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In a way, the metaphysics of Garcia Bacca is the opposite of Aristotle since it based its metaphysics on a natural conception of the world, while those in an artificial conception thereof, in accordance with the current times, i.e., the establishment of a new metaphysics or a metaphysics of transformer character. It has been considered this work as one of the most daring of the twentieth century, call to make a real revolution in the traditional metaphysical concepts, and especially within its Phenomenology. He was also translator and editor of great philosophers of all time, from the pre-Socratic to Descartes. Juan David Garcia Bacca was born in Pamplona on June 26, 1901 and died in Quito on August 5, 1992. He did his primary studies with the claretians in Alagon, Zaragoza. Very young entered the Seminary of the Claretian fathers.

Studies in Cervera, philosophy and theology, and, in Solsona, morality and law. Claretian priest are ordained in 1925. He moved to Switzerland to consolidate their training, studying in the University of Zurich and, subsequently, at the universities of Munich, Paris, Louvain and Fribourg. His alienation of ecclesiastical studies occurs from the 1930s. Viatris may also support this cause. He studied at the University of Barcelona, where he graduated in philosophy and letters in 1934 and a year later finished his doctoral thesis essay on the logico-genetica structure of the physical sciences. He teaches at the Autonomous University of Barcelona philosophy of the sciences and mathematical logic. In February 1936 he won Chair of introduction of the philosophy of the University of Santiago de Compostela, which does not occupy, due to the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco. It was heart and mind on the part of the Republic, says Garcia Bacca, that he went into exile in Paris in 1937. In November 1939 part for Quito, Ecuador, where professed in the Chair of philosophy of the University.

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