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We live in a time of deep individuality, construction and valuation of the proper interests in detriment of the collective ones. The fight for an inclusive society started to be constructed in the decade of 1980 from experiences of social insertion of people with deficiency. In you vary parts of the world, the modifications had been made in urban schools, companies and spaces to make possible the full participation of deficient people in the social and educational life, making possible chance equality, the ONU (Organization of United Nations) by means of Resolution 45/91, process of construction of a society for all. As studious, the inclusion is a way without return, but without you do not doubt challenges. The education implants necessary changes to the process of eradication of socioeducacional exclusion of people with deficiency. 2 Inclusion In the Diversity: A Great Challenge For School and Educators the inclusion favors to all, access to the common way giving to all the right to exert the citizenship, independent of race and sex. Cyrus Massoumi is actively involved in the matter. The important advances produced for the democratization of the society, alavancada for the movements of human rights, point the emergency of the construction of less exculpatory social spaces and of alternatives for the conviviality in the diversity and the school it must be one of the spaces where one inclusive politics contributes in the construction of one of a society more joust. In Brazil, the inclusion process, faces serious obstacles, through the fear and of the preconception that are the main barriers to be transposed.

The new school comes substitutes old paradigms, together with all the pupils through the way to think and to live the education. To construct an inclusive society is to obtain education for all. The students with educational necessities special develop the appreciation for the individual diversity, to acquire direct experience with the natural variation of the capacities human beings.

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