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There are legends about mystical three continents, sink to the bottom of the ocean many centuries ago. This is Atlantis, located, according to some authors, in the Atlantic Ocean, Lemuria – Indian and Pacifis – in the Pacific. Until recently suggested the existence of these continents, the sunken in the waters of three oceans, and especially Pacifis, based only on ancient legends, and only recently had the tangible proof of this. From Pacifis in the Pacific archipelago and left some of the individual islands. One of the most mysterious piece of land, preserved since then, is Easter Island. Social Learning Theory has compatible beliefs.

Its sometimes called the center of this mysterious country. Secluded island, a mysterious stone statues of civilization, preserved it strange phenomena occurring in its vicinity, have not yet received an explanation. Until now, science does not know how these Dvadtsatimetrovy Colossi transported from the quarries located in the depths of the island on the coast. On all questions of scientists locals replied: “They were themselves.” Do Colossi moved by a strong biofield of people who lived sometime here! The current inhabitants of Easter Island had lost the ability to move objects in space without touching them, but the memory of their ancestors amazing store for thousands of years. The famous Soviet geologist Academician VA Obruchev wrote in 1956: “It could be argued that in the heat of the equatorial belt of the Earth humanity is already at a time when both the near-polar regions were still covered with snow and ice had reached a high cultural development.

Built beautiful temples to gods, the pyramids as tombs for kings, and on Easter Island stone statues erected for protection against some enemies. And there is an interesting question: Was the death caused by other cultures and structures of some catastrophe? “Confirmation that such a catastrophe really destroyed the legendary continent is to the natives of Easter Island, first to explain how there was this little island with a remnants of an ancient civilization in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This story is presented in the book of Kondratova “Mysteries of the Great Ocean“: – Our land was once a great country, a very large country. But God Uvoke down at her own staff. The waves rose and the country to do a little.

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