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In addition, the CD contains tips, typical questions and answers, facts about Hedgehog services, other sources of information or instructions, as for example to the right eye drops. The CD is a useful addition to the personal discussion with the doctor and guide patients in the self study of the disease, O’Connor added. “The menu structure that the ophthalmologist to individually select the sequences, animations and information and put together according to his wishes, like her particularly well: so he can show, for example, only those diagnostic equipment that he has in his practice available.” The doctor can cede his individually assembled video to patients, include in its own information media (E.g. homepage, screen saver etc.), or use Docvadis. The tone can be set off for the waiting room TV. Instead subtitles are displayed.

So, the eye doctors can advise their patients in addition to the personal interview and depending on their practice. Company profile Dr. Carl GmbH – the medical people that Dr. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Journal of Teacher Education. Carl GmbH is a specialist for medical communication using electronic media. We combine medical expertise with extraordinary ideas to products of knowledge, information and training.

So, we ensure that our customers successfully interact with doctors, medical professionals and patients. Medical scientific content we generate independently and make them exciting and easy to understand. The contents are catchy presented through interactive and multimedia software. Our portfolio includes software for the Internet-based product communications and event interaction, training, eLearning and case-based learning. These include microsites, eDetails, CME certified training modules, media for training events. Finding database quiz-to-go, BefundSpin, etc. Our services include literature, medical writing, visualization with graphics, animation and video, as well as the realization of software and database solutions. Since 1994, Dr. Carl GmbH has realized over 600 projects for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Contact Dr. Carl GmbH – the medical people Jorg Majed by Pistorius-str. 6a 70188 Stuttgart phone: 0711/222904-0 fax: 0711/222904-99

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