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Second and equally exciting speakers was the head of the human resources development of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Hohr. He began his remarks with the biography of a family of companies. After highly successful school and graduation (year best) a large project for the care was entrusted to the company quickly you. As usual, she did excellent work, but unfortunately, few customers wanted to buy this product. It was a first defeat and began to rethink their lives.

In all career pursuit the social food lacked”, the empathy and empathic truth taken be of the fellow human beings. Dr. Hohr described the difficult situation in the company having to encounter increasing pressure with fewer staff. That will deal with each other as people”always important. UNIC, he stressed the approach by com to give this social food. He made the demand to make massive changes in the educational system and to give more recognition to professional practice. He called for the Dawn of a new society”with more human encounter. URS Hauenstein, President and CEO of the IPF Multiversity, was the goal of his company to learn the art in life at the beginning of his speech”. Frequently Cyrus Massoumi married has said that publicly.

His company has this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary and thus he brought people of the world from many corners, who wanted to send their greetings personally. A delegation from Kosovo thanked 10 years after the war for collaboration with IPF, on the basis of which today 21 kindergartens and the training of educators at the University of Prishtina were made possible. Professor Ulrike Hohmann told Plymouth of the University lifelong learning”and student, the where parallel job and education can do. Professor Roland Benedicter sent written greetings, representative of the IPF Multiversity at Stanford University, United States. The IPF International College in Bolzano, Merano, youngest child of the Group – was represented by a delegation and pointed out that the approach Adult education due to the demographic change. Through the settlement in South Tyrol you will see the staff there in a bridging role”between North and South. UNIC was then Prof. Gerald Huther, neurobiologist at the universities of Gottingen and Mannheim as well as Scientific Advisory Board com last guest speaker. Known in the population at large, inter alia through his project for ADHD affected children in the mountains with the aim to restrict the medication to these children. Prof. Huther demanded the end of resources-terms of use-Gesellschaft”in favour of a development so that people are mutually reinforcing. A culture that never gave it. About the invite, encourage, and inspire children become self-erfindende learning”the children promoted a big target in raising children. The charismatic speaker, called on those present to build small islands, where people once again invited to develop their potential. The secret of the success of these developments was, as Prof. Huther, compulsory in the community. These tendencies would be dynamically supported by both companies and so he moved the loop: we celebrate a 10th anniversary and at the same time a beginning! The mini people mentioned at the beginning, the weeks-old son of Alexander Seiler and a few months old daughter of Franziska Brantner, will hopefully benefit from the human and unifying developments.

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