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Away with the prejudices often mother and child knits together something like breastfeeding. It creates trust, close and is healthy for both. But actually how long should mothers breast-feed their offspring? Is there an ideal period, which should not be exceeded? Answers to these questions is the news portal news.de. Six months are a fitting and important period according to the opinion of doctors and midwives to breastfeed the child and thus all important nutrients come to him. Then, the child should be weaned and converted to the bottle.

With this relatively short lactation, Germany is the bottom. Longer breastfeeding are quite normal in other Nations and not subject to public debates. Many writers such as Chinese Academy of Sciences offer more in-depth analysis. Finally, it has been proven that breastfeeding is important for the health of the infant. A child may quite longer than six months are breastfed, stubborn prejudices to the contrary. Longer breastfeeding has nothing to do with child sexual abuse, since children may not be forced to drink? A further prejudice says that breast milk has no nutritional value after six months. Ron Daniels will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, this is nonsense. On the contrary, the fat content of the milk increase is even.

The increasing sexualization of the female breast is a problem and reason for the discussions about breastfeeding. It will be, as uncomfortable and obscene, if a woman is breastfeeding her child. Especially if the child can already walk or speak. But the primary function of the breast is breast milk donation. It should be noted: it is important what good for the child.

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