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They resist to go the school and to make the pertaining to school tasks. They tend to be tense and irritated when being charged. Auto-they esteem is affected directly, therefore the child perceives that she does not obtain to the same have performance that the classmates. They can be friction as sluggish and neglect. They can become reserved and with fears. The child must be directed to a professional specialized in psicopedagogia, to become fullfilled evaluation, and to verify if really is dislxica.

This evaluation also must be folloied by neuropediatra and fonoaudilogo. Treatment of the dislexia in infancy the treatment must be made psicopedaggica re-education, thus improving the capacity of domination of the reading and writing. But if a specialized attention, rare the dislxica child will obtain, by itself, to surpass its difficulties, and almost always it finishes if excluding them pertaining to school activities. In the cases of more severe dislexia, the results are positive more in the long run, therefore the child will take a long time to alfabetizar itself, and hardly it will surpass total the pertaining to school difficulties. In the cases of delayed diagnosis, when the child obtains to alfabetizar the hard penalties, the psicopedaggico attendance becomes necessary to work questions that had been not yet elaborated by it, as the production of texts, the writing, the taste for the reading, its auto-esteem, etc. Method of prognostic the dislexia does not have cure.

The more early it will be detected, better will be for the child, therefore the suffered consequences will be lesser. The prognostic goes to depend on the intensity of the problem (it has led, moderate, severe), of how much time it was without diagnosis and adjusted treatment, of the envolvement of the parents and the school to help the child to surpass the barriers, and of the accompaniment of specialized professionals. In the long run, she will be a person as the others, but without demonstrating pleasure in the reading; Some times, will commit errors in the reading and writing; It will be able to be confused in the arithmethic table and to detestar to write. As test of dislexia, even so it does not have cure, can be surpassed, will cite names of famous dislxicos that had exceeded the barriers created for the dislexia and had become illustrious: The physicist Albert Einstein, the renascentista genius Leonardo of the Vinci, the author of the theory of the evolucionismo Charles Darwin, Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the actors Tom Cruise, Robin Willians and the athlete Dan OBrien. Consideraes final: In this article we can evidence, that today in the schools, the professors are not prepared professionally to identify pupils with dislexia, the professors friction these pupils as disinterested and sluggish, and do not look for to see what this causing this loss of heart in room, on the part of the pupil. The schools also do not have professionals specialized in the psicopedagogia areas, neuropediatria and fonoaudiologia.

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