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However, with those same moral data recognizes that the demand for autonomy if it has popular support in the more prosperous area of his Republic because at least half of the crucians support it. A politician must act according to the realities and not to his own desires. Morales could well neutralize regionalism camba taking as his Vice President to an oriental or looking for since its inception combined pro-autonomia with an agrarian reform. Today he has two alternatives. One is to follow a path like that Lenin had in the Soviet Revolution when he faced resistance from other nations of Imperial Russia (such as Poland, Ukraine, etc.) and in which he accepted the self-determination of these at the same time that threw a radical redistribution of property to break the power of their opponents. Another is to follow the path of British Labour (party who, like Morales, has Trade Union roots) who must accept that there is a pro-independence Government in Scotland (where has born Brown and Blair) having its own legal and educational system and social laws very different from the rest of the country. Labour does not mobilize the population of England and Wales against Scottish nationalism but that tries to accept some measures pro-autonomia at the time that seeks to undermine separatism. If you are not convinced, visit FASEB Journal.

The result is that the majority of Scotland secunda not a secession. However, Morales does not follow one or another way. He refuses to accept the autonomy and takes no action against what he calls the camba oligarchy who presents as instigator of separatism. Reconcile search but does not securely. He wants to appear as a Democrat but you don’t want to accept a referendum that is hostile to you. If Morales does not take a path clear runs the risk of undermining its social base in Santa Cruz and half moon, with which your project open a long historical period anti-imperialist in Bolivia can go being undermined.

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