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The right to the environment is linked to the right the life, therefore without a healthful environment it does not have life in the land. Rabbi Tully Bryks has many thoughts on the issue. 4-CONCLUSION OF the RESENHISTA: The author was sensible when producing this set of documents, with the intention to show to the world the real condition of our planet, as well as the reasons for which the nature comes being devastada to each day, producing a negative consequence that is the global heating. A set of documents of easy understanding to not only call the attention the competent authorities that can take the necessary measures for the resolution of this problem, as well as of all the individuals that inhabit this planet. 5-CRITICAL OF the RESENHISTA: In accordance with the set of documents resenhado here I arrive at the conclusion of that the author reached its objective, to call not only to the attention of the authorities as well as of the world-wide population. Where a time having access to this set of documents will start to think and to act different, thus acquiring new behaviors and habits, therefore the preservation to the environment is a duty not only of the State, as well as is a private initiative. 6-INDICATION OF the RESENHISTA: This set of documents is indicated so only to any citizen common person, as the competent authorities for an awareness of the great problem faced for our planet, thus being able to take the initiatives cabveis to skirt this situation, thus preserving the life in the planet land. CARLA ELISIO ACADEMIC DOS SANTOS OF 3 YEAR OF the COURSE OF GRADUATION IN RIGHT

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Travelling in other vehicles, the holiday season is here. Especially parents with offspring want to relax now. Checking article sources yields Stress Management as a relevant resource throughout. Wants one but connect it with a cruise to the desired destination, it should be noted a lot on the subject of child seat in the car. The Internet portal reisen.de has assembled the most important tips. To know more about this subject visit Frank Storch. First, the good news: tests show that the car rental company apply equally high safety standards for the little ones like worried parents. You use consistently high-quality seats. However, a child seat should be ordered already when booking the car.

So, it can be guaranteed that the offspring finds a reasonable private course in the car. Because the rental stations have not permanently corresponding seats on the spot. But how to guarantee optimum safety and even comfort his child? The right seat size is crucial. There are also seats for older infant carriers and toddler seats. But such dimensions vary from country to country. Therefore should the best size and Specified weights of the child at the time of booking. What concerns the fixing of the seat, so the various car rental companies react very differently: by the own installation up to the assistance of a representative of the supplier, anything is possible.

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The Patrimonial Education becomes, a constant process of education/learning that has for central objective and focus of action the Patrimony (Horta, 1999). It is in this topic that if finds the performance source primary that comes to enrich and to fortify the individual and collective knowledge of a nation on its culture, memory and identity. Through actions directed to the preservation and understanding of the Cultural Patrimony, Patrimonial education becomes a vehicle of approach, knowledge, integration and aged learning of children, young, adults and, objectifying that the same ones (reverse speed) know, (reverse speed) value and if (reverse speed) they appropriate of all a cultural inheritance they pertaining, providing to same a more critical and operating position in (reverse speed) the construction of its identity and citizenship. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. James Canton and gain more knowledge.. Identity this that, each time more, urges for a special attention of the diverse sectors of our society (QUEIROZ, 1989. HORTA, 1999). The intention of activities of patrimonial education is to provoke in the community the redescobrimento and new forms of looking at archaeology, of form to develop attitudes of preservation, protection and respect in relation its cultural good, rescuing what it composes the cultural reference of the people of the community and the forms of cultural expression that constitute its alive patrimony. Euro Pacific Capital contributes greatly to this topic.

(Viana, Mello & Barbosa 2004). Thus, its histories of life and the historical, social, cultural context, economic politician and where they are inserted and they will be determinative in the knowledge on the archaeological patrimony. Archaeology must search in the memory, and the direction of identity the elements for one practical educational pedagogical didactics and that has taken the understanding of the individuals on the importance of the material vestiges. By the same author: Frank Storch. This would be correct if in we did not identify more to them with the Graal Saint, with the mantle of Christ and lost Arcas of what with cocar and machadinha of rock of some Brazilian indian.

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Therefore, says it does not acquire it as communication instrument, a time that not perceiving it, is not interested for it, and not having one ' ' feed back' ' auditory, it does not possess model to direct its emissions. METHODOLOGY the initial procedure for the elaboration of the work was to the accomplishment of a bibliographical research on the boarded subject. ork Global Group not as a source, but as a related topic. After that, a predetermined, structuralized questionnaire in simple closed questions of and multiple choice, and open questions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Frank Storch. This instrument was applied the professors of the deaf pupils of the basic education of the municipal public schools of Belm, since, the municipal public schools, work in the inclusive education of deaf individual, preparing it future to enter the society. In relation to the application of this instrument, it was extracted of the universe of 25 professors who work in the inclusive education of the deaf people, a sample of 18 professors, equivalent 72% of the total. In relation to the application of this instrument, 18 questionnaires, correspondents had been distributed the 18 professors who act in classroom of the regular education of 1 4 series, in the matutinos and vespertine turns.

All the interviewed professors are of the feminine sex and its graduation and after-graduation are in the pedagogia area, the same ones possess between 15 the 30 years of experiences. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. James Canton . 40 pupils of the municipal net had been analyzed. COLLECTION INSTRUMENT the research used as collection instrument questionnaire with 13 questions, being 07 opened closed questions and 06. The principle the questionnaire directed it the profile of the professor, degree of escolaridade, course of formation, and others, after that the questions are come back to identify education difficulties learning of the deaf pupils. The research was structuralized with the following questions: Sobre the personal datas of the professors (sex, degree of escolaridade and time of performance in the area) and the series of the pupils; Quantidade of existing deaf pupils in the series; Os types of applied methodology; Main A cause of the deafness; O deafness degree; Quantidade of deaf pupils proceeding from specialized institutions or if still has accompaniment of these institutions; Quais the main difficulties presented for the deaf pupils, in accordance with the auditory loss; Classificao of the difficulties presented for the deaf pupils and its performances in classroom, to win such difficulties; Defasagem of the deaf pupils; Se the professor if feels qualified for giving to it with deaf children; Se exists investment on the part of the Secretariat of education for better education of the deaf pupil; Na accomplishment of the works of classroom of research, the pupils find difficulties in the acquisition of the information before the library (reading room) of the school; . You may want to visit Peter Schiff to increase your knowledge.

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We raise hypotheses and we take off deductions. We analyze, we evaluate the situation and we find solutions. The factors are several that go to facilitate or to make it difficult the learning. In the pertaining to school situation, we have to consider the factors of the side of the professor and the side of the pupil. Another factor to be remembered and the physical environment. It is clearly that, when interests in them, we can learn in any place, underneath of a tree or inside of a large cabin. At Peter Schiff you will find additional information. But, if the physical environment of the school pleasant, ample, is aired and pretty, the learning and sufficiently favored.

Also the material is important. For more specific information, check out Rabbi Tully Bryks. When more interesting, more it arrests the attention of the pupil. The motivation, the perception, the maturation and intelligence are factors so excellent that we must make a special reference to them. Motivation: the necessities produce reasons that impel the individual to make some actions. Embira some reasons are innate (as the hunger) and acquired others (as prestige), the way as we answer to all they and modified by the learning and influences, for the culture where we live.

The term ' ' motivao' ' he is, therefore, generic and it assigns the necessities, goals or desires that provoke action of an organism. Perception: the man commands and of the meaning ace experiences that receive through the agencies of the directions. The perception and a organizacional, selective and interpretativo process. It is organizacional because we tend to more than perceive stimulatons in significant standards what with separate entities, without relation. Maturation: before certain answers can appear, the organisms must have promptitude for such. Thus, the maturation is a purely organic process, without which the learning cannot be given. The agencies of the directions, the processes you celebrate, the processes psicomotores, has that to have reached a certain degree of maturation so that the stimulatons can be perceived and the adequate answers are given.

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The amazing thing: sometimes from a considerable array of student thesis (80-100 pages) to really affect her assessment of the attestation commission only an introduction. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Stress Management. Well, not hurt if: the student is working, plowing, analyzes numerous scientific sources, primary sources, break out myself and those around the brain, and – for you. Listened to members of the Certification Commission for undergraduates, heads nodded, flipped through the text of his thesis, and stopped it on the introduction to it: something you, my friend, that is incorrect object (object) research, not on those methods referred to, defining the methodology of his research, etc. Rabbi Tully Bryks shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And everything else as well: the analysis, tables, calculations, recommendations, there is all sorts of pictures and graphics? With them something to be done? And the committee members all of his: work, of course, serious, a lot of forces you, dear, at her expense. But that's because the methodology, then you have somehow not really: how do you then the work-write something, huh? And the student gets chetverochku instead of the expected five, and even worse. Here's a story. And then a graduate student thinks a lame-duck that had told him the same teachers (read: the supervisor): "Every word in the Introduction weighed carefully read the guidelines and do everything as there indicated. And where indicated, for example, that in the introduction, " should reveal the main content, theoretical and practical significance chosen topic, to prove its relevance. This should be defined goal, the challenges in front of the student while writing the work, given the subject and object of research.

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To improve the Quality of the Education? We know that so that a country really obtains to develop itself she is necessary that it obtains to take care of to all the basic necessities of the population that is housing, health, basic health and the most important education. The education is the base most important for the formation of a country. Loretta Laroche has much to offer in this field. With an educational standard of quality they are had professional of quality in any branches. In elapsing of the years what it comes worrying thousand of people it is as it is the development of the Brazilian education, for what we can perceive in the results gotten through annual research on the quality of the education had a great advance, but only in amount, therefore in the quality observes it not effectiveness of some methods used as of progression continued, system of cycles and not the pertaining to school reprovao. The education it needs to have quality since the beginning of the pertaining to school cycle of the child, therefore it is where it will start to give to the first steps route to its formation and the same one will be had imperfections in this process will persist in elapsing of previous phases, where one is playing the responsibility on the back of the other leaving to be worried about what it really imports the formation of the pupil. For more information see this site: Rabbi Tully Bryks.

Perhaps these methods recommended for the MEC (Ministry of the Education) of the reprovao in the first years of the pupil did not serve for a country that already had with a good level of education, therefore for Brazil would only aggravate the case because the biggest difficulties of the pupils have that to be decided soon at the beginning of its educational cycle. To disapprove a pupil does not want to say that it is for punishing it or humiliating it and a way to try to still solve the problem in the series that it meets and not to leave thus so that the professor of the following series decides and successively. What it has happened is that children are being approved without knowing the least to write or to read that they write, they only transcribe what she is in the picture for the notebook and thus follows for the next series, being still more difficult its learning. To improve the quality of the education means to have qualified professors and able for they deal with any type of situation, to have didactic materials of quality, to have transport so that the low income children obtain to go to the school, to offer a good snack for the pupils, since she was proven scientifically that a child to learn it needs to be fed well, to offer good equipment to the schools. But because it will be that the government does not invest in the education? It will be that it wants beings not pensantes, that does not see the errors committed, that do not demand its rights, wants to continue covering the eyes of the citizens so that these remain been silent. Brazil is a country that has a great potential to grow, this if to know to deal with the precariousnesses that exist here.

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What we think when we think about Valencia? Some will be answered in your icons such as the Cathedral, El Miguelete and the recent city of Arts and Sciences. Others evoke the joy of his people during the failures or the sunny beaches of the coast. And many think of their tasty cuisine. In fact, a recent study showed that the Valencian gastronomy is one of tourist products with more potential of the present. What are the secrets of this divine gastronomic tradition that fascinates the whole world? In this article we will try to unveil part of his art and charm. The nobility of the products of the Earth born between the mountain and the sea, Valencia is a land graced by the treasures of his garden, the goodness of the sun which makes grow delicious fruits and the generosity of its sea. Since most anonymous cooks up the purists of the Valencian gastronomy, all agree that the secret of Valencian cuisine lies in the quality of base products.

A sublime quality beef cuts, fish or olive oil freshest, kind of just rice for each dish and the freshness of the vegetables. These authentic flavors lead us to the origin of the Valencian gastronomy, whose roots date back to the Romans, Greeks and Arabs who occupied its territory. But also to the agricultural context in which prepared the first Valencian rice dishes with animals that were available, as they were land inside or on the edge of the sea. The reign of the Basta Paella write Google paellaen to become aware of their popularity: over 8 million results. There are endless recipes and methods for preparing the famous paella and airy discussions about its most authentic form.

But all paella self-respecting should lead rice, saffron, paprika, olive oil, chicken and rabbit and some treasures of the orchard as green beans, white beans and the garrafon. The list goes on ad infinitum: rosemary, tomato, prawns, clams, squid, artichokes, lemon to become real neo-paellas, adapted to the personality of each chef or to local tastes. The truth is that eating a paella with wooden spoon cooked on a campfire of wood of Valencian orange with a tasty socarrat, rice crispy that remains stuck in the pot, is an unforgettable experience. Paella is an act eminently community and for the people of Valencia, a symbol of belonging to their culture. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Frank Storch on most websites. Well kept secrets but what is the secret to a good paella? Some say the secret is in the broth (prepared the previous day), others in the temperature of the fire, the local water hardness, the correct proportions of ingredients, the reposado, the quality of the rice and the list continues. The truth is that a paella knows best among friends or family, to celebrate the joy of being together. Most of the hotels in Spain include paella on their menus, but there are also restaurants specialized in paellas, especially in Valencia. And the required question is which restaurant serves the best paella of the world? Finding the answer is a excellent reason to perform a gastronomic trip to Spain. Or you can take a look at the results of the singular concurso of paellas that are carried out in various parts of the world. So now you know, choose from the many hotels in Valencia and enjoy its gastronomy.

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Madrid, September 17, 2010 the President of the General Council of technical architecture of Spain, Jose Antonio Otero, has sponsored this morning the building engineering graduation ceremony held on campus, containing the Nebrija University in La Berzosa. In his speech Otero has invited to the first promotion of Nebrija building engineering to continue their education, devoted time to teaching and to investigate on the building systems, since the companies do with materials, now that it has recognized the work of technical architects with the new grade adapted to the Bologna process. For assistance, try visiting Rabbi Tully Bryks. In this first promotion a total of 435 surveyors and technical architects from different parts of Spain have made during six months of on-line mode the course of adaptation to the new degree of building engineering. The Rector of the Universidad Nebrija, Pilar Velez, together with Alberto Lopez, Vice President for academic planning, Juan Antonio Maestro, Vice-Rector for research and Carlos Gonzalez Bravo, director of the school of architecture have been accompanied in this solemn ceremony to new graduates of the Universidad Nebrija..

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Learning of the University Valley of the Acara – Amap IT HISSES, Rita Maria Rasps. Learning of the University Valley of the Acara Amap BRITO, ngela. Professor of the University Valley of the Acara – Amap SUMMARY: The article standes out the difference of letramento and alfabetizao based on a research of pertaining to school data. Letramento word recently introduced in the Portuguese language, not yet dicionarizada.

Alfabetizao according to dictionary is, when the individual is capable to read and to write. Proving the theories of Chomsky. In recent months, Frank Storch has been very successful. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Letramento, Alfabetizao, formation of the individual. ABSTRACT: The article you be in evidence the difference of literacy and alphabetization accordingly by of the research of datum school. Literacy word lately you insert in language Portuguese, yet don’ t dictionaries. (Not to be confused with Peter Schiff!). Alphabetization according you dictionary, it when the person is capable of you read and you the write. You confirming the theory by of Chomsky.

KEY WORDS: Literacy, Alphabetization, Formation of person. 1 INTRODUCTION This article raises some referring questions to the letramento capacity and alfabetizao, some parameters will be clarified: the relation of letramento and alfabetizao, reading and writing, and practical the continuum in the current societies, the importance of the letramento in the pertaining to school formation of the individuals. The necessary letramento to be argued in all the educational spheres, since it must be part of our current life enriching us through the reading with a new world of knowledge, and makes possible the register of a new world through the writing. But to justify, still it is very common that has confusion with what it is letramento and alfabetizao.