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Well, my name is Creuza Swam and is of Portiville, where always it has the sun burning our face and the breeze of the wind raising our hair. But to see who me incrivelmente it incrivelmente does not make the minimum idea of that I am of there, for being white as the snow, who sees the snow to see and it does not know me who is who! I was knowing that mother wants that I pass a time with my father Creuzonito, therefore my Creuza name, in homage it. It wants that I go in Canada to be a time with it, goes to have to dislocate that me from Portiville alone to see it, but I accepted in a good one after having apanhado of belt and been with some hematomas in the body when saying not. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cyrus Massoumi and gain more knowledge.. With much sadness I left Portiville, to go to Canada! I descend of the airplane I see a man bearded and looking at bald me, he was my father, now I I know of who I I inherited the calvcie. Going for the house of it people badly it talked, I was very without favour, seeing it to clean the nose and to place finger in the mouth the same, gave nauseas to me. It showed the house, simple good, to me presented me my room and spoke that my lessons would start in the following day, very it was livened up, ARGH! Because always when the dream is good, the awakening bendito burrow, this happens always me, Affs, still with much sleep was arisen of the bed and finished stumbling at my shoe and falling with everything in the soil, with certainty would go to be a hematoma of all so great in my forehead. I caught mine better clothes and I went down for the coffee, my father was in the sofa attending a dance program.

It had given one to me fusquinha to go the school. In the school I was half lost when I gave for me had stopped inside of the bathroom and a girl spoke to me that the room was of the other side. Entering inside of the room, my eyes foro in the direction of a incrivelmente pretty boy, it had colored and arrepiados hair and if twisted closing the nose when sat down it the side of it, will be that it was fedendo very (therefore costumo not to use deodorant) or would be the rooster in my forehead of the size of a lemon?

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