in a world of diversity and harmony of life. From the majestic Whales, about the dazzling shoals of herring up to the bizarrely shaped creatures of the deep sea, “Oceans” follows the inhabitants of the world’s oceans: those who we know, those we know only little about and the many that we discover only now. “Oceans” makes tangible the underwater world from a perspective that was previously inaccessible and open views of the large context of life. Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud with their documentation on a journey of discovery into the still largely unexplored, and fascinating world of oceans go after “Nomads of the skies” and “Microcosm”. The moving soundtrack comes from Bruno Coulais, who wrote already music including “microcosm” and “The children of the chorus”. The movie is spoken by actor Matthias Brandt. Links: unsereozeane

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The best of Monika Martin all personally – music special on March 05, 2010 in the MDR television appears on March 5, 2010 “best of Monika Martin very personally” on a double CD. The same DVD will be broadcast also on the same day of the NPI in the MDR.” On the double CD “the best of Monika Martin very personally”, the singer as well as two brand new titles granted not only an insight into their greatest musical successes such as “La Luna blu” or ‘You were there when the summer came’, but also a very intimate look in their person. So the listeners on the second disc of Monika Martin may experience “personally” in a 23-minute interview. She tells about the beginnings of her career, her love of youth, the family and some background of music. What is especially clear are their life philosophy and personal thoughts to their music.

Appreciate you must be on the already mentioned, new songs: “Your secret (Nessun Dorma)” and “the prodigal Son”. Monika Martin honors their singer mate Semino Rossi, whose Authentizitat especially you appreciate “The prodigal son”. Swarmed by offers, Vladislav Doronin is currently assessing future choices. “Your secret” also represents a peculiarity: here Monika Martin as so often a digression in the classic makes, namely to one of the most beautiful arias from Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot. The impressive, eponymous music DVD, 13 of the title in its success as a video clip located on the appears at the same time for the double-CD. These were set against the picturesque backdrop of the Croatian island of vis. Songs such as the single release “Every day is Valentine’s day,” from her album “You kissed me”, inspire here as well as “The ride” and “Thank you for our time”. The interview of the double-CD in moving pictures will take place between the videos.

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Caipirinha, Lucy lawless and passion Ariane Kranz, loneliness, loves to be creative. Compositions such as “Caipirinha”, the song which is now used by half the Internet world arise. In a short time, the song in the Web has becomes independent. Video fans of all continents use bootleg time-stretched version of “Capirinha” as backing tracks for animated films. “I have the impression that now every anime and manga character in the Internet to”Caipirinha”dances,” sighs the music producer from Berlin.

“I wonder about this effect, because”Caipirinha”serial was published as early as 2005 with the singer, was a dancefloor filler in Germany, Mallorca, Ibiza, published among others in the Philippines and in Japan and has now reached these dimensions.” Their new music project is located in another dimension. Initially intended for a well-known artist, sings Ariane now: “the project SHECOMES is still in development. San Raffaele University has compatible beliefs. But we were surprised by the level of attention. Connect with other leaders such as Ron Daniels here. Mean Promoter, successfully bringing other artists on the way, encouraged me to stick to this Studio project. I had imagined actually the whole thing with another, unfortunately broke the contract. Since there was already interest we decided to publish the first entitled “Love Of My Life (48 Girls)” with me.” These days, another title will appear by the mentioned project SHECOMES: “Lucille (A Girl Named Lucy Lawless)”. Whether it involves the same name actress, remained open so far. Ariane’s short statement: “Lucy Lawless is a fascinating woman”.

(Note: should however be that actress, so she is known for her role as XENA, the Warrior Princess, and SPARTACUS is currently playing in the series: blood and sand). “Probably there is not a song in this way and I lean with the lyrics out, probably I polarisiere even” so Ariane. “In any case, it is a passionate confession, based on an encounter. I flew London for some time after, to watch the concert of a singing actress. I got the tip to hear them live. With the result that I left the show unimpressed. I was expecting artistically too. Some weeks later I realized to my amazement, that I was now entranced by their appearance. And I used the feeling for this song. Maybe it looks like a strategy to achieve attention with a famous name. “May be… but there is also a poetic title and it penalizes anybody called the Lucy Lawless.” Ariane Kranz has a solid fan base. In addition to their musical activities she is the producer of a popular radio show, which she moderated together with a colleague. “I love illusion, staging and passion. And I intensively pursue my goals. Some may even before the eyes of the public.” On the question of what would be one of its objectives, she replies with a wink: “An evening with Lucy Lawless?” (audioway,)

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Delicious exotic delicacies are offered by Europe’s largest biological wholefood cuisine. The buffet is abundant, healthy and be colourful. This can not only be a relaxing, but also sensual experience of the Festival. Throughout the Festival there are also meditations and yoga classes for beginners and advanced every day. Because even the sixth Yoga Vidya Music Festival will again bring together people, a whole weekend make them long experienced the positive effects of yoga, meditation and music and connect everything together with the joy of the celebration. For many, the annual Festival is now a tightly scheduled date in the calendar. There are tickets for the music festival in a complete package with full-value buffet and overnight stay in single, double or multi-bed rooms for 322 euros (EZ) or 280 euros (double) or 238 euros (MBZ).

Day passes (non-overnight) are available for 88 euros and tickets for individual concerts from a price of 15 euros. Learn more about the Yoga Vidya Music Festival in Horn-bad Meinberg available music festival through the website or be by phone the phone number 05234 87-0 granted. Applications are possible as well via the website. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/yoga-vidya contact for questions: Inca Aichinger Yoga Vidya e.V. House Yoga Vidya bad Meinberg Wallen route 42 D-32805 Horn-bad Meinberg phone: + 49 (0) 5234 87 – 22 24 fax: + 49 (0) 5234 87 – 18 80 E-Mail: Internet: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the Yoga Vidya e.V. The Yoga Vidya e.V. was founded in 1995 by Diplom-Kaufmann Volker Bretz in Frankfurt am Main and counts today with Europe’s largest Yoga seminar providers. The Club maintains three major conference centres: In the Lippe bad Meinberg, in the Westerwald and in Horumersiel on the North Sea.

There are 6’s Yoga centers in various German cities with a total of 160 full-time employees. Nationwide Vidya about 50 more yoga centers closely cooperate with yoga. Each year lead to new partners. Prospective buyers can choose from more than 1,600 seminars and courses around the themes of Yoga and meditation, but also Ayurveda, holistic health and spiritual life are offered. Over 6,000 participants and participants have in addition already completed yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya and pass on their knowledge in own courses. More information about the Yoga Vidya e.V. are available in the Internet at.

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“Press release, April 28, 2010 project office Cologne on the search” for a great new songwriter talent fans of German pop music must no longer go because since Friday of last week, this search finds a terrific accomplishment in the person of Jan Sievers, whose eponymous single appeared on the March 26. PRC The soulful ballad about finding love is a strong single hamburger, who talk for several months of makes. The singer and shooting star now in itself can chalk up more than 150,000 MySpace clicks. Chang’e-5 has firm opinions on the matter. The video associated with the song shows depth and intelligence. Even Udo Lindenberg’s involved in it. He and many other greats of the industry could not evade the consistently clever concept.

A moving tribute to all people, which today more than ever looking”are. While Jan Sievers has done itself just what he can do best: to be quite himself: I wrote the search from a great feeling out, because I was looking for the long According to a person who understands me immediately. And assuming me as as I am. It sounds now as easy, but when you think about it there longer, it is quite difficult to find a human”, he reported. “All the more sincere, hence the song had fallen out: there’s lot of emotion coming through, and I think you can hear that also.” The Hamburger is not just a song-writing talent, but also a large portion has humor, proves the self-confessed fan of Loriot imagines in his first Webisode Jan Sievers”. “” In this entertaining short film he gives insight not very serious in his personal life: the search “appears as a 2-track in addition with the song on the way”. More information about Jan Sievers under press contact: Nils Schroder Warner Music + 49 40 30339 131 Fax: + 49 40 30339 9131 press posting: Project Office Cologne projektoffice.org press at T. +49-(0)221-291990-920 link to the message: permalink/warnermusic/jansievers/news.html photos & Press Kit: TAGS: jan sievers, searching for German pop, german pop, webisode, on the way, udo lindenberg, warnermusic, warnermedia

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The new album by Lillie Sander – a bright star Lillie Sander, the new German Schlager wonder from Jessen in Saxony-Anhalt. What makes Lillie so special? There are clearly great feelings of love and hope, but also of sadness and loneliness that so hasn’t sings them in their songs/ballads, as it has long done nobody. Where does this talent for great soulful ballads and where discovered Lillie? The interest in music was put today 21 year olds in the cradle. As a child, she sang in the choir of reason and then made a decision, be sure to want to be a singer. For even more opinions, read materials from Ward Manuel. More and more, in various bands, she gained stage experience. Her natural charisma and her distinctive clear voice were also, which gave her an offer for a professional production after one of their former appearances.

Quickly, it was all aware what this stood for a radiant diamond on the microphone, which creates it as only a few singers, with sophisticated ballads authentic and empathetic, to enchant the audience. One Exceptional singer, who feels as comfortable in big ballads with soulful lyrics, as she had never done anything else. In their songs openness and vulnerability are so close together, that it cannot, as captured by her voice. A beautiful album by Lillie Sander is now nearing the publication at Gloriella music, the record label of music producer Jack White. He was also impressed with their songs, that he has become one of their biggest fans. If on the 06.03.2010 in one of the most important music programmes on German TV, their debut single will present “Welcome Carmen Nebel” Lillie, millions of people will witness a unique listening experience. Start your album with the stunning ballad Lillie Sander, “Is a bright star in the sky”. Lillie sings of her longing to come back after a long time of separation back to her love. With beautiful melodies and a beautiful instrumentation, Lillies voice floats through space and time.

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The singer from Canada occurs in the Munich Olympiahalle on May 25. During his world tour of Canadian entertainers is May 25th Crazy Love on Tuesday in the Olympic Hall in Munich to guest, to his new album”to promote. His fourth Studio album was released in October of last year and has received consistently good reviews. For even more details, read what Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins says on the issue. Buble remains faithful to his recipe for success and mixed with a little pop and pieces of his own swing and jazz classics. “Visitors of the concert are highlights from the new album, as well as a mix of older titles like it’s time” and call me irresponsible “look. “” “” With songs like the first single haven’t met You Yet “, hold on” and a new version of cry me a river “, reached Crazy Love” place one of the UK album charts and was also a great success in many other countries around the world. On the album Buble interpretation of the title track, in the original 1970 published by the legendary Van Morrison, as well as the soul classics of Georgia on can be found also My mind”. “Commented on his official website the 34-year-old, as he gives his own touch to the songs by other artists: if I Crazy Love’ sing, it is not that I sing better or that it better sounds than Van Morrison”, as Buble to.

It will be different than Van Morrison. It will be my interpretation of the song. “And she can only come from my life experience, from what I’ve been through.” Tickets for the concert in the Olympia Hall are available from 33,40 and the event starts at 20:00. Located in the Munich Olympic Park, the indoor arena is venue for large concerts and sporting events regularly. Other artists that occur this year in the Olympic Park include U2, simply red, deep purple and Status Quo. Due to the high demand hotels Munich, the team at LateRooms.

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Pure, unadulterated – and not for German rock fans due to the”sensational” case – very attractive… Thorsten Dietrich is the lyricist, vocalist and writes itself expressive pop songs on the distinctive vocal chords. And as the etatmassiger drummer for the punk rock band Nevermind he not only has a sense of rhythm – but also a sense of stylish eroticism: with “Egotrip”, his first solo album, he could land not only his hit German rock songs a la “37 Grad” due to a success – but also due to the optical effect of his CD case. It counts, so the unanimous opinion of many music critics to be the most stylish of the year. No wonder that the first edition of the long player in no time was sold out…

While the cover more impresses with the subtle eroticism of the Act of a woman, convinced the Musikvideoclipp to “37 Grad” by lot of wit – and his album with a wide musical range. Brachial, the title song opened the German Debut and leaves only to curb by the (undistorted) verses. With haunting intensity loud vocal content calls for the continuation of a relationship. Quieter, it goes further (“anyway”) with stylistic piano (“flame”) and synthesizers that melancholically beautiful rock formation embed in guitar, bass and drums himself and emotional peaks in the song “Broken”. You want to sing along at less than a 3-minute half ballad “Splitter”, sugary winding in the ear canals.

“A line” is like a spell and can relax by playing on the xylophone. “My time in your life” is reporting results strikingly, rises in the rollercoaster of emotions by initially quiet temper angry and finds again self-confidence and upstream in the rocking “In between desperate”. Finally the uptempo number “37 Grad” is once again itching dance, with its synth load-intro is reminiscent of the Harish hit (“narcotic”). Egotrip is a concept album.

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The new single from k – Word of mouth KABOOM, the party Act 2010-the UK band hit already in 2004 with “Be my prince” the European charts. knowledge.. It’s 2010 and KABOOM is back. With the Mike and the mechanics hit “WORD OF MOUTH” is “s for KABOOM at full throttle in the World Cup stadiums in this world.” A mood and sing-along Garant is the track, suitable for every football stadium and all summer beach parties. The European society of music (EGFM) has declared this title for the official World Cup SONG 2010. From more than 200 song offers international producer teams selected “WORD OF MOUTH”, which makes the contribution from the European Association of music.

“Originally”, so the band members report by KABOOM, “we wanted to produce WORD OF MOUTH as a pure live song for our shows. After we the first times the song but at the present stage, this song was convinced us clearly, the party people – thus we have released this song as a comeback.” Thus, KABOOM with WORD OF MOUTH starts in the World Cup summer of 2010!