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Without place to doubt, and of course that I am fully convinced that the masters in holistic education is the path to my spiritual awakening, my inner awakening, is a master for life; It has changed my view of what is really education, it has changed my view of the world. And with the readings of the trilogy of spiritual intelligence that Dr. Ramon Gallegos has written; and that is based on three fundamental concepts that are: 1. in unity with the self, 2. enlightened consciousness and 3. The nectar of happiness, have made me think that my end is happiness and my spiritual search have found it in these books, and in the teachings of Ramon Gallegos, because it is a basic guide in this process of inquiry. In this essay I will address the main theme that is spiritual intelligence. These three books are based on selection of the best questions and answers selected from students of Ramon Gallegos that has collected over 10 years from 2000 to 2010.

In this collection are they consider the names of our triple nature: be conscious happiness. Already that this triple nature defines us who we really are. In unity with the self. Intelligence spiritual I this book is meant recommends it Dr. Gallegos who are in their last stage of his spiritual quest; for those who are ready to awaken to genuine happiness and have surpassed the world’s beliefs and external search. Spirituality and happiness are not at the level of the mind, are in the Supreme level of nondualism, level be resplendent. The basis of the book is: in unity with the self, and means that we must live in unity, not separate of being, because then it would generate duality and suffering, being in unity with the self is integrity, full life, is when we separate ourselves and believe an identity as the ego and believe we are ego begins our Calvary, we must return to who we arelive in unity with the self.

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