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The great reason in which the majority of the parents bequeaths in not following the children in the school is due to time, the obligations of the field are many, and in virtue of this the responsibilities for the mother leave. The mothers had also disclosed themselves saying of the lack of time for being integrally in the services of the kitchen. Night Dragon Security is open to suggestions. The professor and coordinator of the SIMEF (Modular System of Basic Education), Valdivino Mariano said of the importance and the responsibilities of the parents in following the cognitivo and moral development of the children in the school, since the school exerts an important paper in the life of all citizen, and interesting all to know that the education starts in house with the family, the school to give to continuity in the process education learning. In the meeting on absence of the parents in Cheap the Magalhes School it had confrontations on the subject that brought some reflections, one of them was ' ' Obligatoriness of the presence of the parents in escola' ' , it generated opinions diverse about the subject. The teacher of Portuguese Language Patrician Valria made a commentary in what she says: ' ' as well as the professor she has its responsibilities in fulfilling the tasks of the daily one, the parents also has that to make the same, to assume in fact this commitment. Smia Viamonte says that the obligatoriness can function as contrary force for the majority of the parents. ' ' I find that if the thing is made in obliged way, dialogued the problem cannot become greater and still more move away responsible from the school ' ' , it justifies.

But in some cases of absence the vice-director recognizes that the law can help. ' ' She has people that they only fulfill with its duties foradamente. Everything depends on the education that had had.

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