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The philosophy is important for the intellectual formation since basic education the philosophy, in its essence, is a form to search the truth. This truth can be born of the reflection or appear as something new, but, always based in day-by-day. What I want to say, is that the philosophy in the education is born of the daily one, of the lived real problems in practical the educational one. It can also appear of the reflection, but not only of it. When we look at stops backwards and we come across with this fight constant to try to become the philosophy as curricular substance of basic education, we see how much the philosophy for education is important.

The philosophy opens the mind and can emancipate the man, in this in case that, the pupils. Not by chance, in the military period the philosophy was seen as an enemy of the government, therefore, this paper of emancipadora and questionadora attributed to the philosophy was a threat to the power of the dictatorship that prevailed to a large extent in Brazil and of the world. When we speak in taking off or leaving the philosophy as integrant of the resume of basic education, we are not leading in account that it is or not essential in the intellectual formation of the individual, that in turn is not capable to decide what it must or not study or learn in the school, makes only it will be tax it. Of the other linked side, but inda, we have the philosophy as form of awaking to the professors the questionador spirit of educative practical its. It is not acceptable to see a master moving itself as a simple chessboard part, that makes they determine what it and ready. The professor must have active voice and to question, for example, the reason of if following one cartilha imposed by the state, taking off to it freedom of lecionar of the form that more it will be convincing, exempts.

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