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The negation of the existence of the racial preconception and Brazilian racism makes it difficult its identification in the daily relations, mainly inside of the generated school silences it naturalization thus preserving the exclusion and racist thought in its daily A school is a social space and as such reflects the ideologies of the society that if inserts, Apple (2001, p.59) not only mentions pertaining to school institution to it as local where if it reconstructs the knowledge, before this, it is in the school that the citizens receive support to develop the capacity to criticize and to interact and to interpret the social life. When appraising the school under this perspective, can be affirmed that in the fight for a society joust, democratic of respect to the diversity, the school if constitutes in an irreplaceable instrument, being the professor a fight agent great importance. Racist education anti- Even so Brazil is a multicultural country not if it can say that all the existing cultures democratically are valued, the black culture, as if it can observe, was and still it is discriminated. With the purpose to correct the distortions suffered for this culture in the Brazilian society, law 10939/2003 appears that it becomes obligator education on History and Culture Afro-Brazilian in the basic and average educational establishments. The content programmarian the one that if relates the caption of this article will include the study of the History of Africa and the Africans, the fight of the blacks in Brazil, the Brazilian black culture and the black in the formation of the national society, rescuing the contribution of the black people in the areas social, economic and politics pertinent to the History of Brazil. (BRAZIL, 2003). Santom (1995, p.159) already proclaimed the importance of if carrying through an intervention in the Brazilian resume, in order to create conditions of real learning of the cultures that had been silenced and denied in detriment to the culture of the ruling classes and that during years they had served to still more accent the discrimination and the preconception around the black cultures mainly. .

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