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The toy industry has everything to offer a rocking horse has nowadays a lot to offer. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In addition to the latest technologies, there are also still toys which have a long history and tradition and are still very popular to this day, such as for example the rocking horse. It was produced in 18.Jahrhundert for the first time in the United States and made and came to Europe in the 19th century England to us. The four-legged on runners have a special effect on the little ones because they convince a beautiful visual appearance and enchanted, but also because they, as soon as it is has made comfortable on them, quietly and gently one by their uniform vibrations. However, a rocking horse can weigh one not only in the bedroom, but offers plenty of other benefits. For example, it is children who have a rocking horse to learn easy, sitting and standing. (As opposed to Johns Hopkins President). Also promoted the motor skills of the child, since she rocking the feet always with back and forth swinging.

Due to the monotonous, always same Movements have instilled children also a regularity, who can transfer them on their later lives. In addition to the physical developments that can accelerate a rocking horse, it moves also something in the minds of the children. Hold their fantasy “on the go” literally, because children sinking in the rocker on a rocking horse in their own dream world. Imagine, for example, they ride on a beautiful white horse through lush green forests and explore the nearby landscapes with him. Or the swing bike turns in their minds in a real fast-paced two-wheeled. As you can see, a rocking horse has a lot to offer more than a beautiful look and a calming effect, but can speed up many development steps of the little ones.

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