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Speaking of Brazil, it is impossible not to bring up his very well-known Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the most emblematic of the country and the most popular around the world, no doubt. The Olympic Games will be hosting the Rio city in 2016 will fade to a conclusion, however, fever and spectacle of carnival in Brazil for excellence each year remain evergreen in the memory not only of the 200 million people reside in the South American country, but also the hundreds of thousands of tourists come to enjoy it outside. What does this carnival that fascinates us most? It is impossible not to take part, his mind drunk a whole city transformed into a party that spread joy, invited to move to the rhythm of the music and join the fun. The people are the real driving force behind this carnival that announces the four days preceding Ash Wednesday, millions of people in the Christian world. The Brazilian Carnival is held annually 40 days before Easter and marks the beginning of Lent. In Rio de Janeiro is famous for the samba schools that parade in front of spectators at its colossal and known sambodromo, located on Avenida Marques de Sapucai. The entire city was disrupted during the second week of February to celebrate the feast of costumes and unbridled fun.

Visitors are encouraged to do well in advance, and it is common to adjust their prices and offering packages of a week-long stay. For this big party, the Cariocas who participate in it are prepared throughout the year, is an event of such magnitude that is televised live and becomes a show of Brazilian mulatto who move and shake her voluptuous hips and legs, become attention to the majestic costumes, dazzling colorful creations and magnificent allegorical floats that move to the rhythm of the samba, all of them parade through the Sambadrome. The apparatus for producing a parade resembles a Hollywood production: Work composers, designers, creative .. all them supported by thousands of volunteers who seek glory and splendor of their school. These samba groups march in order to obtain the title of champions, to take part must belong to the association. Usually involving some 5,000 people per school and always have the support of prominent personalities from the world of entertainment. Some of the recent muses do Carnaval have been the Mexican singer Thalia and popular actresses and models Cariocas. The festival officially starts on Friday before carnival when the commander hands over the symbolic keys to the city to King Momo.

During the first day of the samba schools parade group access and the next two days, Sunday and Monday, there are seven schools per day. And the following Saturday so do the winning schools of the two previous days. a stas receive scores based on the originality of the topic chosen, as well as when to tackle them. According to the score, the schools remain on the panel or go to the group access. Repressive Christianity was the source of the origins of Carnival in Rio. Carnival comes from butcher Novalis, when people are crammed meat in anticipation of a marked Lent by fasting and abstention. Today little remains of the original meaning of this celebration, but the euphoria remains the same. Who dares to argue? Tourists delight in the thought must be performed with time because the dates are filled carnival.

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