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In 2 and 3 meeting, we evidence that the speech of the necessity predominates of if to have a bigger envolvement enters the families of the Frum. Alzira displayed that many parents did not appear for having shame of the children, finds loss of time and they do not believe that its children can be helped. Such exposition in suggests a conception to them of citizen limited to the physical conditions or intellectual of the individual, changedding itself into barriers for the possibilities that individuals, family and school can reach. Of 4 7 meeting of the Frum, had been told them to seem of the director of the school and representatives of the City department of Educao (SEME) and of the SEDU. You say them of these representatives perpassam the importance of the work carried through for the Frum and the rights that all the pupils have to be in the school and that, the school have the duty to provide a quality education. He fits to stand out, the concern of the families of the Frum how much to the guiding of its children for directed Average Ensino as questioning to the SEDU. They had gotten as reply that this agency was not prepared to receive the pupils, standing out the lack of state structure. He was considered by the same that if he formed a classroom of special education for these pupils.

To think this specialized attendance sends about them to the social model of deficiency that if appropriates of the model doctor-physician, therefore if it understands that the problem inhabits in the deficient person and that it will be solved or brightened up by means of intervention. Such position represented for the Frum a retrocession of that already he had been conquered. To compose a classroom of specialized attendance is to go of meeting to the proposal inclusive that to as many efforts was being constructed for the school ' ' guia' '.

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