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That supposedly wanted to encourage those who have less, and break the backbone to the oligarchy. But when it was closed to the world economy, what he did. Mira, industrialists at that time, made a lot of money. It is not something John M. Belk Endowment would like to discuss. Because you closed the economy. Jaime-Claro them you gave a captive market Jorge.-so, what to make clear things, because international markets, and now also the nationals already learned and are very sensitive, when there is no clarity on this. Read additional details here: Andrew Bond. I believe that in these two months, and the sooner you have to make it very clear Jaime.-now, apparently going to be a theme with inflation, because products begin to climb in price also own uncertainty, by imports.

Let’s say in international prices Jorge.- but still inflation Jaime, is targeted not? In food and fuel. What we must do, and as I am sorry the comparison but it is like a cancer. It is focused, that is not disseminated, to the rest of the economy.-Jaime Bueno but for this economy Minister has decided, cut the budget by 8%. It is a very big cut Jorge.-there, he is acting well. I’m going to say by what Jaime-do in an economy that tends to slow down by the? political environment? Jorge.-the what he said, it is not in the year ah. It is from here to July.

What are going to do, is moderating its growth of expenditure on them, from here to July, precisely to also leave the next Government with adequate resources. But that is happening? The private sector, today day, until now in Peru, is spending strong. Whether the Government does this, then these pressures from food and fuel, when your create you a very strong overexpenditure Jaime-in agreement, but if as a result of political uncertainty, holds the private sector, and also holds the Government, we can finish with a slowdown in dry Jorge.- but that is not immediate, that takes its time. As well as stimulating an economy takes you time, cool an economy also you takes time. Is not one week to another, or from one month to another. Jaime-another factor of uncertainty, more in the medium term, is the theme of the world economy is not it? Gives it the European economy printing of increasingly be complicating. United States already has to be adjusted, Obama has already done what will mean slower growth Jorge.-look, last year, something that was not much taken into account, is that the global economy grew 4.7% almost 5 points. Clear who shoved not were Europe and United States, but we were the emerging right? But it grew nearly 5 points, as in its best times. And this year, has stuck a revisadita down, but we are at 3.7%. Then the economy is still showing dynamism, not by them, but by the emerging worlds that you mobilise.

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Without having more answers came at the end of his days and rested. Then, into his rest, devoid of the limitations of their bodies and with the ability to see invisible what before should only believe, gathered the three, consulted with charge of the place which of them really was more close to understand the meaning of the vision and response liked:-none, are here because they believed. The spirit is the blowing of God, his breath and purpose, life and purpose cannot be separated, the spirit contains and is the execution of the breath of his words. Everything is everything as you see has been provided by the word of God through his spirit, but the deviation of the hearts of men degenerates anything that touches, looks or listens; Everything the man touches is polluted, everything the man hears is forgotten and changed, in all that express man drag the words of his heart and his tongue. Everything that man thinks, imagine or dream of himself is diverted by the evil that diverts your heart; When God restores, forgive and justify man, this creates green as a dry tree which returns to life, but there are branches that grow before and more than others, their shadows depend on that incarnate greenery and the way in which their branches closer to light. For more specific information, check out Fine Arts. Some men are as peach, aromatic, soft and sweet, because like the trees, take Earth such salts, such an amount of water and are as much distance from their similar; Thus, although there are many peaches a branch (beautiful, ugly, good, bad), only one is the fruit: peach. And that’s the miracle, that water which is the spirit becomes peach (which is the fruit), but all men are different and creates green everyone in his time and in his sheet and its fruit, some absorb more nitrates, other more sun, others more water and produce peaches, plums, apricots, but water, the Sun and Earth are the same. The tree is the image of the mill of God and you all are image of that perfect mill that is the Christ and are here by what they believed, not by what you understood.

The fruit of the wise men is more sweet, but more painful. None of you understood what Dios meant, but you all did God’s will by allowing the spirit to produce fruit in you (obedience) and the fruit is tested for its flavor. All eat good fruit but nobody knows how to grow, nobody eats clothes or institutions or roles…It only remains for them to obey, the road is narrow, long and continuous; It has movement and changes, there will always be something that grows. Single trees must Search the Sun and will grow under its light even though they themselves do not understand.-Original author and source of the article