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What to do when the summer is over and one a sensible employment for inside looks? If life were a movie, then the summer days would be turned off now probably finally: over the beautiful weather, past the hot afternoons in the pool, past the warm summer breeze blown in the evening, over, turned out to have only on DVD. And what comes then? Falling leaves, falling water, falling brightness not nice when so much suddenly drops before so blindsided! I am a child of the summer, but there is nothing, however, to make the most of autumn and winter. So, I was wondering how I could spend the once so sunny, ice cream pregnant afternoons now. It occurred to me that I wanted to learn even more so like Italian. Learn languages I think generally very exciting so I have long hesitated and caught me my textbook, which already been forever Virgin is with me in the closet. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from USCB Department of Physics. Looking for online courses that help might be (my me in the debate Uralt-Buch had of course no cassette or a DVD), I stumbled on linguatv.com. Yes, what can I say? My book is back in the closet and I am now wrapped in warm blankets, with a cup of tea in hand and the laptop on your knees comfortably on the sofa and playfully learn my beloved Italian on the basis of entertaining language educational films. So I learn pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and completely forget that it’s out there pouring as from buckets. And in the summer, the words out of me then gushing out like now the leaves fall. How beautiful! Or should I say not even better: che bello!

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