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Therefore the ambient education must be pautada as important instrument for the management and the vision of sustainable development, after all the degradation process currently it reflects to the habits of the modern society thus leaving of its exacerbado consumption. to understand as the individual if relates with these natural resources is necessary to detach as the same it usufructs, thus presenting the standards as for the development: Subconsumo: typical of developing countries, where the countries present low income. They do not present no type of concern with the ambient question. Sustainable Consumo: typical standard of developed countries, where the population if worries in consuming in adjusted way, thus selecting the products that less attack the environment. For VASCONCELLOS (1997), the presence, in all practical the educative ones, of the reflection on the relations of the beings between itself, the human being with he himself and the human being with its fellow creatures is essential condition so that the Ambient Education occurs. Following the criteria presented for Vasconcellos to the schools they are the main sources that can work the ambient education of one ampler way, more contextualizada, presenting activities to be developed in the classrooms, as well as elaboration of projects to be argued with the community, after all is of basic importance that the pupil presents in the environment where action lives that it costuma to make in the school in favor of the defense of the environment. The public schools in the context of if working the ambient education will have to sensetize parents, pupils and professors to search on values to the ethics, the citizenship, to work the power plants, as well as the natural resources and to present that the same ones will not be here forever, that they need cares as well as any another thing, to have clarity that our nature is of basic importance and that without it never we would obtain to survive.

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