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Is fat for you taboo and what are saturated or unsaturated fatty acids? Super, good tip! The only problem is, what the hell are unsaturated fats? I have repeatedly asked me at the beginning of this question. I think it is so just the beginners, but also people dealing for years with the sport and the six pack training can not exactly explain partially the differences from lack of interest. So how exactly does this work with the fat in the fish? Or what about the salmon oil? These are actually animal fats. But why do that to me, although it’s actually unhealthy with the animal fats? Here we will explain these and many other questions. \”Mistaken the fat is fat is fat were in the 80s and 90s as the evil\” referred to food ingredient par excellence. Learn more about this with American Educational Research Associaton. Renowned nutritionist pointed out that drove a high-fat diet and focused entirely on fats and how they affect our body fat and cholesterol levels. But without the fats in conjunction with other food components in connection. Who ate fat, which is also fat.

And inevitably fats raise cholesterol levels. Gain insight and clarity with Crimson Education . Look today in the grocery shelves of supermarkets there is a large number of goods labelled: fat-free low fat 0.1% fat, etc. Believed an anabolic diet where you consumed only fats, proteins, and some a few carbohydrates, as a bodybuilder or Sixpack candidate you has already almost hard to find sufficiently high-fat food, to work out a varied diet. Because today is the widespread misconception, fats are bad, anchored so far in the minds of the people that you encounter as a sportsman always shaking heads, which to eat high-fat and still be removed simply cannot understand the view. What are fats? In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, fats belong to the basic nutrients of the people. Fats serve not only, as is often assumed, as biggest taste makers, but are the largest supplier of energy of the human body in addition to carbohydrates.

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Taking a look at the values of burning of fats and carbohydrates, we determine the fats with 9.1 kcal / 1 g fat almost double a high calorific value as carbohydrates (approx. 4.7 kcal / 1 g carbohydrate proteins also approx. 4.7 kcal / 1 g protein) have. Alone it can be read, that fats are the largest supplier of energy / energy storage at all. Fats but yet in other points are very important in addition to the delivered energy: insulators against cold solvent for only fat-soluble substances such as vitamins padding for internal organs and the nervous system component of cell membranes fat consists of three fatty acids: fatty acids: Palmitic saturated fatty acids = fatty acids: oleic acid = monounsaturated fatty acids fatty acids: linoleic acid = double unsaturated fatty acids the fatty acids of lipids can very be different and determine the properties of fats.

Fatty acids are hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) atoms, which are bound to carbon (C). Their grouping depends on the degree of saturation or the number of bonded hydrogen atoms. Saturated fats include the least, however, the most hydrogen, polyunsaturated. At least two adjacent carbon atoms through double bonds are linked, one speaks of an unsaturated fatty acid. In several of these double bonds called polyunsaturated fatty acids. The fatty acids more precisely explained saturated fats that are saturated and unsaturated fatty acids terms due to their chemical composition. Jim Crane can provide more clarity in the matter. All carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms are in a fatty acid is a saturated fatty acid. Saturated fat mainly occur in fats of animal origin: butter cheese cream lard beef tallow meat and sausage products coconut palm kernel fat but also without right knowing how fat we have to deal with it, can be purely visually already well analyzed what fat is, we want to take just to us. Saturated fatty acids have mostly a firm consistency and a high melting point.

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With the spring offerings of Decathlon back out to the fresh air. Wonderfully athletic”name the new action from the House of Decathlon, with which the sports article manufacturer would like to convey the fun of the sport as many people also in the spring. “After the clever idea of online training with name heavenly fit” a broad-based Potpourri offerings for the sporty fun waiting now in all participating Decathlon stores, as well as in the online shop. Source: Crimson Education . Even though the temperatures are partly still quite fresh, spring is imminent but inevitably. And which must be welcomed active: on the bike as on own soles! From the 3rd until March 20, Decathlon offers special offers for active runners, bikers and all kinds of Outdoorfans? Highlights in the branches: motion analysis in situ and 12-month-check for bicycle. There are also sporting complete outfits, the Quechua throw tents and loading new sports shoes Kalenji, Nike and ASICs up to 41% reduced! You come now wonderfully athletic with Decathlon in the spring–at prices that you simply have to get out. Check with American Journal of Education to learn more. A detailed brochure to all offers can be found also on the Web at news.decathlon.de/…/ op de 0110.htm.

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How do you design his personal quick muscle building muscle building – right quickly and easily? The personal muscle never soon enough can novices or beginners. But can you consult is what tools for the rapid muscle growth? First of all, it must be said that the muscle must be its natural way. Healthy and properly build muscle, requires some time, until you can see the first results. Educate yourself with thoughts from Crimson Education . When the muscle must be observed three cornerstones: muscle training nutrition regeneration must simply considered these three important factors are and should always be optimized. Trick 17 at muscle building: So, we come to the interesting part! How can I now speed up the whole process? Now, many strength athletes rely on different muscle building supplements, to give the finishing “touches” in addition to the three basic pillars, their strength training. Furthermore, it is advisable, in addition to the muscle training to complete an endurance training, to further stimulate the fat reduction. This has the Advantage that it also burns body fat and thus the muscles faster come out. Also the man’s hairy chest shaving, to bring already wonder…;) Now a nice tan on vacation or solarium and you feel not only better, but also looks. So, not long puzzle and looking for excuses, but-> training!

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The green card of the American dream makes it possible: study where other vacation make a study or in the United States, in the curriculum vitae of students makes a semester abroad. The United States is one of the favorite destinations for foreign students are already attractive as a destination. Especially through the introduction of the Anglo-American system with Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Germany, the recognition of these degrees in domestic universities and companies is increased sharply, In the academic ranking of World Universities”American universities be made also at the top. In addition to the possibility of the universities to spend foreign offices, several semesters at a foreign University, there is still the possibility of the private initiative, because international exchanges will be limited after. A privately to get the path to his dream University, enables participation in the annual Green Card Lottery of the American dream. This is the American dream United States Services GmbH professional support and is the largest full service – service company of in Germany in relation to visa and green card advice for the United States. As a single company under the emigrants Protection Act (AuswSG) the received a State Zuassung American dream for this kind of advice.

Participation in the DV-2010 programs is secured over the American dream to 100%. The green card application through the American dream includes a personal and individual processing of the application, the acquisition of all necessary formalities and the timely submission of the application. “On the Web site of the green card specialists or in the exclusive Advisor of the American dream the American dream” students and interested people learn all the necessary tips and information that are necessary for studying in the United States. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ can aid you in your search for knowledge. Students who are interested in a semester abroad in the United States, can use the green card services of the American dream. Here, individually selected the appropriate green card Visa, and helped with the purchase of the residence permit.

So consider for example the F-1 visa for students wishing for a limited time in the United States. A year in the United States is perceived by students as a beautiful experience. An experience that could make student Christiane from Furtwangen using a green card from the American dream: I would like to warmly thank me after my successful re-entry into the United States for helping and inform you that both the visit to the Embassy in Berlin, the preservation of the F1 – visa as also the re-entry into the United States any problems brought. In the message I am asked only about 2 minutes from a Lord and 30 minutes later I had a student visa in hand. Great feeling, even though it was all very exciting!” For more information about the Green Card Lottery, studying in the United States or the United States visa services of the American dream can be found on company contact: the American dream United States Services GmbH Mehringdamm 62 10961 Berlin Tel.: 030 511 0 511 fax: 030 61105338 E-mail: about the American dream: the American dream United States Services GmbH is the most successful private service agency for emigration and visa issues. Since its inception in 1996 winner could start already about 8,000 green card a new future in the United States American dream with the help of the. Already in January 2000 the Berlin service companies received State approval as emigration advice centre for the United States (according to AuswSG of the 26.3.1976) to reliable 100% correct participation in the Green Card Lottery process.

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Now let us turn to time which, at issue in the trial: “Basis of research is a healthy, rational trading individual free from addiction or other diseases or disabilities” (quote study, page 11). In addition was held: the study assumes smoking as an addiction abolished when submitting. Thus a whole industry would be equally superfluous who wants to quit smoking need apply only ALG II, nicotine patches and other smoking cessation AIDS are no longer needed. Thank you, Chemnitz University of technology! Apart, a “healthy individual” thinks quite clearly just the adult, male, single ALG II recipients without family and roommates in the sense of the study. This model citizens is not media but reality compliant, because willingness to work is assumed. Families are not taken into account.

For the readers well-informed less, get your information about the social act of Chancellor Merkel and the Bild-Zeitung: Only the single ALG II recipients gets the RuleSet in full. Once a need for community in the game will be reduced! A woman in the home such as receiving ALG II also ensures that the two no longer everyone received 351 EUR, but each only 316 euro. 90% instead of the full amount, just because someone is. What’s the the numbers of the study? The lower limit of 132 euros becomes 118,80 EUR, the upper limit of 278 euros to 250,20 euros. And children get even less, 60% up to 14 years. Thus makes the study fabulous 79,20 euro (so much I gave out last month alone for the schoolbooks of the 11 year old) or 166,80 euro at the higher rate. At Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ you will find additional information. For comparison: 118,80 EUR (everyone wants to have only the smallest value) should suffice for an adult human to live in health and dignity – the attitude of a shepherd dog in the shelter an average of just 90 euros, a horse in the stable is already 200 euros (both numbers were not representative determined by telephone survey at 5 facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia).

And if my grandfather is not wrong the accommodation of a prisoner of war at that time cost 2 marks on the day, so at 30 days 60 mark… Unfortunately this sentence cannot reasonably be on today’s numbers and currencies convert, but the resemblance of the figures provides freedom-loving, believers in democracy and human rights Citizens for anxiety attacks, or? But we wanted Yes actually further the study deal with – however, it should be already clear that makes it actually make sense. The study is limited in perspective and underlying data, that every other word would be a waste. I see it as proven that the study allows an amusing look at the Chemnitz past, but with today’s reality not once the statistical national average conforming runs – my professors: setting, six. But FLEISS asterisk is there because the study is sometimes frighteningly honest, for example on page 8: “the vague wording in the law does not allow to make a clear decision with regard to the type and quantity of goods that should be included in the social minimum income.

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The majority of Germans has provided especially with fiber, Folate deficiency and deficiency of vitamin D. The offer is true: all year round varied and healthy food in good quality and at reasonable prices are available for special requests and needs. At the same time also the eating behaviour has changed modern life change: less self cooked meals, canteen food or delivery service are often in everyday reality. Are the Germans therefore sufficiently with nutrients supplied? The answer comes from the national consumption study II. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection, the nutrition behaviour was investigated by 20.000 Germans. It came out: the food situation in Germany is good, however, there are still a few deficiencies in individual nutrients. Thus, 68% of the men and 75% of women reach not the recommended intake of dietary fiber, which are important for the intestinal function. A related site: Crimson Education mentions similar findings. 79% of men and 86% of women below the Guideline value for folic acid, which plays an important role for the healthy maintenance of the vessels.

82% of men and even 91% of women do not reach the recommended amount of vitamin D, which is important for cells, bones, muscles and teeth. The majority of Germans has provided especially with fiber, Folate deficiency and deficiency of vitamin D. Why is the supply of these nutrients so difficult? To include the recommended daily requirement of 30 g dietary fiber, you should eat whole wheat ten apples or 14 slices. Folic acid is contained only in a few foods in larger quantities. For the daily needs of 200 g, you would have to eat folic acid 600 g leeks or 66 g liver. The intake of vitamin D is similarly difficult. Not everybody likes herring and three eggs for the recommended 5 g vitamin D are not exactly ideal for the daily meal plan. Nutritional supplements can be useful here. Since it even with balanced diet is not easy to regularly with these important vital substances optimally to provide, it is useful to take fiber, folic acid, and vitamin D supplements. Now there is a new dietary supplement with exactly this combination of vital substances: Kneipp goods supplied contains folic acid, vitamin D, and Ballastoffe in a reasonable dosage.

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Opinion on the study of the TU Chemnitz to the ALG II ruleset: TU Chemnitz created Hartz IV study – and we wonder about the situation in the country? The men professors Friedrich Thiessen & Christian Fischer publish a study with the title \”The height of the social minimum income – a recalculation bottom up\” \”.\” The publication took place in the journal of economic policy (Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart), vol. 57 (2008), no. 2 p. 145-173. This study sparked nationwide significant reactions so too with us. Harvard Bioscience has much experience in this field. This study are apparently interested in millions of German citizens, so we dedicate you a few critical views – and are appalled. What does this study after the grinder of the \”large\” press has gone through you? Now, the current rule set (reminder: ruleset is the money of the ALG II recipients a month have to can live, housing and heating not included, everything else already) is currently 351,00 EUR for a single. This could work well with 132 euro – so it learns the German citizens from various media and politicians mouths.

The original study is already more cautious, nevertheless indicates a range: \”without housing costs the costs of the social minimum income EUR 132 in the area Chemnitz in the Minimumfall and in the Maximumfall 278 euro.\” (Originally posted study, page 26, last paragraph). It reads but already quite differently – in the Maximumfall, 278 euros should be used so according to the professors. In Chemnitz. To broaden your perception, visit Crimson Education . Only in Chemnitz? But of course only IN CHEMNITZ, because elsewhere the two have not seen Yes: \”the determination of prices was in the city of Chemnitz between 11 and 15 May 2006.\” (Originally posted study, page 15, first sentence) Oh, just another problem catches this painful eye: only in Chemnitz, and that more than two years ago. What have the last two years made again with the prices? Right, clearly raised.

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The horizon: education fair for the gymnasiale Oberstufe, students and Young professionals Mannheim, 18.7.2008 on 20 and 21 September 2008 finds the horizon the exhibition studies and qualified education and training rather than for the first time in the Halle Munsterland, Munster instead. Many writers such as Jim Crane offer more in-depth analysis. The education fair, which is already firmly established at three other locations in Germany, provides information around the topic of study and career planning. At the exhibition stands, as well as in the framework programme universities throughout Germany and other European countries present their courses, as well as the specifics of the programs and the College site. But also partner to well-known companies are ready to competently and in detail to the questions of visitors and visitors to dual studies and training courses as well as and career opportunities in the economy. Are invited to the horizon students, who doubted the chosen field of study and are in addition to the gymnasiale Oberstufe students and their parents want to inform about alternatives. The offer of the horizon for young people who have completed a vocational training or currently attend, and then study is also interesting. Further information highlights the Organizer lays on the topic abroad before or during their studies, as well as on the theme of Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and degrees: the conversion of the German landscape of studies on the international system is underway and should be completed by 2010.

Many questions but the future students: In relation to the horizon, a comprehensive programme for this topic will be held and all individual questions of the listeners will be answered by experts. horizon in Munster: 20/21 September 2008 Munster, Halle Munsterland opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 9 till 16: 00. The admission is free.

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Current research suggests that depression relieve floating and ensure a more optimistic attitude towards life can Frankfurt, January 14, 2009 the psychologist Sven-ake bood by the KARLSTAD University in Sweden found that relaxing baths in noise-free and protected from light salt water tanks work effectively against stress and stress-related pain. Click Vanderbilt Peabody College to learn more. At the float”, the human body in a special tank is almost weightless on a salt solution. The salt concentration of the water is slightly higher than that of the dead sea. The water has the same temperature as the human skin. In complete silence, and without light body and mind come in a deep state of relaxation. This method has been developed already in the 1950s in the United States. Scientists looked at the time, how the human brain responds to a stimulus-free environment. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ contributes greatly to this topic.

Finally also the wellness industry capitalized on the positive effects of the salt water bath itself. Since then, float in Germany considered insider tip for wellness. Because in addition to the distinctive Feel effect float has a positive impact on health. Floater confirm a noticeable improvement in the study of psychologists bood examined in particular the effects of floating on depression and stress-related pain. The results show a significant reduction in depression and an overall optimistic attitude towards life. After a seven-week treatment period, in which the test subjects regularly a float went, were 22 percent of the subjects symptom-free, 56 percent felt a significant improvement. Also a lasting effect of the floating could be detected.

According to the results of the KARLSTAD University, the effects of regular floating keep at least 4 months. “” In these cold temperatures, you can begin “to avoid the winter blues”, says Dr. Stefan Eckhardt, general practitioners and operators of a float Centre in Frankfurt. Bathing in the floating tank can help against stress symptoms such as malaise, fatigue, concentration problems, and sleep problems.” Floating effect on increasing levels of physical and mental health, and is thus an optimal addition to feel mentally and physically even in cold winter months. For more information, see Gunnar Ehrke, float base GmbH