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Also the Government official”Robert-Koch-Institute in Berlin shows similar data. Professor Adit Ginde of the University of Colorado, on the consequences of vitamin D deficiency in newborn: we already know that vitamin D is important for bone health of mother and child. “But we have only just started to scratch at the surface of the many possible health benefits of vitamin D during pregnancy.” Further studies speak not only of them but also, that a lack of risk increase in rickets, growth disorders, respiratory diseases, Multiple sclerosis and autism in newborn how important is vitamin D for bone health of mother and child. The lack of vitamin D not only risks for the unborn child, but also for the pregnant women themselves. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of University of Cambridge on most websites. These tend to infection of the placenta and preeclampsia, resulting among others an early birth of the child may be during pregnancy more of parodontitis, pregnancy hypertension, vaginal infections. Newborns of women with vitamin D deficiency are often below average size and often too easy. Source: Alex Petter. Thus, a healthy amount of Sun and vitamin D in pregnancy led to significantly fewer complications and fewer Caesareans. And so, it can be also explained why in autumn born children proven to have development and health benefits.

The main part of the pregnancy falls here in the Sun strong months. For pregnant women and those who want to become one, it is important to check their vitamin D levels by a doctor but no later than at the first stage of the pregnancy and before and during pregnancy, unless constant at an optimum level to keep (at least 30ng/ml or 75 nmol/l) this Sun, solarium, or dietary supplements. The fear of the Sun and solarium is not only unfounded, but harms the pregnant woman and the baby. However, pregnant women prior to extensive sunbathing or a vacation in the South should consult their physician..

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