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To understand as the development of the Education of Young and Adults in Brazil happened, we will need to explore history Brazilian, therefore this question is arraigada since the principle when supposedly we were discovered by the Portuguese. Its trajectory, the profile in relation to the adult in the pertaining to school environment, the teaching position, the laws that support the education as a right of all are questions that this text will present soon below. As we know well for much time the Brazilian education was lead under Christian conceptions. Many writers such as David G. DeWalt offer more in-depth analysis. Of – to the fact, the relation of that after ‘ ‘ supostamente’ ‘ terms been discovered, the Jesuit priests who together had come had been appointed to the task of ‘ ‘ educar’ ‘ the slaves/indians who were here, or arrived in the bilges of the boats. Clearly that this education praised much more religious principles that educational. The first registers were structuralized there of alfabetizao of adults in our country.

In this format the education follows until 1889 middle, when Brazil leaves of being explored by the Portuguese Crown and adopts the imperialista politics; period where if it thinks the education as new a proposal pedagogical. This historical moment can be considered as a landmark in the history of the EJA, therefore it is in it that they appear the first attempts of an efficient education. Educational still, reforms occur, are perceived the necessity of nocturnal education and in this context valley to detach Jose of the Figueiredo Wedge, minister and editor of the report that pointed the existence of two hundred a thousand pupils frequenting the nocturnal lessons. No longer young century XX alfabetizar adult a necessity became, therefore with the ascension of the period of industrialization the work market started to also require the instruction.

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