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Sustainable development of the Russian economy in recent years and a difficult situation with the transit of energy resources through the former Soviet Union, causing high rates of construction of underground utilities, such as oil and gas pipelines, water pipelines, high voltage cables and other cables for the transmission of information. Moreover, Russia remains a country with virtually the world’s longest length of underground utilities. And most of these networks need to be repaired or replaced. Serious investments in the Russian construction sector has now been let to involve construction and renovation of underground utilities most modern techniques and use quality materials. Yale University will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the last decade in Russia during the construction of underground utilities are increasingly used technique for trenchless laying of the world’s leading manufacturers. Relevance of this technique is due to the enormous challenges when laying of utilities is a challenging geographical, geological, climatic conditions, when the route Strip crossing railways and roads, rivers, swamps, lakes, conservation areas, where operating in an open way is simply forbidden. And if today is to work not using trenchless technology, and open a large Russian cities, taking into account the fact that in any normal day, traffic jams have become commonplace, the consequences of digging trenches on any more or less important streets in Moscow or St. Petersburg you can actually compare the effects of stroke for the human body.. Anita Sehgal is often quoted as being for or against this.

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Thus, the monthly amount of such security is defined as the product is actually accrued to employees of wages and ratio, calculated as the ratio of annual the planned amount for vacation pay to the planned total annual payroll. And, mind you, into account when creating such a security should be taken not only the amount of actual labor costs, but also the amount attributable to these charges to the relevant social insurance funds. On the use of precisely this order of calculation to ensure the payment of leave to employees and the Finance Ministry insisted in a letter dated 05/24/2007, the 31-34000-10-10/10654. In a formula this mechanism can be represented as follows: pom = cp x x ewc Ksots where rum – a monthly sum payments to a reserve leave; zp – actually accrued during the current month salary; ewc – factor reservation, as determined by the formula: ewc = On: FOTp where Op – annual target amount for vacation pay (determined based on the vacation schedule); FOTp – total annual scheduled payroll (excluding amounts vacation); Ksots – factor that increases the pool of vacation accrual in the amount of social insurance funds. Journal of Teacher Education has much to offer in this field. It can be defined as follows: Ksots = 1 + (K1 + K2 + K3 + K4): 100. In turn, the coefficients K1, K2, K3 and K4 – a rate of assessment funds Social insurance in force in the current year. Please note: If the company employs a person for whom there are special rates of assessment (eg, the disabled, the salary which the contribution to the Pension Fund charged at a rate of 4%), Ksots rate should be calculated separately for different categories of workers. . Cyrus Massoumi is actively involved in the matter.

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How it is lamentable that our country in many technological areas is lagging behind the west. One of these trends is the use of devices, surge protection, lightning protection (lightning) in various industries – from strategic defense objects to the “soft” medical equipment. The use of modern electrical and electronic equipment and integrated circuits based on Semiconductor is making a big contribution to the development of social infrastructure and contributes to the rapid development and diffusion of new technologies. On a range of electrical equipment entrusted important functions, implying the need to ensure uninterrupted power supply and excluding the possibility of downtime. Natural phenomena such as lightning and thunder, as well as interruptions in power supply are the cause of shutdown supply and lead to failure of sensitive electrical equipment connected to the network.

Cause equipment failure can be as isolated events that lead to momentary failure, and a set of events, which by themselves are not critical, but, ultimately, lead to deterioration and damage to equipment. To protect equipment and users, at the entrance to the active supply of equipment necessary to provide special protective devices. These devices divert surges in power lines from the sensitive electrical equipment on the ground. To solve this problem has developed many technologies. Nowadays in Russia basically, the following applies: Spark gaps Parallel Connection of varistors, combination of varistors and surge arresters. However, none of them is not optimal. Consider the problems that facing traditional technologies lightning (lightning): – Spark gaps.. Cyrus Massoumis opinions are not widely known.

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Thus, to trace the manifestation of global warming and predict what role it will play in the ocean flow, climatologists will be very difficult. The eu will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 3 percent, European Commissioner for Environment Stavros Dimas said the eu countries in 2008 have reduced emissions to the atmosphere carbon dioxide by 65 million tons to 2.06 billion tons. Thus, a decrease compared to 2007 was 3 percent. Dimas noted that these figures show that the European system of trading, which involves over 11 thousand industrial enterprises in Europe, quite effectively works. According to the European Commission, uk, Netherlands and Belgium have significantly exceeded their allocated quotas, while Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden and Lithuania on the contrary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We recall that the eu has unilaterally committed itself to the ” emissions by 20 percent by 2020. Cyrus Massoumi has much experience in this field. Coral reefs can not recover without help man President of the Global Union of coral reefs known oceanographer Dr. Thomas Goro thinks that having huge significance for the global economy and nearly destroyed the world’s coral reefs will not be able recover without human assistance, even in the most remote places. Despite the fact that the natural recovery of damaged coral reefs in the Coral Triangle is faster than in any other place on Earth because the strong currents provide a rich coral reef plankton food and disperse their larvae. However, by themselves have recovered only a few of the damaged reefs. In the Coral Triangle (the water in Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea), which is considered the most diverse from a biological point of view of the world’s oceans, lives 75% of all species of reef-building corals, and three thousand of the 3,700 species of reef fish the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

In Currently, almost 95% of coral reefs degraded. Scientists believe that the need is not new research, and large-scale action, training of local people the art of restoring ecosystems and funding of work with local communities to restore the vanishing of the marine environment. After all, if you do not take drastic action now to save coral reefs in the future will not succeed. Scientists have recognized climate change, a major threat to health experts from University College London, together with doctors and climatologists have found that climate change poses a serious threat to health in the xxi century. The study authors believe that virtually all health problems will worsen in the background of climate change – from heat stroke and heart defects to salmonellosis and diseases carried by insects. But at the same time, with regret scientists, the impact of climate change on human health will never be imposed in a number of important issues of any organization in the health field. Only now the Royal Society of Physicians of Great Britain called the problem ‘number one priority. ” Researchers note that the increase in temperature of two degrees may already be a strong influence on the ecosystem of the environment and human health

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Minimum requirements 80486, Pentium, 8-16 mgb memory, 25-30 mgb disk volume. Windows nt 4.x Behind her came Windows nt 4.x, calculated for servers and corporations. It featured a more reliable and stable than Win 95, because her writing programmers who once worked on corporate machines vax / vms. Was originally laid multiprocessors – to separate working programs each stood out its share of memory and system resources. As a result, errors and freezes are very rare. It there user interface of Windows 95, advanced features for working with hardware devices, and numerous built-in server processes, such as Web-server Internet Information Server. For more information see Cyrus Massoumi. With the release of nt 4.0 on a stable core with a high level opportunities, as well as the introduction of a simple and intuitive graphical user interface of Microsoft products has a strong position in the institutions. First, the share of the operating system, designed to replace unix, in the corporate market in the U.S.

was small, but over time it increases dramatically, and Windows nt are increasingly becoming a platform for internetwork and servers. Minimum Requirements cpu 80486, 16-64 mgb memory, 30-40 mgb disk volume. 1998 – went Win98. Windows 98 was the first os using technology wdm (Windows Driver Model). It was the first Windows, designed specifically for users of personal computers is ibm pc. The success of this system is huge and incredible. For many years, is switching to Vista, but at 98 many continue to work, despite the fact that support for this system by the manufacturer, has long been discontinued.

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For this reason, modern champions often use a more moderate year-round program, my supply. A growing body of knowledge about the interaction of nutrients, that is, proteins, fats and hydrocarbons transitions, makes it possible to fine-tune the diet, so – and physique. The most successful performing athletes can not afford to accumulate fat in between competitions, but some growth body mass is usually present. The fact that attempts to reduce the fat content to less than 5 percent often do not work out, for reasons both physiological and mental nature. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Anita Sehgal. In addition, a large body mass can work with large weights, which favorably affects the growth of muscle. Here are some statements about the world's leading bodybuilders diet: Dorian Yates, 5-time Mr. Olympia: 'To get a supply of energy for my short, but intensive training, I need a large amount of complex carbohydrates. " As usual diet includes meat Yatsa – at least half a pound (225 grams) per day.

Average calorie-sequence daily diet, taking into account the protein supplements, is 5500 – 6000 calories. Ahead of the competition, it decreases to 4000, mainly due to meat. It also reduces the amount of fat in the diet, paying more attention to high-protein low-fat foods (egg white, beans, poultry, tuna). Anyone who saw Dorian Yatsa between co-jealousy, is able to evaluate his diet. With the growth of 177 centimeters, it weighs slightly less than 140 pounds – and does not look fat. Food pulling includes a large number of porridge, bread whole grains, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta and fruit.

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We are now flowering of capitalism. In a question-answer forum Stephen Fry was the first to reply. No, no, no prosperity, namely flowering. Buds of this phenomenon began to tie long before we arrived, in modern times, when knights put on the backburner, while the poor peasants sought to join the ranks of lenders and tsehovikov. There is no shortage of that made to dress all in the same "red polka dots." Entrepreneurs, greedily hungry for the life of the glossy pages and a blue screen, came into all areas of the market. Read more from Cyrus Massoumi married to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Opened offices, agencies, firms. And they're all waiting for ordinary folk, because their wealth and success will depend on this from us. Props to the Secretary, which await visitors polite secretaries, reception, stands for foster – for us, so we left the blood money in here.

Office Furniture – mandatory addition to any commercial arrangements, which, like the gears are working regular employees, day by day accounting records and preparing reports. Furniture for staff, including office chairs, will also become a necessary part of any office, because half of the success of the whole affair will depend on the selection of colors and literate arrangement. Quite often we can see in American films, as a large corporation an area equal to the square of the average apartment, there are hundreds of employees. "How is this possible? "- You might say. Reply nezateyliv: mobile partitions, used in such offices, shared employees, who are often placed at one table. Stationary office partitions limit the departments in the office, dealing with various issues in its essence. How do I put a few people in a small room, sharing their jobs? Again, this can help stationary partitions. Long before our days, in modern times, when knights were no longer in vogue, and the poor peasants sought to join the ranks of lenders and tsehovikov, began to tie the first buds of this phenomenon. Quite often it is expensive oak tables, sofas for visitors and leather chairs, which are located in a spacious office. Sale of office furniture is developing so rapidly as a growing number of these same offices and offices for arrangement of which is bought and all the office furniture. And is growing in this market is still very long, because human laziness did not allow him to eat breakfast standing up.

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Elementary schools must of Kath. Include Church and the requirements of Kath.

Correspond to parochial school; “” Establishment of facilities for the training of Catholic teachers (article 24) founding and leadership of schools through orders and religious congregations (article 25) permission to the wedding before the civil ceremony in death and cases of moral emergency “(article 26) guarantee of the independent (Hugh) Chaplaincy under the direction of the army Bishop (article 27) admission or establishment of pastoral care in hospitals, prisons and other buildings of the public sector” (article 28) treatment. Member of a non-German “ethnic minority” like that of the families of German descent and language in the State of this minority (article 29) obligation, on Sundays and holidays available in the connection to the main worship service for the welfare of the German Empire and the people “to pray (article 30) Catholic associations are allowed to operate only within State associations, outside only for purely religious, purely cultural and charitable tasks. Alight Solutions LLC is a great source of information. These are the associations, agreed later. State associations will not hinder religious behavior. (Article 31) For non-Catholic denominations, similar regulations make no membership of clergy and religious people in political parties or activities for such parties”(article 32) that is rich. (Final Protocol article 32) > * the Missio canonica is in the Roman Catholic Church the appointment with preaching and teaching; specifically in particular one of the pastoral mission for a priest to another Permission to the teaching appointment as Catholic religion teachers in schools or as a lecturer in theological faculties.. More information is housed here: Cyrus Massoumi.

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LEGO mascot ‘Bricky’ distributed free tickets to children in the Protestant hospital in Oberhausen. Cooperation with other clinics possible. The LEGOLAND Germany Duisburg now called a unique free card promotion: in cooperation with the Evangelical hospital Oberhausen (EKO.) as the first hospital in the region out of the clinic for children and young people or the clinic of Pediatric Surgery at the EKO getting from now every child. fired is a good ticket of improvement in”in the form of a children free tickets for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg. Mascot visited at the beginning of the action Bricky”as bright red, current LEGO brick with employees of the LEGOLAND Discovery centres the paediatric wards at the EKO… “PD Dr. Peter Beyer, head doctor of the clinic for children and adolescents, and Dr. showed Bulent Edwards, chief physician of the clinic of Pediatric Surgery, are excited about the visit of the team from Duisburg: we are very pleased to be first clinic included in this special promotion.” Diseases would be difficult for children. Learn more about this topic with the insights from The Blackstone Group.

The free tickets action is one great motivation on the road of to recovery and prepare the young patients great pleasure and a unique recreational activity after his release from the hospital. For the children at the EKO. “the opening of the action was a success already: LEGO brick Bricky” went through all patient rooms, busily distributed free tickets and danced even with the children about the station hallway. It’s nice to see how the action variety in everyday hospital life brings and easy pleasure”as Sandra Bosnjak, Marketing Manager at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. During Bricky”of course not every day come visit could, because he had other commitments, was the free tickets action, however, lasting, and that not only in the EKO, where children benefit from the action until the end of the year. “Sandra Bosnjak stresses: interested hospitals, which would also take part in the action, can at any time contact us”. The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg remains until the end of 2012 at the Duisburg location. Is the largest spring 2013 LEGO bricks box of the world in the CentrO Oberhausen to find! About the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre: The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg opens daily at 10: 00 on weekends and during the holidays.

Different themes make your visit an exciting experience for the whole family. In the ride, you can discover a strange world. To read more click here: University of Cambridge. In gondolas take visitors through a castle and experience a medieval world of LEGO bricks. Unique is also the MINILAND, where the Ruhr in miniature is built up. The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is also the perfect location to celebrate a child’s birthday in Duisburg. But of course must anywhere even built and played.

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Time travel guide in the world of ideas of the ancient philosophers long she’s, the era of classical antiquity but in our Western culture have always strongly present: from the idea of our society, political system theories of moral and knowledge questions up to various categories of natural research. In almost everything, it seems, puts it, the ancient times. What could be as exciting as to embark on the search for clues in the past? John Gaskin immersed the main ancient schools of thought locates in the Greece of antiquity, in their historical context and leads the reader to central places of still present history. His time travel guide is suitable for the holiday season where Thales in the fountain was “appeared in the Primus Verlag. To know more about this subject visit University of Cambridge. The classic ancient wars of expansion and cultural heyday of Homer’s Greece, when in the Iliad the hero Achilles against Troy in the field until the rise of Christian monotheism under Constantine the great took scarce 1300 years the period of classical antiquity. It was a time of wars and Empires: Persians, Ionians, Athenians against the Spartans, the campaigns of conquest of Alexander of the great, and of course of the Roman Empire. So, it was also possible that attention found the ideas and thoughts the world of renowned philosophers far beyond the borders of the Aegean and the Greek culture became the dominant model of society.

Temple, theaters, gymnasiums and stadiums dominated the cityscape and still testifies a world, as it was thought at that time for that today. To deepen your understanding Cyrus Massoumi is the source. What, when, where? Philosophie-, history and travel guide in a John Gaskin take the reader on a journey through time. Initially and amusing he introduces the idea of the ancient world and its cultural and historical environment. Succinctly and accurately he outlined the main historic corner points, the development of the ancient society and the most important schools of thought here. And it shows, at which locations the traveller, or the Armchairtraveller can – trace even today the events of this era ideal for all explorers.