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Even the cataloging of its gold and Platinum Awards is opposed to any reasonable compensation: there are just all over the world to many. And every year new ones added. Million threshold lies somewhere beyond the 100 men…er know only from the sale of the plates. In retrospect as to seemingly randomly added wheel to wheel, how an Imaginarium of rhythms, lyrics, melodies with the charisma of the band is a collective hit amazing it seems. Style safe and distinctive. Click Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins for additional related pages. Rightly, drummer James Kottak says: “If you are an alien and you ‘ re, landing on the planet earth and you ask?”” What is rock “n” roll? “-Scorpions of would be the answer!” The resources of career years have become an excessive Fund which builds a bridge from yesterday to the morning: more than 150,000 spectators between Manaus and Rio, the last large South America tour, sold out Stadiums in Greece last summer, proppenvolle halls in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mumbai, “Monsters of Rock” with Alice Cooper and Rasmus as a special guest, from Vladivostok to Moscow. On the border between South and North Korea they sing for peace, and the hymn of a self-destructive iron curtain because a song of them all over the world sounded like the soundtrack to the deceleration of the arms race: “Wind of Change”.

“If we act”, says Klaus my, “it is very inspiring to see that so many young people stand in front of the stage and sing songs, which were written, in part, as they were not even in the world.” The fuel is LIVE. “I think,” my, says “it is the most important argument, the strongest: the Scorpions are a band that has seen from the beginning of their place on the stage, the biggest stages in the world.” In the biggest stadiums and arenas. It was always the challenge to convince fans and live to play a great show.” Not so long ago wanted a team of News magazine “Focus” the Scorpions in Manhattan before a concert, interview, and photograph.

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