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Our life is always hectic. More rapidly, we must always achieve more overtime in the company, traffic jam on the way home, after that the budget or even a second job. Always according to the principle, faster, better, more efficient! Because our health is inevitably on the track. But why should we not the same principle applied to our home Why should not we improve our homes so that we can recover the best there Our home can be a place to sleep, or feel a habitat in which we find ourselves. It’s not so hard, just get it done. We can live with our environment or against them. Both will probably work, but living with it is much easier and better for our health. These are perhaps less important, again like our ancestors living in wooden huts or caves, because that is natural. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David G. DeWalt. Much more important is to combine our modern urban life with our natural needs. Thus, we can create an environment that maximum naturalness witha maximum of comfort. We achieved either by “trial and error” method, by transforming until we do our home. Even at the risk that we will never reach the optimum throw a lot of money out the window and enable our partners in times of stress. Or let it go to a professional and use a method that belongs in Asia or the U.S. for a long time to normal life, ie Feng Shui. The Munich-based Feng Shui consultant Gerhard Zirkel said: “Usually there are only a few trifles that transform a room into a living space.” The best way to incorporate Feng Shui is the same in the planning of a house with. For a home has the right structure and can best implement the energy of the environment, you can not do this anymore with the creation of many mistakes. But already inhabited houses or apartments can usually be optimized with a few small measures. And without Asian Dekogegenstnde, smoking or esoteric. Feng shui works with any body style and is not limitedon the distribution of magical objects or the setting up of as many lights. More on this, call direkt.de or blog.eu Gerhard-shui compass, feng shui consultant for the classical

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