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Became fullfilled a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the didactic material of anatomy human being in five schools observed in the city of Sobral – CE, E.E.F.M. Professor Luis Philip, E.E.F.M. Dom Walfrido, E.E.F.M. Dr. Ribeiro Joo Branches, Mayor Jose Euclides Blacksmith Gomes (CERE) and State College Dom Jose Tupinamb of the Fleet with a total of 09 professors. With the objective to investigate the amount, the types of didactic materials of anatomy human being and its relative quality to the learning of the pupils. A questionnaire to the professors of the respective schools for the sounding regarding the didactic material in the anatomy learning was applied, was identified to it acceptance or not of the pupils with regard to the use of the didactic models, it was compared methodology adopted for the professors of the schools and was arisen information respect of the existence, amount and quality of the didactic materials. After the application, could be concluded that the available materials in the schools are not enough, changeable and nor of good quality, thus not contributing for the good learning of the pupils with respect to this substance.

Word-key: Quantitative and qualitative analysis. Didactic material. Anatomy Human being. Introduction In the educational process in relation to the didactics of the education of Biology becomes necessary the use of material in perfect conditions, in enough amount, being the responsible professor for the transmission of the content, knowing to find a way attractive so that the pupils can learn of dynamic form, working the reality using the models, therefore through the comment, visualization and touch, is explicit what it was said in the explanation. In the case of the anatomy models, importance of the state is perceived it where the same it meets, being indispensable: adequate dimension and good conditions with regard to the quality so that all can have access, without it has difficulty.

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