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When you want to translate from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and many other languages, you can find plenty of professionals who are trained and which award diplomas inyazy. In the numerical proportions of the situation from time to time varies, but the needs of the translation of this niche lacking in abundance. In this case, experts at prevailing translation into English and German. And there are languages that are not included in the list. Specialists and interpreters for such languages are always in demand, primarily because of its small quantity.

And interestingly, it is not rare or lesser used languages, and quite often used. Their number is around 10, with This especially would like to pay attention to two – Portuguese and niderlandskomu. Why are our inyazy they are neglected, we can only guess. Portuguese – the fourth most important European language. In the Romance language family, he general second just behind the Spanish. A number of communicating to the people in the world, he stands in sixth place. In addition to Portugal, he comes to the official language in Brazil and in several countries of Africa. Y Portuguese language a lot in common with Spanish, Italian and French.

A distinctive feature of the same characteristic appears very soft pronunciation, which is not usually found in a given language group. And if compare the dialects of Portuguese language, quite different Brazilian and European, especially in colloquial speech. Quite a large number of Ukrainians go to a specific time in Portugal, often in order to earn money. To facilitate the work and home life in this country, our people must know the language, even conversational, and therefore, they should learn it. It turns out that about 70% of employees who perform jobs translated from the Portuguese – are former employees who have returned to Ukraine. But there is a major pitfall, a larger number of missing higher education and literacy in Russian (Ukrainian – native) language in necessary for the transfer level. This means that the quality of translation into Portuguese will be low. If we choose the ratio of money – the cost of translation, the best solution would be – to apply to the former military translators. It is a pity that such expertise is very small. A graduate and Portuguese speakers in Ukraine in general units. Dutch, including several dialects, including Dutch, Flemish and Surinamese, the writing is a synthesis of German, English and French, but the pronunciation distinguishes it from all European languages. This is the only glitch in his study. And by regularly simplifying grammar and dissolving cases and endings, at the moment the Dutch language can be one of the lightest he called in the study. There's even a word, used by us in everyday life, which are Dutch. For example, stoel – chair and zonnedeck – umbrella. Finding a good translator in Dutch, even worse than finding a specialist in Portuguese. Since crossing the Dutch and Belgian borders are much more complicated than the Portuguese. In addition, very small percentage of people willing to leave the Netherlands of the country to go back to Ukraine. Why learn a language comes through electronic tutorials and similar programs, that is, on its own. There is another way, the truth, he little by then attempted – a language course at the embassy of the country, but all details can be found only on an individual basis by visiting that institution.

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