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For example, for cars, travel to the eu, the price policy for 15 days will be 1,288 rubles, a year – 11,7 million rubles. Previously, to enter, for example, in Scandinavia, prices were as follows: 722 rubles for 15 days and 6 thousand rubles a year. High cost insurers explain that they were not allowed to beat prices for Europe, depending on the loss. There are pluses and – in case of accident. Ceychas amount of 240,000 is available for each victim at harming the lives and health. Option to ‘green card’ is to receive a much higher amount of compensation. So far, the amount payments determined in each country, but after a year of minimum compensation to foreigners and our catch up and will be 1 million euros for one person, injured in a traffic accident, or eur 5 million for any number of participants. And more: for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova have developed separate, lower rates.

Fleet of vehicles in these three countries is much cheaper than in Europe. Price 15-day stay in these countries is only 440 rubles, and Annual – 2826. Previously, entering, for example, in Ukraine for 15 days, car owner had to buy at the border policy for 1000. New policies should be on sale during the period from 15-20 December and beginning of the year will be sold simultaneously with the old. As a result, those traveling to Europe is now cheaper to buy a foreign policy that its action begins in the year.

Insurers in connection with the introduction of ‘Green Card’ expect the problem: not yet printed form of agreement of a new sample. Plus possible interruptions due to ‘long weekend’. For example, five years ago, when injected osago, motorists are faced with queues and the lack of stickers. By the way, insurers are still not yet know how to act in case of an accident in a foreign territory, that is what will be the system of payments between countries. Crisis and reform, as experts fear, will not survive a number of small insurers, as well as – those are too focused on car insurance. What to do if you suspect that your insurer is on the verge of ” can act as: rent a car with registration and sell it yourself (it’s legal), – said the lawyer, Alexander Sazonov. – And then formalize policies osago and casco insurance company that you feel more secure. ” What innovations are waiting for the insured cmtpl from March 1, ‘the simplification of the accident. ‘Unwarranted’ design is possible if Participants crash (there should be no more than two), agree that the damages do not exceed 25 thousand rubles. And, of course, if no one was hurt. In this case, the traffic police inspector at the scene of the accident can not be invoked. To receive money on insurance require notice of an accident – a certificate from the traffic police you do not ask. Direct damages. Insured citizens will apply for payment to that company that bought the policy. ‘Own’ the insurer will pay damages to the client and only then will charge money from colleagues who blame hedge accident.

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