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In the educational field, the interest for a Ambient Education has grown expressivamente in recent years, due to necessity of an action that is argued and analyzed between the several you discipline that it restricts the four walls of a classroom, but exceed the limits of knowing pertaining to school and if it fortifies in the measure where it gains the amplitude of the social life, establishing connection the diverse forms of knowledge and contents (GRUN, (2004). At last, the Ambient Education, is not alone an educational question and yes a survival question. the school is the primordial environment for the formation of citizens worried about the environment more balanced e, consequentemente, with a healthy quality of life. (Not to be confused with film director!). SCHOOL: PRIVILEGED SPACE FOR IMPLANTATION OF AMBIENT EDUCATION the evolution of the ambient thought is on to the development of science throughout the history of the humanity, as well as the processed degradaes and ambient alterations in the planet Land. To read more click here: two sigma. The ambientalista thought appeared with objective of protection to the nature. After that, with passing of the time, the ambient priorities and necessities had become preponderant factor in the determination of the international politics and in the creation of the Program of Environment of United Nations (PNUMA).

In the decade of 70, the scene was sufficiently favorable for this evolution, also, for the introduction of the popular participation, for the communitarian participation in the quarrel of the problems related to the Environment and the brainstorming for these. in this period the conferences with objective appear to prepare the human being to live in harmony with half, from the Ambient Education with character to interdisciplinar. The Federal Constitution (1988), in its art.225, interpolated proposition VI, paragraph 1. it says that the public power in all the governmental spheres, has the incumbency To promote the Ambient Education in all the levels of Education. the National Politics of Ambient Education, Law 9795/99 in its art.

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