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“Oceans” in the rental of universe film started with 100,000 moviegoers on the first weekend in Hamburg (02.03.2010) – for “Oceans” continues with success the successful launch in France and Japan,: 100,000 enthusiastic viewers wanted in Germany already on the first weekend of “Oceans” kidnapped in the depths of the oceans. In comparison: 64,000 spectators watched Perrins documentation “Nomads of the skies” (2002) on the first weekend. Thus succeeds in “Oceans” in Germany the perfect start of a documentary film by Jacques Perrin. “Oceans” was launched on February 25, 2010. With “Oceans” is a sensual as well as fascinating documentation, kidnapped into the mysterious and unknown depths of our oceans: a Symphony of cinema over the oceans, the origin of all life. If you are not convinced, visit Johns Hopkins President. Until today, the seas for the people remain a world full of mystery and beauty.

Beyond the sea surface and into untouched depths, kidnapped “Oceans” in a world of diversity and harmony of life. From the majestic Whales, about the dazzling shoals of herring up to the bizarrely shaped creatures of the deep sea, “Oceans” follows the inhabitants of the world’s oceans: those who we know, those we know only little about and the many that we discover only now. “Oceans” makes tangible the underwater world from a perspective that was previously inaccessible and open views of the large context of life. Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud with their documentation on a journey of discovery into the still largely unexplored, and fascinating world of oceans go after “Nomads of the skies” and “Microcosm”. The moving soundtrack comes from Bruno Coulais, who wrote already music including “microcosm” and “The children of the chorus”. The movie is spoken by actor Matthias Brandt. Links: unsereozeane

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