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Hundreds of posts have been written with lists of tips, tips, etc., to optimize our blogs and that can function better face to achieve dissemination and above all faithful readers who return again and again to him. But there are many mistakes that can be made from our blog, wet bytes which are not used as we would like.Among all these errors, there was one very important and easy to fix, which can ruin your blog, even without repair in him.It is the area of comments.It is one of the areas most important of your blog, since it is where visitors interact with the author of the post and generate community, which at the end is one of the important objectives of all blog, either for reasons of dissemination, marketing or simply hearing. the large error in numbers if you do a statistical monitoring of your blog, for which there are great tools, like Google Analiytics (free), can see as media visitors to a blog does not remain in the almost never more than 1 minute and the largest percentage single visitors read a post, i.e. it bounces in the post which has come from search engines or other corners of the internet.Seen this way, our visitor becomes a treasure that must not be missed and you have one minute to catch him.If your blog is so good, that you get through the post, cause an action on it, circumpolar fully the objective, in this case: would not usually give all possible facilities to give his opinion?

In that case, it will return in another here comes the error at this point is where many blogs have a handicap for its expansion.If the user has to waste time in putting your data and sign up and over wait for clearance, it desist certainly comment on anything on our blog.It will be more profitable to seek another post containing juicy than waste time in filling the same data always again it seems obvious, but they are plenty of blogs that do not take into account this.In the background, in my opinion, is the fear of spam.To you who you think? Leave your comment if you want before you go.How to get comments on your blog, it is preferable to use the following recommendations, so that this error does not affect our blog: 1 put a form with the basic minimum data (nombre+email+web for example) and not ask for authentication as a user to be able to comentar.2 never claim as mandatory data, (the typical asterisk), which block the proceso.3 place a very simple yet effective anti-spam system as those who ask for a sum of numbers or a question Basic that only a human subject in the form I could fill (this eliminates 99% of spam).4 flee anti-spam cumbersome systems all hate fighting us with the background noise of the multiple captchas that exist and similar, where you have to do a master to distinguish uppercase, lowercase and even own letter between scribbles of cluelessness..

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