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Who hears us, listen, and still want to hear more from the what he has heard. So, look out! If we win, we rotate completely, withdraw completely and celebrate our AuRa Aftershow Party gechillt. GES: Natalia Maziarz, Bjorn Simonsen, Sebastian salami; Git: Patrick Hancock ONE DEAL A DAY our secret weapon is our humor, mitsamt erotic broadcasting, which offers an expeRIence with melodious songs and eingangiGen guitar riffs! If we win, we will run the bar and abut with you. GES: Adrian Boog; Git: Daniel Schultz; B/GES: Henning Jackson; Dr: Nadim Kant; Git/VOC: Nico Weidner ATTIC our secret weapon is our joy. Because of our young age, none with our good performance rechnet – thus we often surprise.

B: Jannik Hardenberg, Dr: Nico Berchim, GES: Mija black, git: Marcel Bengs, Ritchie Ristau KURZ before HAMBURG our secret weapon is our musikalische early education at Red Bell spielen and plarrenden recorders. Contact information is here: Daniel Gregory Amen. Oh yeah, and Octopus Paul our shell gefuttert. GES: Tobias Pahl; Dr: Simon Faecks; Key: Torben Asmussen; Git: Jan Kessler; B: Nicolas Faecks green box our secret weapon? The passion for music, and Schlechtesten, being Hasslichsten and normal the best, healthiest, most beauTIful, SchlauSten, Lautesten, Verrucktesten,. B: Dirk Biehl; GES: Gunther Lehner; Git: Frederic Liebertz; Dr: STILL IN SEARCH of our secret weapon we don’t have Ronald Schopp yet, but if we win, we build one. We are us then buy a tree and it make a coach us, with which we go on tour. This saves fuel costs. GES/git: Clara Brauer; GES/B: Adam Basedow. GES/Dr: Tim Hartig KoRRIE KANTER & HIS emergency SO big band our secret weapon? A 39 HohNer special 20 “Vuvuzela assault” in the major.

Looks like a regular harmonica, but let you be gesagt: your sound is harder than the steel from which it was made! Are you tough enough? GES. & Harmonica: Korrie Kantner; GES: Leyla Schmidt Wickmann, Kristina Nikitaras; B: Andreas Rarn; Dr: Bernd Dick; Git: Bernd Nowak BEIGE is our secret weapon, never more than once in a month to be sampled! If we win, we turn out not only with joy, but also our zweites video. GES: Mandy motawa River; B: rail Damodaran; Dr: Helmut Orzechowski; Key: Arne Paulsen; Git: we tell not moth motawa River BASHKIM NABIS our secret weapon – otherwise she would be yes no longer secret! We can only promise that we geben everything to properly vertreten our capital Berlin. If we win, we will be happy parTICUlarly! It is most important to inspire the pubLiKum of us and uberZeuGen. THE quake ten naked dancers, fire and BOOM-BOOM Zack-Zack are our secret weapons. In addition, we will bring new songs at the start, and richtig play the first time! If we win, we’ll be complacent and arrogant Hinschmeissen our jobs, travel the world and ausnahmsweise one or two beer. GES: Andi Pooch, git: Andre Preusch, B: Matthias Linke, Dr: Sascha Werner special guests: MOTUS * the jury Klaus Schulz – Oxmox editor & creator of the filled Yao Homenya talent scout v. millionways Gniechel – the Golden Gniechel show (tide tv), moderator Jan Grohmann Falcon – GROH-P.A Benny – Cafe Keese Steffi & Roxy – Oxmox music editorial

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