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Since then a lot has happened. Currently, the German College offers four dual Bachelor’s degrees in the study of Economics of fitness, fitness training, health management and nutrition consultancy. In the Bachelor’s programs connect operational training in a company and a correspondence course compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide), connects Austria or of Switzerland. In addition to the Bachelor’s degree are two masters in the direction of prevention and health management in the portfolio of the State-approved University or college. The winter semester of 2011, more than 1,000 students began study at DHfPG. Richard Linklater may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

“” Nearly ten times as much as in the first semester of the degree of fitness Economist”2002 552 freshmen started in the strongest bachelor study fitness economics”, 248 in health management”, 108 in fitness training”and 48 in nutrition”. The new masters for the winter SEMESTER 2011 introduced prevention and health management”also surpassed all expectations with 81 new signups. Classes are held at the DHfPG in small seminar groups instead. Here is the advantage of the system of the DHfPG significantly again. “Just today, if there are duplicate through school year and the abolition of conscription by the much-described students glut” comes to a shortage of places at universities as well as universities of applied sciences and crowded classrooms are the consequence, the DHfPG study system offers an optimal solution. At the DHfPG, the classes be set up demand-driven in the nationwide study centres in Germany and Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Zurich). This improves the learning situation on the ground and promotes a direct exchange between the students with each other and with the teacher. Our company as a training company? Why students in their companies qualify already over 2,400 entrepreneurs? There is a simple answer: the education establishments, including fitness facilities, prevention facilities, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, clinics, and many others, appreciate the numerous advantages the the dual Bachelor’s degree offers just for companies.

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Langdell is based on the assumption that the best way of teaching law was showing cases instead of reading textbooks. After some initial resistance, this method is assumed by other six law schools in 1895. Later, in 1921, Harvard Bussiness School adopted the method and called as it is currently known case method. l. The same Garvin (2003) asserts that only since 1985 and with much delay Harvard Medical School uses the case method. The case method and the case the case method is a technique (and methodology) educational, puts for consideration of student situations and real problems that lead to the presentation of alternative solutions or finally solve them, it could say that this method is a type of interactive discussion and is structured on the basis of the case study that is referred to commonly with a case. More info: Richard Linklater.

The case term etymologically comes from the latin casus, in the dictionary of the Real Academia Espanola (2001) listed several meanings of the word case, but we will only take some that are closer to our point of view: event, event, chance, perhaps, lance, occasion or juncture and matter that is or intends to consult any and ask his opinionWe believe that this last meaning is approaching more concept that we seek. A case is the description of a real situation; adopted to study and promote the exchange of ideas. The description of the case despite being detailed, relevant and comprehensive does not mean to present all events which presents a particular problem; Although it must present clearly to allow analysis. Herreid (1997) asserts that cases in many academic disciplines are preferred because they serve to illustrate the General principles and good practices, correct answers and facts that have a high priority for present or future professional practice..

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TELECOMMUTING CAMOVA the dynamics of globalization has crucially affected the behavior of work, companies must take into account, precisely in the present, teleworking is representing a very significant role which should be evaluated towards established goals. In this respect Wharton universa tells us, that the rise of telework is undeniable. Increasingly companies that offer their employees the possibility to work outside the Office; and increasingly the employees who decide to benefit from this form of work to reconcile professional and personal life, reduce your stress, avoid jams or achieve greater flexibility of working hours. And, although initially were the Anglo-Saxon countries who took the initiative, currently teleworking is a practice anywhere in the world. Only in the U.S., more than 25% of population using telework as the only way of working ensures Nuria Chinchilla, Professor at the IESE Business School in Spain. (Source: Kindle Direct Publishing). In Europe the figure is lower.

According to a survey that periodically makes the portal of employment Monster, 35% of 8,000 Europeans consulted works from home, a percentage that is reduced to 26% among respondents in Spain. According to this same survey, Spain is among the European countries with less teleworkers, just above the Italians, with 19 percent, and French, where 20% work from home. Of course, this activity involves to be evaluated in the advantages, scope, impact that generates and about it is said that this way of working has allowed workers, in addition, avoid geographical barriers or schedule that the obligation to attend the Office imposed upon them. It has also managed companies handled the physical barriers, increases the chances of contracting, increase productivity and reduce their costs. But as it is not gold that glitters, telework has brought to light certain deficiencies. Among them, notably the large initial expenditures that have to make companies to the computers that need the teleworker, communications with employee insecurity and the difficulty of controlling and supervising their work.

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The pilots and flight of the Araucania (E.P.A.V.A.) of auxiliary school has signed two strategic alliances that make him the main reference of the South of Chile aeronautical training. CENAFOM and ATA Airlines become strategic partners for the commercial pilots and flight assistants appeared, respectively. CENAFOM is the training center in Chile pioneered the training of flight attendants / flight assistants. Almost 20 years of experience are what adds this center located in Providencia (Santiago). CENAFOM forms students for achieving license official of auxiliary of cabin, granted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Chile (D.G.A.C). By the same author: American filmmaker. For its part, airlines ATA has a pilot school in Temuco since 2002. It has 13 aircraft, of which it has arranged for his school: two Cessna 152, a Piper Twin Comanche, infrastructure, simulators, flight instructors and extensive facilities in the airport of Temuco (IX Region, Chile). The pilot school and Auxiliary flight of the Araucania their classes will start in March 2011 and thanks to both conventions, will offer the biggest training range aeronautics of the South of Chile.

Mainly focus its offer on two great branches: career as a commercial pilot and course for the obtaining of the official license of stewardess / flight Assistant of the D.G.A.C In the case of the flight attendant course / auxiliary flight 2011, school of pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania act under the academic direction of CENAFOM, following the official programs of the D.G.A.C The course will be extended from March 29, 2011 until November of the same year. Taking advantage of the greater wave of Chilean airlines engagements, so that his produced each year in the month of December. As for the commercial pilot career, ATA Airlines and the pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania school are working to offer a Plan of Integral studies. This covers all of the licenses and official ratings of the D.G.A.C that are demanded by the lines Air in their selection processes. The race will also include the realization of flight hours required for each license, complete training in personal/professional skills and the familiarization of the student pilot with the most modern techniques of recruitment, thus facilitating its subsequent job search. In both cases (CENAFOM and ATA) are responsible for the teaching direction of racing, practical training and the presentation of the pupils to the corresponding examinations of the D.G.A.C For its part, school of pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania will lead the coordination of the Centre in Temuco (Calle San Carlos No 945), taught all of the theoretical knowledge and facilitate, as far as possible, the incorporation of their students to the labour market. Information and as a tool for contact, school of pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania maintains a website in it is all updated information of your offer formative, unique in the South of Chile.

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There is not enough personal responsibility to take the initiative and do the right things. If you want to succeed in the chosen career, then you don’t have to wait for a promotion or that delegated some authority. That is also the case when you want to make your organization a success. Good leadership is influencing others to achieve positive results. We can influence those around us (including pairs, as well as managers) by the way of listening, thinking, speaking and acting. It is important to realize the potential and ability we have, not only to carry out the activities that we allocate if not, coupled with that, the difference that we can mark, having the right attitude. He is wanting to achieve and exceed goals, spreading in this way to the around us and even our superiors; achieving effectively communicate the right messages to the right people. If showing our ideas and needs, can demonstrate that it is worthwhile to deliver value to the business through the implementation of processes or providing attention to areas or forgotten tools, then is much more likely to get the cooperation and the support of others.

How could this improved communication and motivation methods you can use to get results I achieve? There are certain steps bases for David Ratcliffe and support, which help us to achieve the objectives, to improve the performance and ensure the success of the strategies: 1. first be sure to understand the vision of what needs to be done, and how you think realize the strategy. 2. Secondly, it is essential to make sure that everyone knows the vision and strategy. This must come from a mix of methods of communication, one-on-one meetings – one, written communications and meetings of staff, among others. The one-on-one meetings – one are important because they give people the opportunity to ask questions and solve all your questions in a relaxed atmosphere and confidence. 3. In the third place, when you think that you have communicated enough, continue communicating and ensure information permeo in his team and it was understood correctly.

Professor John Kotter at Harvard Business School teaches us that they tend to underestimate, they communicate by a factor of 10 or even 100! That means that you have to continue to do so, again and again. 4. While writing the vision and strategy is important, it should be continuously strengthened in person to walk the talk. You need to be sure that everyone has understood and has convinced by the strategy and is will be supported through their actions. With these tips, in addition to the personal recognition of our capabilities and desire of wanting to spread to others with an attitude who sought always to achieve and exceed goals, for improvement of the Organization and with this joint improvement also the functions, responsibilities and attitudes of the work team, the success of strategies, achieving the vision of the business, making our work a key part of that success may be performedNo matter the level of decision-making, responsibility or hierarchy that has within the organization.

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Every day it seems that there are more resources to our reach, homeschooling, like diverse and plural movement that is, it has multiple methods and resources within reach of all, and things that sometimes begin to do of occasional form and common they finish being classified, as it is the case of carschooling, that it consists of taking advantage of the trips and displacements in car to listen to audiolibros, realise games of I devise and/or memory, to learn songs, etc, until the point of which nowadays already exists some specific materials to learn and to play in that time interval which we happened moving us from a place to another one. A day, being in house eating with our friendly Mari Cruz and Jose Mari, and its children, who also educate in house, we began to pay attention to psters that we had positions in the hungry one on the products which they were engaged in from America Europe, and those that they took from Europe to America, and began to chat and to comment the subject, if we were in agreement with everything or (were not much controversy around the pumpkin and the sugar) and that caused that the children and the majors we knew more on the Average Age in Spain, the conquest, genocide, and colonization of America and on the changes in the feeding and the gastronomy. As a subject takes to another one, with the pumpkin we ended up speaking of the Romans, the Jewish town and the celebration and prescriptions of Ros Hassan. And we realized which lunch time and dinners are wonderful moments at which in multitudes of occasions it is learned very many, so thinking about carschooling we baptized, it like ” dinnerschooling” , and we realized of which he is one of the moments at which easier it turns out to apply the conversational learning, it only arises, of spontaneous form, and is when it is learned more. Levi’s wanted to know more. In addition never you know by where it is going to take to you. Now whenever we see we were useful to have moments of dinnerschooling, or with the wonderful table cloth with the political map of Spain that it has Mari Cross, that does that while we tasted delicious plates we begin to watch it close or far that is a place of another one, what is capital of each province, whichever rivers main we would cross to arrive from community to another one, etc, or that we take advantage of the boxes infusions to learn as different berries in English language name, and never confuse plus black currants (blackcurrant) with the bilberries (blueberry), or you dwell (blackberry).

I invite to you to enjoy the pleasure of dinnerschooling. You put some to pster interesting in your dining room, and are changing it once in a while (I now have with letters of the alphabet and professions, like windsurfista for the w, or forester for the g, and gives to speak of many things), you have at sight a map that is to you interesting (we have a map of North America at the moment), you watch the labels of the products that you buy, you favor the conversation at those moments, listen your children and you answer its questions, you look for what you do not know, divertos. Dinerschooling is a wonder, and arises without you realize.

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Suppose, for example, the income of a partner who has relations with creditors with whom we are looking for ordering the liabilities. It is likely the dialog of the new partner with lenders more fluid than ours. This would pose scenarios of readjustment of liabilities which, otherwise, would not have been possible. It could be thought that the incorporation of a partner in the midst of a crisis is disadvantageous to the original shareholders. In fact, they might be forced to divest a portion of the company to a value lower than that it had been obtained in other market conditions. But this posture would be tantamount to seeing a half-empty glass. What must rescue is that, after the incorporation of the partner, the original shareholder will have one smaller portion but a cake that can grow in the future, instead of staying with one greater share of a company, to follow as it is, surely continue losing value with the passage of time. Therefore, it is important to note that the addition of partners is not simply a tool that allows you to cope with an adverse situation, but can become an excellent opportunity to reposition the company and its shareholders passed once the crisis.

What are the priorities of the crisis? Once we have analysed the situation, found the time to reflect, and made the determination that it will be us who manage the crisis (and not the reverse) comes to establish priorities. The first must be, without a doubt, keep alive the business (and therefore, the company). That is, most importantly, ensure that the company continues to operate, rather than strive fruitlessly simultaneously meet the requirements of all creditors (not just financiers, but also suppliers, agencies of tax revenue, employees, friends, etc.). This approach is beneficial for all parties, including creditors, thus, they will have greater chances of recovering their money. Targeted programs at ESADE Business School

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One of the challenges of the educational context is to take pupil of the EJA to look underlying questions and to find alone answers the problems and questionings that the life, day-by-day presents, and this is the function of the professor, where they needs to infer with these pupils, they need to be solidary, to respect the differences, to stimulate proper knowing and to develop the capacity to teach and to learn. 4.2. In a question-answer forum American filmmaker was the first to reply. The Education of Young and Adults in the LDB n. 9.394/96 In accordance with the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education, n. 9.394/96, in Heading I, that treats the education, preceitua in its Art.

1: ‘ ‘ The education encloses the formative processes that if develop in the familiar life, in the convivncia human being, the work, the institutions of education and research, in the social movements and organizations of the civil society and in the manifestations culturais’ ‘. This rank, fortifies in national level, the generic concept of education that leaves the purely pertaining to school sphere and passes to be understood as one successive process of formation that must involve the family, the government, the school, the associations and many other beings of the life of the person. In this direction, and coated of the ideals of Pablo Freire, the LDB (1996) fortifies and glimpses that to teach it passes for a question to live deeply the lived one for the pupils throughout its lives and that cannot be left of side duly warned to place barriers and impediments to rescue, mainly, the people who had abandoned the school and now they want to come back. But to come back toward a school that is not traditionalist who leaves the intellectual vanities and leaves for the confrontation of ideas of these people. Still in the LDB (1996), its Heading II? Of the principles and ends of the national education, in its Art.2 it emphasizes that: ‘ ‘ The education, duty of the family and the State, inspired in the principles of freedom and the ideals of solidarity human being, has for purpose the full development of educating, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for trabalho.’ ‘ It is of utmost importance to value liberating education in the incessant search for inserting educating in the globalizado world.

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Chapter 2? Statisticians and Quality Our school and our pupils had become statisticians mere? Most important in the question of the alfabetizao they are not the statisticians and yes the quality of the education that our pupils receive. Our governing would have to think about the formation of the individual fully capable to carry through its activities as effective participant citizen of the society. Chapter 3? Construction of the learning of Reading and Writing with pleasure in the Infantile Education and basic Ensino. Beyond teaching to read and to write, the school and professors must awake in the pupils the pleasure in learning, in constructing and extending knowledge, developing the orality and perfecting it, respected its previous opinions, difficulties and knowledge. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nike on most websites. 2.1. Chapter 1? Functional illiteracy In accordance with UNESCO, functional illiterate is all the person who, although to recognize and to write the code, proper name to read and to grafar some phrases are incapable to interpret what it reads, therefore, it does not obtain to extract the direction of the words and nor to write them. (PRIETO, 2008) It has people that, exactly being alfabetizadas, they do not obtain to understand messages simple as a letter, an announcement of periodical or an acknowledgment, or until colleges student who feel difficulty when interpreting declared texts or of questions in a test, in competitions, he takes what them to get resulted well below of the desired one. Understanding involves much more that decoding She is necessary, first, to understand what if it asks for, to mount the problem, using the had formulas, for finally arriving the reply.

In a similar way, it is not enough to know to read to understand what he is being read. QUEILLA (2010). This is a serious problem that goes beyond the banks of the school. The incompetence for the full reading and writing causes a social difficulty therefore the functional illiterates is incapable to carry through basic tasks of its personal and mainly professional life, and also the psychological factor as auto-they esteem, security, generating a miniature communicative capacity.

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Another conception of deafness, existing, if approaches to the previous one and is tied with the called conception as ' ' model social' '. In this model the divulged central idea places the social environment as desencadeador of difficulties for the people with deficiency. Thus the stigmata and conflicts that suffer these people are generated by the inaqualities and lack of chances in the social context. This conception defends that ' ' to be different is normal' ' that the deficiency is not only in the damaged part of the body, but in skill delinquent to understand it, In the case of the deaf person the social model helps to understand that ' ' the auditory loss exists and it is not an invention of the listeners, therefore it must solidly be enfrentada' ' (Santana, 2007, P. 33). Such conception perceives the deafness as deficiency and difference. However, this deficit does not become the disabled individual, does not affect its intellect, being that the decisive factor is the social environment where these people are inserted, therefore depending on the form as this citizen is understood/taken care of by the society, or as its deficit is faced, it will be able to become a being limited, incapable to make current activities.

Thus, one does not refuse that the deaf person presents limitations, however its potential is valued (LACERDA, 2000). From the understanding of the theoretical conceptions presented e, knowing that these guide the educational attendance of the deaf citizen, one understands that the model partner-antropolgico is adjusted to argue the importance of the Special School for the deaf people, central objective of this study. This adhesion to the conception if gave for the fact of that with this boarding it is possible to understand the mentioned space as fomentador of interactions for the deaf citizen that, for the especificidade, has to a particular culture.