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A report of the Subcommittee on Language and Cognition. Introduction. The effectiveness of communication rests on the basis of cognitive functions, and as a result, any alteration of these functions result in communication problems. For many years has been studying the relationship that occurs between cognitive deficits and functioning of the people. Due to this, the American Association of Speech, Language and Hearing (ASHA), discussed this topic at the National Convention of 1985 issuing the following report. Definition of Cognition. It is the process by which sensory information enters, is transformed, reduced, elaborated, stored, retrieved and used.

“(Neisser, 1967, p.4). Some of these processes are: – Customer (alert, aware, space attention, selective attention) – Discrimination. – Maintenance of the temporal order of stimuli and responses. – Content. Follow others, such as Richard Linklater, and add to your knowledge base. – I remember (includes temporary hold, immediate, recent and remote memory). – Organization (Includes categorization, association and / or synthesis of stimuli). – Reasoning. – Troubleshooting.

Cognition also includes the use of these processes to make appropriate decisions and to interact effectively with the environment. Definition Language. Language is a complex and dynamic system of conventional symbols that are used to thinking and communicating. For study purposes it is divided into phonological, semantic, syntactic, morphological and pragmatic. The acquisition is determined by biological factors, cognitive, psychosocial and environmental factors. Relationship between Language and Cognition. Get all the facts and insights with Gerald Weissmann, MD, another great source of information. All of the above cognitive functions influence one way or another language. For example, cognitive functions develop understanding of language issues involving the semantic component. The stimulation of semantic allows for increased focus and concentration which facilitates the acquisition of new information. On the other hand, the high-level cognitive processes such such as abstract reasoning are mediated by language. Due to the above, is that those individuals who have cognitive deficits also present communication problems. Some of these cognitive problems that can affect the language are: 1 .- deficit of attention, perception and / or memory. 2 .- inflexibility, impulsiveness and / or disorganized thinking or action. 3 .- Lack of information processing (degree, number and complexity). 4 .- Difficulty in abstract information processing. 5 .- Difficulty acquiring new information, rules and procedures. 6 .- Poor recovery and storage. Are you interested in this item?

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